GreenSupreme Health Advocate

Don’t shoot me down.
Don’t start to frown,
It’s past my pay grade.
I’m just Her messenger.

QueenMother DNA
has Her final
non-violent first say.

She’s polypathic
and gracefully green.
Love’s systemic polyphonics,
math paths I’ve never zero-seen
or heard tell of polynomials

“Green refines great healthy bits of change,”
She ecologically gloats
then quietly WinWin votes
for dipolar ZeroZone ranges.

What’s your ZeroSum
Ego/Eco binomial identity
worth to you?
A one-stick of bubbling zero-gum?

Plug and Play into the late great sacred Matriarchal,
Win +1.00 universal percent
balancing not not ZeroYin-Squared health
not quite so loss of Green

Find yourself a WinWin multiculturing network
filled with webbed flow
paid-forward economies
thick as a nutritional MotherTree forest
restoring justice to night-owl wisdom clerks

Calculating Whole Open System nests
warm wet womb nurturing life
loving ZeroSum positive/negative
regenerative v degenerative
asymmetric nature-spirits
nondual body-minds
bicameral hyphenated pest-nests

WinWin ready to influence health opinions
and nontrialistic wealth-choice feelings
sometimes more beautifully appealing
than ZeroZone revealing
Win/Lose retributive exchange dominions.

Your first heart beat
took place in My ZeroZone womb,
warm and swimmingly wet,
breathing in ego-shaping
positive polypathic potential identity
to breathe out into My eco-storied future
integrity of Earth’s revolutioning

4D ElderRight sacred regenerative dominance
greets 4D Left ZeroSum deducing
inductive focal-tacit
explicating formed experience
framed memories
implicating effluent holistic
Open Systemic
open sesame
open urgent
pregnant time for 2020
ZeroSum home and business delivery

Polynomial Ego-One
equals Eco-ZeroZone
not not polynomial geometric
asymmetric positive balance
as breathing in natural left embodied
predicts further WinWin ecopolitics
breathing out spiritual ElderRight
Matriarchal experience
of green Earth’s non-sectarian
not not ZeroSum healthy pasts
for wealthy futures.

Don’t shoot me down.
Don’t start to frown,
It’s past my not not ZeroSum pay grade.
I’m just HerIntegrity’s potential messenger.




Green Dream Whispering

To avoid unnecessary oppressor and victim stuckness
in reiteratively dissonant looping
loopy voices,

To avoid interior and exterior terror climates
of self and other perpetual Lose to Lose
claustrophobic shut-down dismay,

To avoid dualdark lack of sufficient bilateral enlightenment,
once glimpsed
almost here…

It might especially help our RightWing conservationist leanings
to draw up healthier ecologically secular designs
and yet follow theologically sacred processes
to remember love together
nutritionally awesome newborn-matriarchal in-between self respect,
pleasing curious childlike egos
with ecotherapeutic nurturing inquiry,
and sacred outdoor healthy wonder-empathy

It could help
to speak these early non-languaged experiences
discernments of WinWin outcomes held together,
passing democratic expert batons
of cooperative and restorative responsibility

It sounds potentially therapeutic
to invite pipes and breaths filled with cooperative opportunity
while gazing into multicultural community fire-circles,
waiting for drums and howls to mystically restart
song danced Full Moon co-opportunities
of night time secular/sacred liturgies.

To conserve ancient nature/spirit green
ecological theology celebrations
of and for Holy Matriarchal Spirit
radiating Grandmother Moon’s ultra-violet soul source
still whispering green ecofeminist birthed
nutritious dreams.



When Patriarchal Means Anti-EcoFeminist

Try to play more WinWin
with more mendaciously sad children,
perpetual patriarchal means anti-ecofeminist adolescents,
and UnWise Red-dominant orthodoxy Elders.

Let us all Green cooperatively know
you are wise
to our OtherWise WinLose competitions
suboptimally rooting in Either SecularYang
Or SacredYin
natural LeftBrain natural DNA dominance
uprooting spiritual RightBrain RNA GreenOrthoDoxology
of sacred loving grace.

Advocating for liturgically dancing Elder MatriarchalTrees
spiraling roots of and for dynamic RNA streams
of seasonal atmospheric light
within WiseElder resilient EarthTribal Trees
sacred reforesting

CoResonant DNA with RNA ZeroZone future functions
resiliently reiterating
Original Uracil YangHealth
with Cytosine YinSquared WealthCooperative Intent.

Patriarchal PolyNomials
trying to play more WinWin
with more LoseLose Anti-PolyNomial children,
adolescents perpetuating retributive WinLose
evolutionary assumptions
of Nature outside
with Spirit inside
ZeroZone WiseElders
restoring justice
with eternally timeless
bodhisattva co-messianic
resiliently resonant peace

With both past Yang depressions
and future YinSquared impressions.


Breathing While Thinking

Yang unveils landscapes of textured thought
while Yin brings climates of swelling and ebbing feelings.

yin affective unconscious
with yang deductive conscious labels and language of natural,
and sometimes oddly unnatural, uncomfortable, relationships,
humane consciousness
searching for divine polypathic continuous timeless eternal flow
of further regenerativity
both discontinuous nutritional thoughts
and continuous maturing revolutions of co-arising
co-digesting feelings;
Yang discontinuous Ego-embodied
convex upon Earth’s historical stage,
yin continuously matriarchal ecologos
ecosystemic concave
within Earth’s herstorical narratives of embryonic feelings
surfing mists
where grey yin oceans
ambivalently blend flowing foggy yang sky.

Where Yang follows oppositional
Either this Or that categorization
into contrasting bipolarities,
Yin co-arises appositional
Both some of that And maybe some of this too,
comparative dipolarities.

Yang, if you are an evolutionary naturalist,
is health power of nutritional regenerativity,
while Yin nurtures symmetrical internal balance
of mutually safe co-digestive degeneration;
decomposition dipolar effacing regeneration.

If you are a PermaCulture Designer,
Yang is about the structure of your regeneratively-intending nutrition landscape,
while Yin notices the feeling climates of decompositional potential,
degenerative winter
co-arising regenerative diastatic climaxing regenerative summer,
self and other cooperative
interdependent polyculturing,
multiculturing political-health as eco-wealth,
in contrast to winter’s purgative monopoly of hibernation.

If you are a Universal-Unitarian,
Yang is your Ego’s universe-embodying health and safety world views,
while Yin is your more matriarchal-unitarian
nurturing defensive climates
of domestic integrity and cooperative tranquility;
Earth ecoconscious mercy with peacefilling ego-swelling-indwelling feelings.

This relationship between regenerative Yang
and degenerative, or decompositional, Yin
is easy to remember,
as easy as remembering to induct air into your lungs,
from Yin-purged toward Yang diastatic,
and then deducting out from Yang full-regenerated
toward Yin-degenerating.

Our breath is deductively toward Yin
and inductively toward Yang,
while our bicameral minds
are deductively LeftYang dominant
and inductive-affective feeling-Yin Right nurture-dominant.

YangLeft deductive ego-conscious universe-building,
while YinRight inductive uniting ecoconscious Earth-nurturing.

God the ReGenerative Father in,
Mother Earth decomposing waste out.
What is waste for Ego,
also nurtures the trees we have not yet killed,
landscapes of textured root-systemic thought production
as climates consuming ecopolitical feelings.


Yin’s Time Greets Yang’s Space

Qualities of empowering
disempowering time
lurking within quantities of spatial powers,

We are climate changing qualities of addicting ego-time
praying for,
while preying on,
quantities of Earth’s ecopolitical powers
over Self and Other’s passing,
powers with
powers within powers,
toxic qualities of maladaptive waste and loss
evolving regenerate qualities
of positively addicting healthy-wealthy time.

Quality yin-timed climates
as yang-spaced quantities of power.


Heaven’s HotHouse Humor

It’s not true
that Original Taoist Laotse
did not say
Laughter in response to his teachings
was his outcome indicator of deepest nature-spirit-mystery

It’s not true
that laughter could be disassociated from
agapic bliss
or erotic love.

It’s not true
that laughter can feel any distinction
worthy of a label difference
between erotic bodies and agapic minds,
nor did Laotse.

Where the body’s erotic love and economic terrors lead,
the political mind goes with and as and for and from.

Where mind’s agapic love
and political fears and angers merge,
eco-normic body value-transfers,
willingness to invest and divest,
go with and as and for and from.

How could erotic Yang historical-political nature
ever become separated from Yin’s spiritual-eco-normic agape?
except for decomposing laughter’s cosmic heath insurance issues
and promise of deeply discounted reassurance rates.


Competing in ToughLove Markets

We often think of how best to compete in a very tough love market.
How to look
and smell
and sound our healthiest and highest commodified use
to attract the interest of others
with both similar and diverse sight
and hearing
and fragrance
of trusting radically profound beauty;

A hot package
but also with a warm compassionate
and curiously nimble heart.

Love’s core of becoming
co-arises truth with nutritional trust,
but with vital thrust unfathomably deep listening enthymeme,
echoing Earth’s co-evolve from tribal co-empathic Elders,
licking and munching
on light flights
of horny stardust.

I call my universal Hot Package “Yang”,
why not?
where others have used
Convex (B. Fuller)
Explicate Order (D. Bohm)
Prickly (A. Watts).

Let’s call Yin, then
warm co-empathic trust-nurturing healthy heart
after all
knowing what we always say,
the longer the title
the less competitive our functional value.

Unitarian Yin, whom others have ConCaved,
Implied, rather dialectically,
generally Gooified into a spiritual metaphysical
notnot polynomial
mystical kind of a double-binding humorous mess,
apparently the opposite of anything
one might analogically or ecologically consider equivalent
to The Hot Packages of EarthNature.

When we were babies,
and even more so prior to this incarnation into grace,
we could not distinguish between Yang’s fertile Hot Package
and Yin’s CoPassioning Heart.

But, as we approach looming adolescence,
we have become more LeftBrain Yang dominant,
a lustier search for Hot Earth Packages
of natural regenerativity
polypathically preoccupies our minds
as maturing anthrobodies.

Now what happens as we age?
into more remembered balance of Yang/Yin maturation,
rediscovering our co-arise nonduality
of not too hot and not too cold Earth Body
blissfully content within a warm compassionate
and curiously nimble mind
as healthy bicameral EarthLover/Loved Hearts.

In this sense
grace’s continuing evolutionary journey
invites our re-ascension into Earth’s embryonic YangYin womb
of Hot Fertile Packages
swimming and surfing
through CoOperatively Healthy Hearts
fueling BiCameral MindBodies
toward Future’s (0)Mega ReGenesis.

[Note from non-languaged Yin,
transliterating reverse of above as below:
Cool Empathic Fragrant Flows
of notnot cameral BodyMind,
without nutritional boundaries of imagination,
from Elder’s (0)Riginal DNA/RNA Genesis.]

[Commentary from Hot Fertile MindBody,
RE: Note above, as below:
Notice absence of health/wealth hoarding,
absence of political-economic unnaturally competitive, rabid motives,
with their nondual co-arising paranoid
disecological absence of healthy purpose
fading off into long-term devolution
of what had been embryonically rational ecoconsciousness.]

Nature abhors a vacuum
of healthy
trusting truths as beauty

As do we all,
hunting and gathering within HealthyWealthy Hot BiCameral Packages,
paradigmatic markets descended from nature-spirit bilaterally root/branched communing trees
in WinWin love with polypathically enlightening
notnot love-systemic cooperative market optimization,
both fusion of in-formation and decomposition of not-so-lovely smelling noise,
swollen absence of listening, glistening grace-filling poise.