Man/Sha Legends

Original Bison’s Field Theory

Form neither spiritual nor material, nor sensual, commodity;

S/he regenerates relation ships

in liquid ecology of grace.

Formation owns my Commons

becoming Common prime relationship,

Original Reiteration of mutual intent,

Eternal Karmic momentous coincident




Yang greets Yin measures Yang

unfolding in primal rolling sequence

bare place between full space

ready to go

then belong

to long again to go

or not.


All the same

to WeSelformingEgoidionicEarthTribe…

triumvital acid (0) Core binomial wavering

surfacing sensory surface-lake in three dimensions

with neural roots inward toward heart and mind

fueling air passes birhythmic lungs

breathing in forming from without

exforming from within

WeSelf’s bicamerolling mountain roots:

as Within, so Without

as without, so within

as before, so after…


My sensory surface flowing polyculture

lake of Trimtipping ripples,

greatest dance design through

diastatic fertile stillness

when appositionals binomially align

polynomials with reverse negatives

implying not-so-polynomial

yin wisdom.

Dark Prime Relationship enlightens

Golden Ratio

with EgoSelf as half of We

and We as mountain home to Me.

Goddess Spirit and Nature God

speak binomially

with Yang deducing Left

and Yin inducing Right

brained bi-elliptic

hemispheres of Tao balance.


Information networks this reflective

neural-RNA rhythmic Coded

(0) Core +Vector OVER

(0) Core -Vortex UNDER.


when -000 predicts +111 percent

in bifractaling nominal balance,

dynamically revolving

positive trending

as in-form development therapy

radiates from full CQI analysis

exforming dissonant pathologies


dislogic unlodged

to Open Doors revolving

permacultured Tao abundance

jigging squiggling squares and jazz

incarnating hormoneternal song.


Information (0) Prime Relationship balanced

+Natural Yang neural mountain reflects -SpiritYin reflective lake

EternalMoment’s ecology of grace

my spacetime Paradise.


This darker side of wisdom

afraid to share In-Formnative Self

fearful we will not prehend

appositional bonded language and knowledge

between deductive reasoning and inductive awareness

creatively learning to co-prehend each Other

as Left proposes toward the Right

as Yang proposes through Yin

and Yin embraces back again

to reassure Yang’s receptive pose

with square root fractal steps

implied induction

greets with namaste

what Left brain longs to discover,

less dissonant pathology

or even none,


implies Eternal Moment’s

Positive Teleology

bicameral +1 = -(0)

with octave balanced


-000 +111′

-001 +110

-011 +100

-111 +000


in CQI  four-dimensioned  harmony

when F is -G

then sound and metrics


pi = +/-e



but digitally too

report our binary balanced cousins.


Information is not religious commodity.

Science remembers

+1QBit pi = -0QBit e-function,

strange but Tao

or so it seems to WeSelf me


to measure natural relationship

try 4-Based fractal hypotheses

for syncing Yang meets Yin

and therapy reversing pathology

as positive psyche balances negative values

virtues once again

a Pythagorean reality revisited

and e-functioned Time

0.25% spatially windowed

wallpaperish design

for deep learning’s dancing muse

slow motioning toward +1.00% QBit Universe

sustaining quantitative resolution

away from mononominating chaos

into binomicycling ReGenetic Story.


To function full as Being

Information = Positive Becoming Teleology

to function full as Being

Positive Psychology’s  Original Intent.


As above,

so below,

as without,

so within,

as before…


Golden Rule of effective cooperative development:

treat Becoming as your Being

would like Other without

to reflect WeSelf within

and vice versa.

Greatest Becoming effect

with least Being loss

integrates positive therapy

with negative multisystemic pathology loss to

thermocultured (0) appositionally acidic imbalance,

just peaceful paradise

in forming function

through fractal frequencies

with (0)  irrational remainder

launched into eternity

timeless ge0-rhythmic birth.


As in formational,

so outward functional

reversed polarities

radiantly fused gravitas

QBit binomial sequential place

4-Based metric dynamic balanced

nutritious grace


crystalushly clear



Original Mindful

WeSelf Passion

Be Longing

Prime relationship

Tao (0) Core Vortex

Dark relationship negative understory

regenerating string trail theorems

back to once-upon-Time

where rootips uncover their own Self-compost

sucking back at them

a double-bow of namaste.


My confusion lies less

with sound in vacuous forests

and more within

time in absence of place.

This could not Be

I think I see

that time begins

regenerating space

4-helium bi-metrically.







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