Mixing Politics and Religion

My grandfather
seemed wise with years
walking his rural spiritual path
in a relentlessly white
Christian dualistic church
dividing sinful nature
from sacred spirit.

He counseled:
Do not mix
religion and politics.

I wonder
how he would feel
about this mix
of sacred and profane
if he were to meet
my out lesbian activist
senior UU minister.

we have mixed up
our religious community
within our local political culture

When we called
this clergy person
we did not ask her
to leave her politics
at any sacred
and ordained door.

On the contrary
we recognize
and celebrate
that she
and we
are politically empowered
and disempowered identities
with naturally spiritual experiences,
family traditions
and theological agendas.

I wonder
if my grandfather would realize:
If calling an out
feminist lesbian
as our minister
mixes religion
and politics,
against his well-meant advice

So too:
Calling a straight
white male
as his first
and second
and third
and fourth
and fifth
and sixth…
was also mixing politics
and religion
and sexuality

Also against his own patriarchal
not feminist,
not polytheistic,
not polyculturally resilient
healthy advice

Especially for a family farmer
valuing crop
and income diversity
who started out
as an adolescent
relying on organic horsepower,
spirited stallions
and mares
capable of peak experiences
and making ponies
and fertilizing fields
with sacred regenerative practices
for exercising political agency

Giving birth
to future
naturally religious
politically empowered
and disempowered
gender role identified bodies

Yang strong
and Yintegral flowing
wu-wei admixtures of secular politics
and sacred enculturing religious

and polytheistic
and panentheistic
and atheistic experiences
cooperatively inclusive

Resiliently polycultural
political and sexual
dynamic communicators
within enlightened tribes
and across empowering species.


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