Trees For Life Against Death

Imagine with me
if you would be so kind
to assume each relationship with a tree
as iconic,
at least worth the sacred paper
humane scripture is written on
a timbered tree.

Imagine as a Tree
your Yin flowing out and down
nutritional ego’s root system
is your bicameral brain picture
of you as an Individual within a Society,
a Forest of mutually trusting
interdependently cooperative
polycultural polypathic polyphonic
univocally shared Yin incarnating DNA and RNA
enscribed species
committed to reforesting
revolutions of Earth
past through future.

Now turn up and branching out
in your imagination
to a second reverse root production system,
branches and stems,
leaves and flowers and fertile nuts and seeds
commonly owned and governed and nurtured
in a forest canopy sphere
of RightBrain Elder pre-languaged societies
of Species.

This canopy network of interdependent positive and negative
and double-bound ambivalent-equivalent
reiterates our complex feedback ecosystems,
in which our normal paradise everyday values
support climates and landscapes
of ecopolitical trust,

In global yang/yin Tipping point tension
with LeftBrain dominant history writers and educational systems
and capital-driven Win-Lose economic monopolies
competing monocultural Active DisTrust

The highest and mightiest canopied trees
in a plutocratic imagined forest of nations
feel ordained by a supremacist monotheistic patriarchal god,
or by right of superior DNA
or intelligence
or tenure
or elitist moral holier than thou values
invested in Win-Lose governing assumptions
of superior power and authority
not supported by actual mature responsibiities
of their Yin-root flow systems,
because Left and Right bicameral flow
only continue reiteratively confluent downstream
with Win-Win cooperative intention.

Which brings us,
in our Tree-iconic imaginations,
to the bilateral Trunk functions
between our healthy individual eisegetical root system
and our wealthy exegetical forest canopy
of cooperative ecopolitical networks
for landscapes redolent with nutritional RNA and DNA,
regenerative up and down Trunk Resources
of ionic and ergodic and thermodynamic
and seasonally spacetime (0)-sum appropriate
Tipping Point functions of trusting democratic nutrition
preferred over actively distrusted plutocratically invasive toxins,
with all the Yang with Yin multicultural
polyphonic variables of octave-fractal instructions

And, so we have our Tree of root systemic Me
within forest canopied production of ecopolitical cultures
and climates
and landscapes We,
a form of EarthTribe ReForesting
through EcoPolitical Design,
sharing one triangular EcoTone Prime Relational Boundary
0-sum Re-Educational DoubleBound:

1. Yang’s abundant canopy landscape growth

2. Yin’s WealthFlow structures of EcoPolitical Succession,
flowing in and up,
as consumed from Mother Earth’s humus understory
of bilateral reiterative 0-sum nutritional feedback systems,

3. Yang with Yin WinWin–BothAnd
v. Yang EitherOr against Yin RightBrain Active Distrust
as our BiLateral Economic Knowledge Institutions
for deep ecology listening and learning
as least as well as a 5-ring Tree.

combining this triumvirate geometric EcoTone 0-sum double-boundary
brings together active values and disvalues
for root systemic lives
supporting reforesting canopies of culture
bilaterally connected by Nature-Spirit co-arising/co-gravitating
nondual Trunks of ego-healthy form
with wealth optimizing eco-functions,
if you can imagine yourself as a Tree
living in a cooperative interdependent forest
through trunks of bilaterally nutritional/sometimes toxic
Yang 3D Space
in solidarity with Yin’s bilateral zero-sum ReVolutions of Time.


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