MindFullness Class

OK, mindful class,
past time to reopen our nurturing nests,
our nutritional mouths
and good-natured ears
and fertile reverse reserves
of not Lose/Lose
EarthMother Health-Wealth Care.

we define our variables,
bilaterally co-arising
bipartisan dipolarities

bipolar competing aggravations
replacing Old School co-gravitations
cooperative structured forms (x-Yang)
and compassionate flow(y-Yintegral

Organic green growing secular Left (x)
and sacred Right felt (y)
x/y brilliantly resilient co-investments

Where x present Integrity
of enlightened LeftBrain solid form,
And y represents CoInvestments
of empowering RightBrain synergetic flow.

Please respond as I call:
X also Here presents…

space without sufficient time

And Y again Now remembers…

time without severing space

Very good.
And, thereby,
resurfaces reverse appositions
between Solidarity (x)
and Synergy (y)

Of non-zero
Open Whole Living BioSystems
for x/y Gaian NeuroSynthesis

CoPassionately coalescing
inside mindful classrooms
while creolizing
outside indigenously integral
polyculturally robust
HealthCare Communication
Wealthy WinWin Systems

As Golden Rule understood
and appreciated
by AnthroPrivileged students
of LeftBrain empowering
nonviolent ecofeminist
secular (x)
sacred (y) communions.

In economic
and political conclusions,
co-invested and co-operative

Universal solidarity (x)
Unitarian synergy (y)

Gaian felt panentheistic
RightBrain nonverbal
nonviolent win/win
unconditional warm-flow
womb-formed pre-traumatic
original prime matriarchal attachment
(x/y) ego/eco-systemic.


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