Man/Sha Legends

The Public Health-Wealth Dissertation

What lies closest to godliness for you?




Resilient health,

Wise Win/Win wealth




Does your answer change if the question turns to:

What lies closest to Gaian EarthGoddess for you?

If so, why?

If not, why not?


These questions came up as I was looking for a dissertation topic for Euclid University’s PhD in Inter-Religious Dialogue and International Diplomacy.

On Euclid’s website we read something about what this is all about:

“Interfaith diplomacy is an important and new emerging field of research, notably in view of ongoing inter-religious [Win/Lose] conflict, mass migrations [not unrelated to climate change, and trending in that further unfortunate pathological Lose/Lose direction], and grave issues related to radicalization [and concomitant economic and political concerns of growing belief and behavior and investment in apartheid, monoculturing silos, self-ghettoization, and viral tendencies toward Lose/Lose rabid climates of disintegrating terrorism, dualistic nature v spirit theologies, degeneratively entropic absence of robust cooperativity—lack of Win/Win systems thinking, integral multicultural dialogue and design—fading polycultures of democratically liberal love and economic/ecological health development through Win/Win creolization rather than more Business As Usual Western commodification of sacred, integral, holonic, nonsectarian, interdependent Earth].”

Then we can read something about why:

“Euclid’s specialized PhD degree focuses on interfaith practice and the actual application of interfaith skills in the [healthy] community [of non-sectarian, non-violent, non-partisan, non-nationalistic, non-sadistic, non-masochistic cooperative democratic discernment of Win/Win integral responses to outstanding issues seeking effluent equity and affluent interdependent systems, ecosystems, egosystems, governing systems, co-governing systems, eco-governing green systems,…], rather than the advancement of [merely] academic [left-brain dominant, commodified, Win/Lose default Either/Or competitive contradicting and dividing what God may have originally kept Both/And bilaterally bicamerally and binomially cause/effect, Alpha/Omega, Left/Right, Yang/Yin, patriarchal Either/Or and matriarchal Both/And perpetual-flowing matriarchally sacred nutritional integrity kept together for further healthy-wealth Win/Win discernment, discussion, dialogue, non-sectarian diplomacy] knowledge for it’s own sake.”

“Our program places a special [Win/Win] emphasis on contemporary Islam, Muslim-Christian [Abrahamic patriarchal cooperatively co-investing in fertile multicultural and ecologically healthy wealthy self/other-optimizing integrity, authority, responsibility, resilient Win/Win stewardship of power, light, life, economic Zero-interest smart green co-investment,…] dialogue, modern [liberally cooperative green-conservation of left/right, north/south, west/east co-dominant experiential] secularism, as well as de-radicalization [non-violent communication through compassionately resilient cooperative health-supporting words and trusted Golden Rule Win/Win deeds] and [ecologically ecclesiological knowledgeable and wise mutual-polyculturing] mediation.”


So, when I was invited to present a dissertation topic, I suggested:

The technology and philosophy of dialogue, diplomacy, conflict resolution, restorative justice, peace-making, non-violence, WinWin solutions, derive from philosophy, theology, natural and social sciences, and perhaps even abstract psychotherapeutic geometrics.  Rather than asking the more classical academic questions of how are these better and worse than each other, how do they differ, perhaps it is more fruitful to diversely and interdependently compare these health/pathology paradigms to search for their most resilient therapeutic WinWin communion and wealthy holonic promise?

Using a combination of Systems and Game Theory, I have a dissertation interest in looking more closely,

with a local interfaith community of ecological/theological dialogue, at any two or three of the following sources to see how their analogical mapping (Gregory Bateson, Ecology of Mind) might combine to inform a robust nonsectarian healing process for Earth’s wounded economic and political climates, natural and spiritual, secular and sacred, and how we might enter into a secular/sacred non-sectarian health-and-climate-care implementation cooperative mission for healing our local Earth, wounded plants, and EgoLeft/EcoRight

co-operative Win/Win

compassionate mind/body


nondualistic health/wealth people.


Jane Gordon                          political philosophy                                            creolization

Thich Nhat Hanh                  buddhist philosophy             nutrition-communication systems

Iain McGilchrist                cognitive psychotherapy                bicameral (bilateral) integrity

Paul Tillich/Arthur Peacocke      Christian theology                       dialectal panentheism

Charles Eisenstein               cooperative economics                  sacred WinWin evolution

(possibly in analogical dialogue with Islamic economics)

Buckminster Fuller              cooperative geometrics           4D prime synergetic relationship

14th Dalai Lama                       religious philosophy                               compassionate therapy

Kenneth Cloke                      WinWin facilitation      restorative/non-violent communication

Edward Wilson                   cognitive biological evolution                                consilience

Lao Tze                               systemic health-governance                Yang/Yin co-governance

(possibly in dialogue with Universal/Unitarian principles)

David Holmgren            permaculture design (integral)         multicultural health outcomes

Robert Norton                       communications theory                   enthymematic reiteration

To my surprise, this Win/Win cooperatively facilitated research proposal was rejected as not germane to the purposes and implementation focus of the Win/Win Inter-Religious Integrity Dialogue and Public Resilient Health Diplomacy PhD program, with stipulated intent to remain responsive to a United Nations cooperative Win/Win Earth Health Service training project to derive the most resilient terms possible for global co-investment.

So, instead of facilitating a local inter-religious and international dialogue, which would be expensive, sacrifice some trees, burn some gas and oil, it occurred to me to invite you into an even larger community of dialogue about what are our highest public and private health priorities for multiculturally cooperative people who understand godliness and/or Gaian/Marian EarthGoddessness as at least sufficient power to intend enough cooperative integrity for generating light out of nondual darkness.

Which, on living Earth, has produced some astounding evolution of compassionate grace history, and some other, darker herstoric repressions.  Even so, we each seek to facilitate and mentor polycultural resilience, polyphonic resonance, polynomial Win/Win communication, polypathic ways, and ego/eco-centering means toward divinely-humane healthy truth of wealth-abundant beauty. Or so it seems to me, which is why my answer is:

To co-facilitate good faith integrity of Earth’s vast health/wealth potential.


Man/Sha Legends

Reincarnate Earth Day Conversations

Buckminster Fuller and Julian Jaynes recently reviewed their cultural and scientific influence on health and well-being ecological and economic outcomes during the current Transitional Era.

Bucky: I wish I had spent more time speaking as a Unitarian Positive Teleologist. Perhaps that would have taken care of the overly recessive trends in cultural awareness of what, in retrospect, was published but not really read or comprehended fully; undervalued and ignorantly ignored:

1. “Synergy,” everything I ever published about the topic of “synergy,” is spiritually and intuitively defined as love, in Western cultures, and naturally and organically defined as compassionate mindfulness in Eastern traditions.

2. The encoded regenerative fractal structure of Physical Universal Intelligence follows DNA/RNA thermodynamic, electromagnetic, permacultural, economic, and ecological Prime Relationship balance; and evolutionary dynamics are fractal-dipolar revolving harmony Convex-Exterior-Yang OVER Concave-Interior-Yin (0)-Core Vector Rooted octaves and branching tree structures. And, if I had run into Lin Yutang and Taoism before I published, I think I would have connected Yang metaphysical principles with Convex-Exterior physical principles, and Yin metaphysics with Concave-humane natured Interior physical principles of bicameral consciousness.

Julian: Yes, I can see that same sense of ethological and ecological and teleological dynamic and emergent awareness in the Left-brain’s evolution out from RNA regenerative temporal memory. My neural theory of bicameral older-right v. linguistic-deductive organized left information processing, cultural, and historical development, seems to support your equivalency between “synergy” and “love-confluent consciousness,” as well as Gregori Perelman’s work, and William Thurston’s too, in Group Theory, and I wonder if there isn’t something in there that pertains to the logistics and statistical/strategic trend predictions of Cooperative Game Theory, using reverse-hierarchy Win-Win assumptions.  You know, so no one id-entity can optimally win until the weakest link in our chain of interdependence achieves equivalent outcome values?

Bucky: Absolutely. Synergy and love retain integrity, balance, harmony between Left-languaged deductive memory and Right-proportional inductive experiential conscience codex of positive v. negative feeling and personal awareness, like what Polanyi calls “Personal Knowledge.”

Julian: So synergy and love and confluence are neurally appositionally responsive to messages that do not cause cognitive dissonance, disease, dismay, lack of equivalent metric balance and energetic harmony.  Compassionate mindfulness becomes eco-comprehension optimized through balancing Left-brained Yang and Right-brained Yin bicameral functions.

Bucky: Yes, I wish the Clay Math Challenge folks would have realized that Synergetics is really all about the Polynomial v. Not-Polynomial information lack of integrity v. entropy problem, just as Thomas Kuhn’s work in deductive cultural revolutions became troubled with the Problem of Incommensurability.

If +Polynomial information does not equal rational and sustainable Universal Optimized Intelligence, then positive does not equal a double negative.

(-)(-)Reverse-Polynomial Right-brain DNA/RNA regenerative systemic Prime Relationship balancing trends, when disrupted, cause cultural depression, autistic trend development in populations that feel over-crowded and under-nourished, anxious, post-millennial dismay, climate change self-correction urgency, sense of crisis.

Julian: You want to bet on how long it takes the scientific and religious sectors to recognize that binary information systems translate +/-(0)-Core QBits of form and function as humane natural comprehensive systems transliterate binomial

Yang+P Space Exterior Landscape = (-)(-)Yin-ReversePolynomial Time Interior Landscape?

Bucky: Well, sure. I always bet on Here-Yang = Now-Yin, to optimize Universal Intelligence cultural comprehension.

Julian: Yes, and you are also the Plan B guy  who understood Universal SuperEco = Panentheistic God = Mutual Messianic Interdependent Speciation and Evolution, but those Transition Generation permaculturing bicameral brains almost inevitably ask, “Bucky who?” and what is a Julian Jaynes, isn’t that some kind of an orange drink?

Man/Sha Legends

Dr. Econormic’s Global Regenerative Governance Lecture

“The prime ethical conjecture, shared by all certifiable Permacultured (PC) Designers, is a deeply inclusive evolution of proto-history’s Golden Rule. I have written it out for you in full throttle.”

On the whiteboard he had written:

Within each moment

each day

each life

each thought

each word

each deed,

do with others,

including all species,

whether currently a living system,

or distant elder,

or yet to become,

as we most mindfully










vibrantly hope for ourselves

and our future generations.


“As you may recall from your time with the Information Systems Design Department, if NP = P, then (-0) = (+1) in any information, communication or other binomial metric system.

The (0)-Core Prime Root Principle of PC Design is the Law of Positive-Balanced Thermodynamics: Greatest, most inclusive of diversity, global outcome (+1.00% e-function) is reversely appositional to least cost, dissonance, loss, dismay, climatic variance, distortion, destruction, death, and even the evaporation of wealth deposits (-0.00% e-formation).”

At this point I am feeling a bit more than my fair share of dismay.

“In the physical universe, Greatest Confluent Effect OVER Least Cognitive Dissonance implies, as suggested by David Bohm, that (-e)-formation is not Dark Matter so much as Dark Ex-Formed chaotic relationships in a 4-Based dimensional system–3 spatial, and 1 temporal.”

OK, so now we have veered off into quantum physics and the strange universes of holonic Group Theory, maybe?

“In the metaphysical universe, +function = YangEnergy and -exformation = Yin/ErgodionicGravity. So, the Prime Law of PC Design is also the Prime Law of Thermodynamic Balance. I’ve written it out for you, for those who like math.”

+e-functional Polynomial (P) = -e-reverse-formative Binomial N(NP), so

+P = (-)(-)P, implied Binomial Double-Bind Prime Temporal Relationship, and

(+P * -P) = +e-squared form/function = 1 Positive QBit

“PC Design strategies are pentanomic:

1. Care for Id-Self as an abundantly graced fractal of SuperEco, or Universal Intelligence (B. Fuller)

2. Care for Other as our synergetic EcoTribe

3. Care for Earth as our shared EcoTherapeutic paradise

4. Redistribute polycultural values, resources, nutrients, information universally and cooperatively as surplus monocultural-trending development emerges

5.Prime TippingPoint Principle of Regenerative Whole System Economic Redemption: Greatest Effect/Least Cost–including dissonance, loss, violence, competition, and decay


You may note that this economic view of eco-valent optimization strategies includes both the PC (0)-Core ethical implication (2), an embellished Golden Rule, and the Binary-Prime, or TrimTab, Principle of Systemic Regeneration (5). Oppositional corollaries are implied, for the first four, and actually included in the fifth PC strategy; basically avoid sociopathological assumptions of scarcity and competition for positive values. So, these could be expanded as 10 PC strategies.  For example, the 3rd strategy implies do not rape Earth as a competitively valued commodity for anthropocentric ownership, or enslavement.

Strategies 4 and 5 are reverse corollaries or appositional, if you will; Janus faces of each other. If we optimally and inclusively pursue the TrimTab Principle, then positive/negative value imbalances will self-minimize. But, when they do, they trigger the local CQI evolutionary filter, regenerating a local TrimTab (special case) solution. The TrimTab Principle is bicameral Yang proactive and Yin preventive design perspective. The 4th strategy is regenerative Yin socioeconomic therapeutic response to negative anomalous competitive excess trends in economic, value-transfer, ecosystems.

This is a regenerative pentanomic system because it includes the growth cycle from

seed, yields

species generation, yields

global polyculture, yields

Universal Intelligent Design, and

the reverse corollary, remedial therapy, to apply when the polycultural growth cycle produces anomalous monocultural wealth deposits and growth-yield deficits. These deposits may be viewed as positive, within the anomalous monoculture, but negative throughout the more inclusive polycultural (0) Core Prime Root Relationship systemic filter of eternally regenerative discernment, development and design.

(0) Core Prime Root Relationship is a binary metric in-forming system, speaking a permacultural language of Tao as regenerative process, very old indeed, but reincarnated recently as “Zeroism”: The Universe, and all systems, emerge not from an atomic nuclear noun, but from a mutually self-perpetuating synergetic verb relationship between Yang-(+e) and Yin-(-e) [Dark Energy]. This expresses a positively-dominant slow-constant dynamically re-fusive harmonious relationship; a reverse flow evolutionary trajectory away from dark entropic chaos, dismay, and hell, I suppose.”

“Any questions?”

The room was silent, so this was my opportunity: “Well, I recently took a look at the Rick Raddatz Pentanomic Theory of Government. He seems to define social equity as maximizing the utility of resources; that’s what a well-functioning, just economic system will, or could, at least eventually, achieve.”

Without missing a beat, Norton responds, “Yes, true enough, but the ethical problem with utilitarian economics has always been that it leaves open the possibility of declaring justice achieved without inclusively responsive peace. Our positive teleological hope for value system economies is not just for the majority to survive, to achieve equitable distribution of scarce resources, but for fulfilling sufficiency-participation in global value itself. Nothing less will achieve peace at a global scale.

We hope for vibrant internal and external ecologies. Yes, vibrant ecologies must include equitable resource transfer wisdom. But, what about developing synergetic relationships between values, resources, nutrients, information and communication systems, learning, creative expression, well-being, health? Ecological justice hopes for regenerative, vibrantly dense, rich, resonant, resilient, synergetic integrity, opulent paradigmatic optimization; a CQI standard for justice, yes, but also active peace and joy and beauty and goodness, worth, inclusive merit and well-being. Grace ecologies include fair and sustainable resource economies internal to each identity and external within SuperEco Information, now, and for future generations, inclusive of all species.”

Now, he was getting less academic, more passionate.

“Economic justice truncated from a graced ecology of peace and redemptive mercy for emergent monocultural anomalies holds no positive teleological function for a cooperative learning and mutually-mentoring culture over a competitive culture.  A merely mechanical metaphor does not distinguish between relationships of win-win holistic intent, and relationships consistent with win-lose strategies; although they can work for distinguishing between win-lose and lose-lose strategies.  This is not enough for optimizing regenerative ecosystems.

Anyone who studies natural ecosystems recognizes that when a system becomes a competitive environment of scarcity its flow and frequency functions and trends are pathological. Sociotherapy is the reverse trend and energy–a cooperative economy of synergetic faith in mutually-mentoring abundance, evolving rich and deeply vibrant polycultures.

Avoid mechanical metaphors; natural system analogies offer far more realistically predictive depth and texture, and they can distinguish between global win-win cooperation and more nationalistic win-lose myopic design elements.”

After a reflective pause, “A  natural system filtering analogy that comes to mind is water the flowers of cooperative intent, not the weeds of competitive practice.

Any other questions?”

Man/Sha Legends

Dr. Stew’s Business Recipe

You probably heard Dr. Cook up on his P=np prophetic soapbox the other day, over in the Metaphysics Department. And, we don’t disagree except sometimes I think he does not appreciate the level of decompositional commitment it takes to make messianic manna.

While prophets tell others the positive teleological and ecological Tao string narrative, which truly does want to result in rationally balanced spacetime sustainable outcomes, messiahs are manna. Yes, sometimes also manic, but you have to be a little diastatically amped up to act as compost within our cooperative Commons, when so many have lost their way in producing ever more competition because their lack of self-sufficiency is so vast. Our  messianic vocations unfold within an unbalancing Earth, screeching dissonance to remind us of regenerative living, breathing, writing, story telling, music, movement, therapy, transliteration of paradigms and languages, socioeconomic orthopraxis, multisystemic ecopsychiatry, facilitating natural system development of optimizing synergy, compassionate mindfulness, love, active peace.

Messiahs comprehend interdependent functions that prophets only know as sequential forms. Messiahs mutually mentor while prophets try to teach and preach. Messiahs are nature’s decomposing understory, root system, pursuing polyculturally inclusive compost, development, and design, living vocationally self-expressive dreams to re-occupy Earth’s cooperative Universal Synergetic Intelligence.

If we could just get our numerology straightened around. Everybody knows that 1 times 1 is 2, not 1, just as 2 times 2 is 4, not 2. It takes at least 2 to multiply, both subject and object, both icon and thinker. Multiplication unfolds in spacetime with 1 as the rational square root of 2 and balanced +/(-)(-)0 as the 4-dimensional prime square-fractal root of 1. Doubling the unity of 1, speaking geometrically, is coincidentally comprehending both the convex exterior and the concave interior of numeral units. Taoists understand the convex face of iconic systems as YangForm, and the concave interior face as Yin binomial elliptical function. Euler understood this prime one-dimensional business function as the primal relationship of metric systems. Buckminster Fuller built on this Eulerian foundation, comprehending this as a hypothetical candidate for the prime relationship of universal Intelligence and all of nature’s regenerative systems.

This essential binomiality of 1 also adds ecological and economic layers of teleology to Zeroism, because 2 is to 1, as 1 is to +/-0. This becomes a numeral language for the permacultural Golden Rule: Treat each convex face (supereco-other) as balancing your ego-concave (id-entity) face, or things are going to get really competitive and dissonant and out of alignment, creating all kinds of karmic incarnational issues that we really don’t need right now.

As without, so within. As above, so below. As before, so after.

The physical binomiality of metaphysical unity can remind us that death bookends life just as night bookends day. Every natural system regeneratively gardens through decomposing self/other-absorption. So, why would we expect the unity of human natural life to revolve across time in some negatively deviant and dissonant way?

Man/Sha Legends

Dr. Cook’s Metric Stew

Here’s the thing. You probably heard something else over in the Business School, but then they are always about busyness, and seldom really about the issues of optimizing long-term sustainable prophets and profits. It’s my time to prophecy.

Way back in the TransMillennial Era, the ReGenesis Cooperative Fund woke up one morning after some kind of epiphanic multisystemic eclipse to a renewed dream of cooperative economics and polycultural sustained-justice, also first recognized as active peace back in those dark days of  epidemic cognitive dissonance, coincidental autism and cognitive delusional dysfunction.  Well, not that they had any monopoly on those issues, but the great forces of cultural synergetics and corporate lose-lose entropics were vying with each other for the collective economic and ecological imagination of our Tree of Life’s DNA-encoded branch of our RNA-encoded trunk, fed by natural systemic fractal-forms and their metaphysical crystal functions, if you will, or won’t, for that matter, now that I come to think of it, which was what, I wonder?

Anyway, the ReGenesis Cooperative Network began to function as a self-financed Group Purchasing Organization. Then, the ReGenesis GPO declared a closed-market discount of 20% for local eco-lateral transactions, with all sides of each transaction guild using ReGenesis on-line EcoShares.

Then, as they grew locally toward other local EcoShare networks within our region, the Fund announced a 10% discount for exterior bordering EcoShare regional transactions.

Then a 5% discount for all other cooperative networks throughout Earth.

ReGenesis argued with the State tax authorities that EcoShare transactions within the GPO umbrella  should be sales taxed only when exchanged within the open federal currency market, so when the folks from the food coop used on-line EcoShare assets in exchange for foot massages, no sales tax, and a 20% discount if both providers were in the same local GPO.

Also, because all members were mutually self-employed income tax entities, their cooperative tax liability could not be more than each individual employee was paying or this would represent double taxation. Then GPO Network enterprises paid no corporate taxes, because there kind of wasn’t any such thing as a non-interdependent corporate profit and loss situation any more, except in what was left of the dwindling monocultural and monopolistic competitive commodity market, where life and time continues to be for sale and rent, for awhile.

The Tax Bureaucrats got a little huffy for awhile about the whole thing until the ReGenesis Cooperative GPO wrote their own mission statement. The ReGenesis GPO’s primal regenerative mission is to mutually redeem cooperative asset EcoShares through direct local barter exchanges in which the dignity and value of each individual’s hourly time investment is assumed to have equivalent per-hour value. That made too much obvious sense to credibly argue against.

Each transaction was recorded in the on-line cooperative economic network system, binary RNA designed to meet optimized polycultural algorhythmically harmonious equivalence standards: [+Polynomial = (-)(-)Not Polynomial] = [+1QBit = (-)(0)QByte].

Zero-Byte balanced binomial-fractal prime spacetime, as economically paradigmed and polylogical.

Oops, I mean polycultural, you know, like what eternal-culturalists are endlessly metaphysicating and metasystematically therapizing, or maybe not so much. Because, meanwhile, psychology had ended the Industrial Era by initially staring at negatively anomalous right hemispheric id-entity behaviors, memories, issues, rationality problems. Perhaps the post-millennial Positive Psychology had to overcome this initial pathology fascination to become a more integrated theoretical field and more congenial to analogues with Eastern alchemical and fractal natural systems analysis, confluent with Taoism’s dipolar binomial pattern, rhythm, and metric value assumptions; with

id as yang

ego as eco-logical awareness of confluence

superego as yin super-eco.


But, I don’t know, therapy as mutual mentoring fell by the wayside, replaced with chemical therapies. Adding chemicals to interior landscapes has polymorphic evolutionary effects, coincidental, within our Exterior Landscapes. Who we are as a species, living as diverse polyculturaling and chemically-fueled monoculturing economies and ecologies, emerges as a global understanding that we are all incarnating within physical Earth’s solar gift system’s

convex atmosphere.

permafunctional paradigmatic metaphysical diastatic enculturing Elders.

and nutrient regenerative RNA information Root System.


One early spring morning everyone woke up thinking they just might on occasion actually be a diastatically enculturing polyculturative kinda internal Climax Community, and they began mentoring each other about what that meant for them.

If you think you are a polyculturalist way down in your little permaculturally hopeful heart, then you probably are one. Enjoy the ride, and avoid feeling special because catastrophic paranoia is contagious. Return to your original self-regenerative Climax Community orthopraxis.  You know, permaculturist active peaceful synergetic balanced justice…. Gardening. Really well-designed self-regenerative, perennial gardening, symbiotically, with all our cousin species and Elder metaphysically living system strings, unfolding forward in spacetime, and folding back to Black Hole spacetime not-polynomial crystalized memory.

Notice advent winter Other, as Left-deductive hemispheric Negative.

Hope springs forth as Right-intuitive Positive.

Summer’s regenerative consuming fullness, as convex Left-hemisphere Other.

Fall’s decomposing productive emptiness, as concave Right-intuitive eco-diastatic harvest of permaculturalist +/(-) tipping point systemic values.


It’s peculiar, we speak of love as our highest value but what we most love is peaceful justice as our daily incarnate belonging habitat, both within our metaphysical eco-landscape and our physical-logistic metasystemic EcoTherapy.

Perhaps it might be more permaculturally accurate, and balanced, more harmonically synergetic, more crystal-fractal Commons-Clear, when our primal vocation issues forth transgenerationally, transgenetically, and transgenerically across all paradigms and id-entities, all systems and life, all space and time, all Yang with Yin, to regenerate our mutual EcoTherapy as optimally health-enculturing as we have power and imagination to swim and fly belonging in solidarity rather than wilt mono-longing entropically apart.

Make love not war, in metasystemic therapeutic logos…and mythos, don’t forget about myth, after all, a family that myths together hangs together, more or less, if I remember that part correctly, and not.



Man/Sha Legends

Legend of Prince Polyculture

There once was a boy named Prince Polyculture,

which he knew he was not,

and maybe even not-not,

which would be not a prince,



This was confusing and caused Prince Polyculture to suffer bouts of stress and anxiety and eating and,

eventually, sanity, disorders.


So he decided if he could not peacefully become Prince Polyculture,

that must be because he is incarnating Mindless Monoculture.

In this spirit of adventure and dark humor he invested much too heavily in the only role open to him at Court,

that of the Court’s Redeemer Fool.

In the Land of Polyculture, you see,

Foolish karma regenerates laughter,

and it was their faith that humor is teleologically profound,

even revolutionarily and radically important.


Confusion rained down upon the Land of Polyculture.

Shall we bow to him as Prince,

or laugh at him as Fool?

And, when they asked him this,

he responded:


Foolishness can be both under- and over-calculating to resolve your identity issue.

Double-negative informed is also double-bind metric function,

a cross to bear in one of Euler’s functional dimensions,

an equivalent fractal balance in two dimensional field-games,

a three-dimensional revolving dia-elliptical torus,

balancing Yang-form with binomially concave,

implicating String and Group Prime Theories of Fractal Order.


So, to predict who I will be with you,

ionically and egodically, thermodynamically and electromagnetically,

binomially and bi-id-entity,

please help me reconnect balancing resolutions of multisystemic sociocultural therapy,

including dynamic, and geometric, and binary, and binomial,

and economic and ecologically balancing

convex over concave,

as without, so within,

as positively polynomial and Prince Polyculture,

economically resolving psychological, neural, energy, light, and spacetime, and temporal, and value, and nutritionally balancing theories and paradigms with optimizing permaculturally principled and ordered and planned and designed judgment,

so also, only a Fool like us could not see that

+1 must always balance (-)0, or we could not rely on Golden Ratio binary systems, or electromagnetic balance between synergetic and entropic-diastatic implicating mutual gravitational coincidental energy equivalence,

so +/(-)(-) = P/NP,

so 2 = 1-fractally squared = positron/neutron,

and binomial metric spacetime square-root prime value = +/- 1 QBit


8-balanced double-fractal octave,

and crystal-Yangform convexly OVER fractal-Yinfunctional implicately concave,

RNA-regenerative life system structured metaphysical Original Intent

equals +/(-)(-)Zero-Tao ReGenerative Universal Open System.


So, my answer to your question is that I am Prince Polyculture for you,

and Mindless Monoculture the Fool laughing within you at yourself,

economically and ecologically pretending not to be mutually parasitic,

synergetically Polyculturing systems within.

Or, my name isn’t Prince Mindless Monodisculturing Polyculture.

Kind of a long string,

but our line has a permaculturally regenerative tradition to balance,

in our own wu-Trim Tabbing wei.


To perceive our human id-entity as removed from Earth’s supereco natural systems,

is to reflect upon the absurdity of our unbalanced economic and cultural  and languaged and metric systems.

Now, go away,

my bush is burning and I need to meditate!

Man/Sha Legends

On the evolution of logical paradigms

Excerpted from Dr. Taowls History of Logistics Class


At least since early research in systems theory, as applied to natural and linguistic systems of regeneration and decay, by names such as Whitehead, Bateson, Kuhn, B. Fuller, and Bohm, a fractal-crystal development structure for optimizing diastatic integrity has emerged in a fairly long polymorphic column of logical and logos paradigms. We will spend some time looking at fractal and prime dipolar relationships in:



neurology (aptic v. synaptic),

psychology (Right v. Left hemispheric dominance),


numerology (especially digital-binary),






all rooted in human languaged and metric-sequential ecology.


Logos has been evolving from ecological roots toward economic branches of regenetic consumption, bearing productive breathing leaves and vocations to produce regenerative fruit, birthing by decomposing seeds, to spring up with new hope for optimal growing seasons during spring through summer.

This ecologically sprouted cooperative economy flourishes best within a richly nutritional compost environment of mutually mentoring, teaching-learning, organic eco-cells of decomposition, responding with gratitude to flirtatious root tendrils, succulent filaments looking for some actively confluent, harmonious love, or synergy.

Commodification of Earth’s regenerative nutrient-normative value system began to emerge with the adolescence of the Western-centric Industrial Age, now concluding. Until this reification of value as capital, value exchanges were primally rooted in the expectation of nutritional merit. This is particularly true if we consider nutrition as germane to all sensory receptors, not just taste and smell, but also audio-visual, and affective-feeling receptors.

Currently, and trans-millennially, we are reweaving our logos strings, coming toward comprehension that information is to energy as flowing time is to thermodynamically balancing space, as economics is to ecologic, as form follows eco-functional (life sustaining) evolution, and holonic-fractal revolutions of seasons and eras, including permaculture design and planning projects, trigonometric prime “Closed Set” functions, Bloom’s deep learning Taxonomy, theologians’ spiritual, and perhaps alchemical, four-seasons of winter’s enthymematic purgation (metta), spring’s hope (karam), summer maturation’s positive developing faith (mudita), culminating in autumn’s fruitful harvest (it was the Messiah who said “by their fruits you will know their nutritional value, or lack thereof”) , optimizing annual uppekkha outcomes by winnowing, selecting, and regenerating compost compressed with Elders’ seeds, leaves, nutrients hibernating in advent of this Great ReGenesis Transition Millennium, rediscovering Right and Left hemispheric teleological balance, as digitally and binary balanced in (-)/(-) = NotPolynomial Information = (+)Polynomial[dipolar correlate] spacetime energetic, dynamic information. Confluent information is co-incidental, as contrasted with dissonant noise, and may be defined as +ergodic/spatial metric balance equivalent (=) to (-)ionic/temporal electromagnetic balancing induction. So, a positron is coincidentally synergetic with a double-negative neutron, which atomically outlines an internal, concave, fractal-ionic elliptical wavilinear in/exforming string. But, that all heads off toward theoretical physics and Thurston and Perelman and Group Theory, which grows intentionally removed from history and her awkwardly less smooth-structured evolution.

We each have a choice as we compare paradigms. It has become urgent for thorough research to explore both sides of this choice. Not only diversities of specialized information within distinct paradigmatic frames, but also our mutually coincident confluence between and among these diverse logos-logic branches on our human linguistic left-brained Tree of Ecological Life.

As we further comprehend that it is not really a new string or new economy we seek on our globally regenerative vocation, we will more cooperatively recognize and appreciate that we all follow one permacultured ecological paradigm as it traverses the great cranial-spinal divide, originating with Elder RNA Codexed intuitive memory, then emergent Left-brain dominance, and now Trim Tabbing back toward Left-Right hemispheric dipolar balance; eco-logic resolves from theo-logosed early bicamerality (see Julian Jaynes on the ethological development of Left-brained cultural-linguistic dominance of deductive reasoning and metric calculation, as icons shifted to linguistic symbols) to spread an actively cooperative economy with an endosymbiotic understory of mutually subsidiary power-strengthening optimization strategies, bridging religion with scientific research in what Fuller termed Universal Intelligence.

Fuller’s “Intelligence” is not merely deductive and statically discerned or designed, it also has a regenerative four equivalent fractal-elliptical dimensional structure as incarnated in natural systems. This contrasts with older hard-copy two-dimensional drawings, confusing Yin-Yang closed circular symbols as sufficient for understanding real four-dimensional world economic revolving, wavilinear, double-knotted, universal Prime Relationship of space and time, unfolding, enfolding within human speciated memory, refolding; DNA and Yang’s RNA Elder ReGenetic Codex written within dynamic space and place as Whole Universal Binomial Intelligence, all the way down to QBit sub-atomic holonic Commons harmony.

Our humane permacultural vocation optimizes rich polycultural Climax Communities of inclusive and diverse information, nutrient values, organic networks, each an integral multisystemic therapeutic project to minimize stress and dissonance by optimizing our full-harmony opera.

Legend has it that this resolutionary process all culminates when the Fat Queen sings.


Why are you all looking at me, I wasn’t singing out loud again was I?