Inside Voices

Why do I need to keep all my inside voices
speaking nicely with each other?
Expressing positive attitude,
gratitude for grace
and curious outdoor opportunity
feels much too positive to me.

It’s a robust Ego requirement,
An inside health and safety regulation.

That sounds like a federated government requirement
to open the door
so outside voices can tell me how to be grateful
for their underwhelming help.


OK. That is sooo inside only useless
lack of information.
What I’m trying to ask
is WHY are interdependent and resilient ecotherapeutic voices
an Ego-governing requirement?

Because this is a health democracy,
not a chaos anarchy,
which requires not feeding and watering
your elitist inside pathologies,
and racist
and generally xenophobic through germaphobic
deep dark isolating
unsustainable fear
and anger
and active distrusting Voices.

That may be left and all right
but I never meant to take inside or outside voices all that seriously
or to hurt hurting green people
or sacred animals
or plants
with Them,
except maybe the mosquitoes and the weeds.

It may be that elitist human ego attitudes
have more in common with blood-sucking
swarming mosquitoes,
and wealth-extracting
monocultural weed patches
of run-away overpopulated lack
of viably balanced consumer/producer economies
and ecotherapies
than any of the other insects
and edible and more ornamentally beautiful-voiced plants.

You make Egos and government regulators
sound like an infested parasitic thing.

Not at all my intent.
These are,
at our best,
cooperative health facilitators.
Allies of all our multiculturing inside voices
singing therapeutically enriching harmonies
danced with full mindbody resilience
all across Earth’s reforesting
healing skin.

Why, again, do we want to hear all our outside voices
speaking cooperatively with each other?
Taking slow-grown peaceful turns
singing and dancing in multicultural grace


Living With BiPolar DisOrder

Living With Deplorable Adorables

I know if I say
That reeks, deplorable,
She will only be persuaded
all the more,
That is adorable.

Then I might say
I meant intolerable,
And she will insist
I remain adorable,
with a dismissive smile
toward my alien intolerance
as bigotry.

Then I will remind her
I still deplore,
And she’ll,
I still adore.

And so we go.
Left to our readers,
mentors and leaders,
sainted Elder listening trees
once residents of a virgin forested river bank,
to decide
whether this is a tragically and naturally petty river
of reiterating toxins
or benign family shorthand
for future stand-up spiritual comedy skits.

Skits in which bipolar opposition
to a dualistic patriarchal dominant world
feels also dipolar appositional
longing for bilateral
family-tribal health and safety
ReStoring Win-Win
ReForesting Justice
and nondual Matriotic Peace.

Whether this is more of natural evolution
toward infinite dissonance
through ecopolitical Business As Usual competitions
or a spiritual revolution
of polypathic synergetic cooperation,
for healthier times to co-discern.

C-squared enlightening speed
as also E-fractal-spiral slower-grown wave-linear evolutions
as equivalently polyculturing
Continuous Quality Improvement
predicted by Bayesian (0)DiPolar ClimateTrend Analysis.

(0)Core Prime Relationship
(binomial-bicameral-bilateral double-bound dipolar,
like Yang with Yin)

Like Yang EgoRightWing
with Yin EcoLeftWing
BiCameral Peace Restoring Justice
and not so much Yang ego is way too LeftBrain dominant
double-binding dissonance
against Yin ecologics too RightBrain Oppressed
AntiEconomics As Usual competing intuitions

Equivalent as notmore-notless
traumatic/therapeutic screens
positive for wu-wei tragic/comedic
Therapeutic ReStoring Health

As Cytosine co-arises Uracil,
as OxygenWinds co-arise Hydrogen waves,
as Father’s Invested Sun co-arises Sacred MotherEarth,
as Eternal YangStars
co-arise Gaian Milky-Waving Unities, interdependence,
as Space co-arises bilateral (0)Sum ecopolitically evolving Time

CoBalancing Prime ThermoDynamics
of 4Dimensional RealTime DNA-RNA Solidarity

Strings of fractals
seasonal fertile polyphonic spiral dancing story-tellers,
regenerative histories
whispering dualdark unreverting becoming understories
before and after
HereYou with NowMe
Win-Win (0)Sum PrimeReGenerative
4D history stages
of health-optimizing polypathic dimensions.

Medicine for ego- and anthro-centric over-investment
in more LeftBrain dominant
RightWing supremacist oppressions,

Like religious fundamentalism
and secular bigotism
against matriotic restorative EarthTribe Sacred PeaceCouncils
evolved from FirstNations
on toward post-millennial restoring EcoJustice Allies,
with therapeutic multiculturing global ecological economics
of virgin forests,
restoring themselves toward healthier

I know if I YangLeft say
That reeks, monoculturally horrible,
She will only be YinRight persuaded
all the more,
That polyculturing tension must be adorable.



Trees For Life Against Death

Imagine with me
if you would be so kind
to assume each relationship with a tree
as iconic,
at least worth the sacred paper
humane scripture is written on
a timbered tree.

Imagine as a Tree
your Yin flowing out and down
nutritional ego’s root system
is your bicameral brain picture
of you as an Individual within a Society,
a Forest of mutually trusting
interdependently cooperative
polycultural polypathic polyphonic
univocally shared Yin incarnating DNA and RNA
enscribed species
committed to reforesting
revolutions of Earth
past through future.

Now turn up and branching out
in your imagination
to a second reverse root production system,
branches and stems,
leaves and flowers and fertile nuts and seeds
commonly owned and governed and nurtured
in a forest canopy sphere
of RightBrain Elder pre-languaged societies
of Species.

This canopy network of interdependent positive and negative
and double-bound ambivalent-equivalent
reiterates our complex feedback ecosystems,
in which our normal paradise everyday values
support climates and landscapes
of ecopolitical trust,

In global yang/yin Tipping point tension
with LeftBrain dominant history writers and educational systems
and capital-driven Win-Lose economic monopolies
competing monocultural Active DisTrust

The highest and mightiest canopied trees
in a plutocratic imagined forest of nations
feel ordained by a supremacist monotheistic patriarchal god,
or by right of superior DNA
or intelligence
or tenure
or elitist moral holier than thou values
invested in Win-Lose governing assumptions
of superior power and authority
not supported by actual mature responsibiities
of their Yin-root flow systems,
because Left and Right bicameral flow
only continue reiteratively confluent downstream
with Win-Win cooperative intention.

Which brings us,
in our Tree-iconic imaginations,
to the bilateral Trunk functions
between our healthy individual eisegetical root system
and our wealthy exegetical forest canopy
of cooperative ecopolitical networks
for landscapes redolent with nutritional RNA and DNA,
regenerative up and down Trunk Resources
of ionic and ergodic and thermodynamic
and seasonally spacetime (0)-sum appropriate
Tipping Point functions of trusting democratic nutrition
preferred over actively distrusted plutocratically invasive toxins,
with all the Yang with Yin multicultural
polyphonic variables of octave-fractal instructions

And, so we have our Tree of root systemic Me
within forest canopied production of ecopolitical cultures
and climates
and landscapes We,
a form of EarthTribe ReForesting
through EcoPolitical Design,
sharing one triangular EcoTone Prime Relational Boundary
0-sum Re-Educational DoubleBound:

1. Yang’s abundant canopy landscape growth

2. Yin’s WealthFlow structures of EcoPolitical Succession,
flowing in and up,
as consumed from Mother Earth’s humus understory
of bilateral reiterative 0-sum nutritional feedback systems,

3. Yang with Yin WinWin–BothAnd
v. Yang EitherOr against Yin RightBrain Active Distrust
as our BiLateral Economic Knowledge Institutions
for deep ecology listening and learning
as least as well as a 5-ring Tree.

combining this triumvirate geometric EcoTone 0-sum double-boundary
brings together active values and disvalues
for root systemic lives
supporting reforesting canopies of culture
bilaterally connected by Nature-Spirit co-arising/co-gravitating
nondual Trunks of ego-healthy form
with wealth optimizing eco-functions,
if you can imagine yourself as a Tree
living in a cooperative interdependent forest
through trunks of bilaterally nutritional/sometimes toxic
Yang 3D Space
in solidarity with Yin’s bilateral zero-sum ReVolutions of Time.


Politics of Nutrition Economics

Currency reifies values.
Cash represents value.
Capital iconically,
and capitalism idolatrously,
removes humanity
from Earth’s gifting cooperative nature
as reciprocating nurture.

like organic interdependent nature,
does not grow by hoarding its icons,
but increases in diversity and resilience
through multiculturing, creolizing, nuance,
growing diverse development networks of exchange
through equivalent WinWin nutritional values,
norms of and for cooperativity, love, even transubstantive hypostatic,
as more powerful than WinLose competitions, adversity
and its chronic stepson, violence
and its cousin, rabid militaristic non-thinking instincts
of and for self defense
that looks and smells and feels to alien others
like threat of actively distrusting offense.

Value includes qualitative potential for Earth’s regenerative nutrition,
interdependently includes our humane natures of cooperative gifting,
paying values forward as hosts of/for Earth’s bounty,
receiving value in return, as and when needed to be given
by otherwise mutually naked guests
in exile from co-creating Paradise.

If the transport of goods and not so goods,
of valuables and toxins,
like other exchanges of information and exformation,
regenerative intent and degenerative praxis,
is about our shared nutrition-communicating economy,
does it not follow economic science itself
could not exist as the study of financial value/disvalue trends
without being seminally rooted
in a positive psychology bias?
Toward nutritional is better than toxic communication.
Communication as transport,
interdependence essentially cooperative
and equivalently normed,

Positive economics
[and reverse correlational double-binding negative bilateral exformational trends]
is to cooperative ownership and design management
and trends of/for further exchange
as healthy politics
is to positive/double-bind negative communication
of/for mutually subsidiary trust
as/in co-investment,
[“of…as” is descriptive definition,
while “for”…”in” invite further prescriptive delineation]
mistrust as mutual divestment
of/from nature’s most powerful original intention
toward interdependent gifting
from among Earth’s multiculturing resilience, resonance
inclusive revolutionary values,
ecosystemic health as nutrition/toxin norms
with ego-holistic resolution.

political and economic currency continues to miscommunicate
mere reification of Earth’s cooperative values.


Type A Feeling Type B Resonance

I believe it was McLuhan who gave us
The medium is the message.
Here are a few other YangForm with YinFunction appositionals.

Exterior space is interior time,
both survivalist-competitive and thrivalist-cooperative.

The economic cooperative median technician, transactor,
is also the ecopolitical WinWin and/or Win/Lose bicameral messenger.

The ecopolitically competitive capital-fueled media
consume and then reproduce
the most compelling WinElite/LoseNonElite bottom-line message.

LeftBrain dominant Win/Lose survivalist evolutionary reason
is the RightBrain Win/Win treasonously unorthodox Both/And
EliteLeft/NonEliteRight cooperatively-empathic felt thrivalist message.

LeftBrain conscious Elite overpowering NonElite-cooperative media
is the RightBrain unconscious Win/Win appositional frame,
ecological health-development message.

Temporal cause-effect linear systemic narrative ecological/moral media models
are also our RightBrain cooperative reality iconic-dialogical both/and felt interdependent-correlational messages
(notnot = WinWin Positive cause/effect Systemic Tipping Point
of EcoPolitical Median).

Prospect Theory centrist ecopolitical theoretical media
are the Process Teleology WinWin Theological God is Love co-messianic message.

The pathological-survivalist Win/Lose Either/Or LeftBrain Dominant media
overshadows the rational/healthy WinWin ecopolitical action
RightBrain cooperative-imagination co-redemptive message.

The Win/Lose competitive outside threat to survival crisis media
are also the WinElite/WinNonElite cooperative investment opportunity to thrive messages.

The political reality of Yang-noun Win/Lose competition language frames
are also the Yin-verbalization of appositional Win/Win cooperative possibility co-relational DeductiveLeft-balancing-intuitiveRight messages.

To paraphrase Antonio Damasio,
“The [mutual] immune [and appositional co-empathic trust-aptic] system,
the hypothalamus,
the ventro-medial [WinWinThrive/WinLoseSurvive] frontal [bilateral EgoYangLeft-Language/EcoYinRight-IntegralFeelingFlow] cortices,
and the Bill of Rights
[and nation-state contractual Original Bicameral Elite/NonElite Intent]
have the same root cause,
[LeftBrain Deductive Dominant-Elite for evolutionary Win/Lose crisis-monoculturing monopolistic medium
OVER (0)-Soul RightBrain WinWin ReGenerative-Fertile nutritional opportunity messages].


Politically Therapeutic Empathy

To paraphrase George Lakoff, and maybe Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi,
and maybe Julian Jaynes,
and possibly Gregory Bateson,
and Laura Brown,
and then there was…

Nurturing empathy is the only doorway through healthy effective
LeftBrain Deductive and RightBrain Inductive
nondual co-arising communication,
whether the message pattern is WinLose debate,
Either This EgoYangElite Or That EcoYin-NotNotElite
or WinWin dialogue,
Both This EgoYangPatriarchal AntiPathic-Deductive Competition And That EcoYinMatriarchal Empathic-Inductive-IntegralNurturing CoOperation,

Or some hybrid of WinLose LeftBrain Dominant
and WinWin RightBrain Yin struggling appositionally with,
but preferably not struggling oppositionally against WinLose suboptimization strategies,
short of co-empathic WinWin relational outcomes.

These two, W/L and W/W,
X/Y and Y/Y,
U/C and A/G,
regenerative discernment evolutions
emerge co-empathically trusting outcomes,
U.S. democratic Original Intent,
Friends of Extended Family are empathically trusted as Friends to regenerationally-fertilely thrive toward Earth’s humane enlightenment,
and not at all the less enlightened and more pathological-patriarchalElitist,
NonElite Allies [not Western White Straight Strict Males] of my Extended HealthySafe Family are antipathically untrusted and unempathized as our probably competing against us to survive Enemies.

Mutual empathy is our constitutionally protected,
key toward regenerative communication
as mutual antipathy degenerates,
so too does active dysfunctional and unhealthy distrust,
motivating further Win/Lose survivalist Elite EcoPolitical assumptions.

Follow the light,
in ecological language,
also means
follow our most fertile-cooperative owned and facilitated
economic and political healthywealth.


Decomposing Love

Can you truly love a rock,
you’ve never directly seen or touched,
or some other relatively inanimate object,
like ego-centrism,
or a steel wall?

If so, then how is your love
different from a more unilateral “appreciate you”?

If not, then what is different between your “love”
and your “co-passions”,
passion with and toward,
but not “passionate energy received from,” necessarily,
or, Yes! Necessarily!?

How do you know your love is also co-passion,
reiterated and returned,
however un-equivalently expressed it may be?
Is this not a matter of positive teleological faith,
of enthymematic hope,
that boundary time between stimulus and response,
before and after,
subject and objective,
identity and relationship,
in an environ-mental health that is,
by default,
setting aside mutual immunity barriers,
to more courageously and opportunistically co-habitate,
co-passion love,
rather than fear, anger, anxiety,
all dissonance settings of negative default,
oppressive to self,
suppressive of others’ natural positivity,
default tipping point barometer,
that the value of one positive opportunity
edges out double-binding disvalues of two passively negative non-risk takers,
hoarding against a future
more fully defended as a contentious ally of death-defying hope.