Variation On ‘Giving To’

An important truth of compassion therapy
endorses co-investment,
cooperatively sharing from a back-and-forth healthy heart,
to receive a wealthier, more resonant, mind,
improved by NonZero-Sum win/win inspirations
more strongly than Zero-Sum win/lose aspirations.

To improvise on a Giving To
Ruth Bebermeyer melody,

I always feel less given to
when you won’t take from me–
When you don’t understand the joy I feel
when heard by peaceful you.

And, you don’t know
my giving is not done
to put you in my awe,
but because I want to grow this love
I feel to win with you.

To receive life’s grace
may be Earth’s greatest health.
There’s no way we could separate
the two–Earth and life
grow wealth.

When Earth gives to me,
I give you my receiving.
When you won’t hear from me,
I feel Earth not given to,

when you take from me,
I can feel Earth given True.


Note: “Given To” lyrics by Ruth Bebermeyer, found on the album, “Given To”, and published in J. Rosenburg’s “Nonviolent Communication” as practiced in “Compassion Therapy” as felt in “EarthHealth Resonance”  through sacred economic co-empowerment.


Our Family Values Party

Healthy families can be quick to anger

but, if so, they have also learned to be quick to forgive,

forgiveness redeems anger and fear to again risk mutual trust.


Partisan political leaders are not leading when they,

immersed in adversarial power positions,

are slow to forgive.

Well, OK, forgiveness, like mutual mentoring,

and redemptive behavior,

is not part of our political rhetoric, language, active culture.


While I am practicing what they preach

as civic and familial virtue,

they are not.

So, I think those who choose to grow

in divisively competitive stratifying marginalizing

monocultural partisanship


monopolistic praxis and intent,

when they could choose to lead in mutual forgiveness

and consideration for honest differences,

to engage in actively cooperative polyculturalism,

should follow the lead of Permaculture Design’s

ecological economics,

spreading Golden Rule organic compost on every issue,




population and subculture,

replacing mutual immunity with mutual gratitude

for Positively intended Deviance

and Orthopraxis of natural systemic norms,


values of integrity,



actively diastatic positive relations.


For two Parties to optimally and effectively communicate,

one must listen

while the other talks

then listens

while the other talks,

both sides actively searching for all the sides

to convene in their eco-centric location of

being together now

within mutual gratitude for becoming together;

the power and potential of mutually mentoring integrity,

and, oh yes, politically inclusive and effective leadership.


Let’s have a Family-Friendly Party,

equally adept with angry confrontation,


flexibility and listening,

and nobody is allowed to go to bed

even one night

without knowing we all agree to forgive each other

for being human natured.


Revolutionary Psalm

What ecojustice requires of each

is precisely the same,

absolute integrity.

What justice invites us toward

is absolutely unique to each incarnation.

A love of justice,

a therapeutic bath

of self and Other acceptance

for who we are

as we are.

Redemption is a come as you are party

of deep integrity and love.


We are a species of cooperative communisters,

intentional communicators practicing community,

administering research

creating discovery


developing each regenerating being

to remember our EarthTribe

mutually defined




Integral reiterations toward Multisystemic Therapy,

Deep Creative Learning toward balanced eco-living

(with oneself as well as others)

Nonviolent Listening toward active peaceful speaking

Positively hopeful toward ecology of graced-full mind

and harmonious heart

Permacultured Living toward integrative loving.


Regenerate metric-ulation

back in time pressed forward,

positively evolving toward rationality