BiCameral Ecologic-Rhythms

He awoke won but foggy morning
with a benignly felt Conjecture:

Positive Psychology
is also Political-Economic Health Projection

Cognitive truth statements (+)
feel aesthetically beautiful,

Theorem (-,-) as not not Conjecture

False relational and transactional anti-reality
unreasonable absence of good faith,
feels aesthetically chaotic,
notnot information
having merely potential co-empathic
co-arising powers in some future or past time
that could not possibly be now;

Conjectures co-arise Theorems
as Theorems prove/disapprove
(0)riginating Conjectures

as Left languaged Brain
co-arises Right Brain’s notnot balancing co-empathic feelings:
trust (+1) binary Tao-sync with (-0),
mistrust (0),
active distrust (-,-) mutual immunity to conjectured truth-value statement.

Empathic Trust conjoins healthy political co-arising relationships
and eco-normic, or ecological, nondual transactions
between Left Conjecture and Right-Proportioned-Patterned Theorems,
Cognitive Dissonance enjoins further confrontation,
chronic stress heading toward climatic distress
between Left/Right Balancing Conjectural Theorems
discontinuously evolving benign political-economic identity
confluent with healthy EarthTribe minds and bodies.

Healthy truth slow-grows trust
or revolutionary bust
of collectively incarnated conjecture bubbles.



When we see regenerate systemic structure,

Then we know regenerative prime function,

of time and relationship,

of space and sequential proportion,

of polyculturing revolutions

devouring monocultures in warm synergetic baptisms.


When we know regenerative primal function,

We learn to hear regenerating frequencies,

We fear unregenerative force,

We evolve  faith-praxis through ReGenetic Intelligism,

(oops, did I say that out loud?).


When we evolve multisystemic orthopraxis through ReGenetic Wisdom

Then we mentor co-regeneration,

mutual evolve-informing subordinate,

reiterative listening and syncing,

positive generous timeliness,

in Basic Attendance spaciousness,

diastatic lungs and heart and consciousness

in peace-radiant love with Earth’s unfolding song and dance.


+/-Eulerian + RNA 4-Based Binomial Geometric Evolutionary Logical,

Ecological and Biological,

and Regenerative Nuclear Linear-Polar String Revolving 4-equi-dimensional

thermodynamic and electromagnetic prime relationship balance,

where +Polynomial = -(-)Polynomial Open Hierarchical Balanced MultiSystemic Information Win-Win Assumption.


See Buckminster Fuller on prime tetrahedral revolving dynamic evolution of spacetime,

fractal information as energy,

(0)-sum Core Vector [convex] OVER Core Vortex [concave].

And also consider a post-millennial revision of cultural Taoism

so Yang = +1 QBit, as

Yin = (-)-1 QBit, and

Permaculturing Tao = +/(-)- Prime Fractal Ergodic 0-soul Theorem (Gregori Perelman, et. al.)


WeSelf Weaving

My intersection, long cherished, was here,

a Rock now self-pummelling,

crumbled shape reforming pebbles

swirling their Great Transition turning

highway ribbons into reweaving paradigms,

newly familiar knots of meaning street

meets purpose avenue.


Self identifying functions,

transmutant role-playing ingredients

cross-breed mysteriously green integral individuation,

redeeming source for ancient blood-drenched stories.


Morphing paths feed identity and memory assets

and property and relationships and ownership

through a nutrition mixer;

cumbersome ungainly contention

for natural flowing reconstruction,

creating nascent coop-network soup from

resistant gall stoned economies.


Individuals resonate into communities

as places relocate into homes

transitioning from mechanical precepts

inductively racing for a well-farmed field

of Commons regenerative theorem,


self-perpetuating pearls of permaculture.


Pilgriming past my familiar mirror,

I slow surprised by unfamiliar faces

behaving as if We were mine.


String-Tied Theorem

My body responds to my mind,

yet equally true,

my mind responds to my body;

a two-way conversation.

My Self-Body speaks from the left,

to EcoSelf-Mind from the right,

about this Exterior Landscape we share,

while Right Mind responds to the Left

from my Interior Landscaped history string.


RNA code and structure,




trans-speciated, not confined to human nature,

speaks permaculturally and exegetically from

Right hemispheric interior.

DNA double-bind binomial structure,


languaged Left-brain’s Personal Knowledge;

we eisegetically and linguistically hold

as natural-timed Tao with human Voice.


Origins of inductive faith,

this positive teleology,

remain lost in foggy horizons of time

and myth,

yet blindly following this misty trail,

merging beyond RNA’s shared prime-time horizon,

evolved through self-reflective double-helix,

dia-sym-bi-synced Hilbert space,

of plus-minus bicameral magnetic polarity,

thermodynamic, temporal, temperament, temperature

balance of polynomial reverse equal to not polynomial information.

nonpolynomial time, yet prime-structured, nuclear negative qbits,

Right brained Yin,

graciously responsive to DNA-Yang’s

temporally-speciated, balanced, diversity of humaned nature.


This Tao spirituality song begins:

Yang is to Yin as

Nature is to Spirit as

Physical Polynomial systems are to Non-Polynomial Metaphysical information as

Left is to Right-brained mutual comprehension as

positive is to negative thermodynamically magnetic polarity as

convex is to concave as

discover is to uncover as

Uracil to Cytosine in RNA 4-Based equi-valent

octaved spatial-temporal

frequency regenesis of Positive Teleology.

Man/Sha Legends

Original Bison’s Field Theory

Form neither spiritual nor material, nor sensual, commodity;

S/he regenerates relation ships

in liquid ecology of grace.

Formation owns my Commons

becoming Common prime relationship,

Original Reiteration of mutual intent,

Eternal Karmic momentous coincident




Yang greets Yin measures Yang

unfolding in primal rolling sequence

bare place between full space

ready to go

then belong

to long again to go

or not.


All the same

to WeSelformingEgoidionicEarthTribe…

triumvital acid (0) Core binomial wavering

surfacing sensory surface-lake in three dimensions

with neural roots inward toward heart and mind

fueling air passes birhythmic lungs

breathing in forming from without

exforming from within

WeSelf’s bicamerolling mountain roots:

as Within, so Without

as without, so within

as before, so after…


My sensory surface flowing polyculture

lake of Trimtipping ripples,

greatest dance design through

diastatic fertile stillness

when appositionals binomially align

polynomials with reverse negatives

implying not-so-polynomial

yin wisdom.

Dark Prime Relationship enlightens

Golden Ratio

with EgoSelf as half of We

and We as mountain home to Me.

Goddess Spirit and Nature God

speak binomially

with Yang deducing Left

and Yin inducing Right

brained bi-elliptic

hemispheres of Tao balance.


Information networks this reflective

neural-RNA rhythmic Coded

(0) Core +Vector OVER

(0) Core -Vortex UNDER.


when -000 predicts +111 percent

in bifractaling nominal balance,

dynamically revolving

positive trending

as in-form development therapy

radiates from full CQI analysis

exforming dissonant pathologies


dislogic unlodged

to Open Doors revolving

permacultured Tao abundance

jigging squiggling squares and jazz

incarnating hormoneternal song.


Information (0) Prime Relationship balanced

+Natural Yang neural mountain reflects -SpiritYin reflective lake

EternalMoment’s ecology of grace

my spacetime Paradise.


This darker side of wisdom

afraid to share In-Formnative Self

fearful we will not prehend

appositional bonded language and knowledge

between deductive reasoning and inductive awareness

creatively learning to co-prehend each Other

as Left proposes toward the Right

as Yang proposes through Yin

and Yin embraces back again

to reassure Yang’s receptive pose

with square root fractal steps

implied induction

greets with namaste

what Left brain longs to discover,

less dissonant pathology

or even none,


implies Eternal Moment’s

Positive Teleology

bicameral +1 = -(0)

with octave balanced


-000 +111′

-001 +110

-011 +100

-111 +000


in CQI  four-dimensioned  harmony

when F is -G

then sound and metrics


pi = +/-e



but digitally too

report our binary balanced cousins.


Information is not religious commodity.

Science remembers

+1QBit pi = -0QBit e-function,

strange but Tao

or so it seems to WeSelf me


to measure natural relationship

try 4-Based fractal hypotheses

for syncing Yang meets Yin

and therapy reversing pathology

as positive psyche balances negative values

virtues once again

a Pythagorean reality revisited

and e-functioned Time

0.25% spatially windowed

wallpaperish design

for deep learning’s dancing muse

slow motioning toward +1.00% QBit Universe

sustaining quantitative resolution

away from mononominating chaos

into binomicycling ReGenetic Story.


To function full as Being

Information = Positive Becoming Teleology

to function full as Being

Positive Psychology’s  Original Intent.


As above,

so below,

as without,

so within,

as before…


Golden Rule of effective cooperative development:

treat Becoming as your Being

would like Other without

to reflect WeSelf within

and vice versa.

Greatest Becoming effect

with least Being loss

integrates positive therapy

with negative multisystemic pathology loss to

thermocultured (0) appositionally acidic imbalance,

just peaceful paradise

in forming function

through fractal frequencies

with (0)  irrational remainder

launched into eternity

timeless ge0-rhythmic birth.


As in formational,

so outward functional

reversed polarities

radiantly fused gravitas

QBit binomial sequential place

4-Based metric dynamic balanced

nutritious grace


crystalushly clear



Original Mindful

WeSelf Passion

Be Longing

Prime relationship

Tao (0) Core Vortex

Dark relationship negative understory

regenerating string trail theorems

back to once-upon-Time

where rootips uncover their own Self-compost

sucking back at them

a double-bow of namaste.


My confusion lies less

with sound in vacuous forests

and more within

time in absence of place.

This could not Be

I think I see

that time begins

regenerating space

4-helium bi-metrically.






Man/Sha Legends

Teacher of Metaphysics Ergetically Needed: Universal Regenerative Vocation Description for Homo-Not-So-Sapiens

Position Title: Interreligious EcoMinistry Chaplain


PrimeFunction: Assess the metaphysical systems development trends of







cultural norms,

pedagogy, and

other informative values, assets, nutrient fuels, and resources.


Formational under-story/Definition: Buckminster Fuller defines metaphysical as what is not Physical Universe.


If Physical Polynomial Universe (P) is –(P), and –(P) is Metaphysical Universe, then metaphysical information is in a reverse-binomial metric relationship with Physical Universe. There can never be one without the other as they are mutually dipolar, reverse correlatively







When we forget that there is no more, and no less, information value in the meme “Dark Matter” than there is in the meme “Not Dark Matter,” this may be a pathological symptom of Left/Yang hemispheric dominance, out of cultural balance with the Right/Yin hemispheric primal intuition, and nurturance, of a Positive Teleological Original Intent. This dyadically-rooted Original Relationship Intent may be articulated, borrowing from Fuller, and more contemporary Group Theory and Information Systems Development Theory, as


+ = Core Value Vector

OVER  [ 3-dimensionally AROUND, 1-dimensionally AFTER]

(-) = Core Vortex

YIELDS [in binary, bicameral, binomial information systems]

+1 = (-)0.


Where +1 = +0.50% P OVER +0.00% exformative, diastatic, cooperative prime relationship frequency Constant (C)


-1 = -0.00% exformative aptic EcoSelf-Awareness [see Julian Jaynes on “aptic”] (-U) OVER

-0.50% NP


[Also see Max Tegmark, Our Mathematical Universe, p. 198, on information wave-function, bi-elliptical density matrix]


-U is not ergetic, so it is radiant reverse-flow, mutually antigravitational so mutually radiant, or grateful to notice each other, endosymbiotic flow trend. A mutually evolutionary “Namaste.” This is the reverse-bias trajectory in mutually redefining relationship with diastatic sustainability (C). –U and C are a Janus-faced revolving informational field.


+C/-U yields thermodynamic natural biosystemic balance; harmony.


Second Function: Facilitate students,

and their families,

and the human species to sustainably regenerate their own


bicameral information processors,

and/or positive teleological historiCultural assumptions

(also known as faith in several traditions and paradigms).


The in-formational, intended YIELD for biosystemic facilitation:

Awareness (seed), YIELDS

Perception (healthy mutually grateful, enthymematic compost), YIELDS

Understanding (developing trend toward mature systemic/organic plant), YIELDS

Comprehension (infusive, fertile, transformative insight event, flower), YIELDS

Positive ergetic information flow functions, optimally balanced for self-perpetuation, YIELDS

polycultured organic information Climax Community seeds of regenerating awareness.


Third Function: Story Teller and Designer for a binomially balanced Binary Information Network and an EcoSelf emerging polycultural system.


Requisite Formative Definition for the Third Function:

Buckminster Fuller (and Euler, defining the prime linear temporal core of any measurable—informed–universe) define Universal Intelligence as +.50% Yang (+2e) = Positive-Flow Energy = +(0)= Polynomial Time (P)


-.50% Yin (Negative Energy—entropy) = -(0)= Not-Polynomial Temporal Exformative Trend


Where Exformation is Dark, dysfunctional, dissonant absence of relatedness—chaos.


Space = E = +1QBit * e²-temporal function


Time = +/- e = {.50% Yang-flow}/{.00% Yin-flow (0) Core-Soul Vortex}


See Group Theory, especially Gregori Perelman’s (et. al.) (0)-Soul Theorem, as applied to a 4-based metric system and/or a 4 equi-normatively balanced dimensional space—without anomaly, smooth structured binomial equi-definitional map of information’s binary striction.


This thermodynamically and normatively balanced definition of our Space/Time Universe could be translated into Buckminster Fuller’s geometric paradigm as a synergetically regenerative Metaphysical Universe.


Corollary: Metaphysical (NP) flow systems are reverse-metrically appositional to Physical (P) binary information systems. No other Metaphysical/Physical Universe is cognizable by a bicameral mind. In other words, if NP does not equal P, in reverse-ergetic flow relationship, then only NP Universe. If you are able to follow the logic, and/or the analogy, then that might prove that Not: P unequal to NP; therefore, P = NP, in reverse.


Universal Intelligence is


1.00% QBit Prime Yang/Yin Balance—syntropic trending


-1.00% aptic dissonance, decay, chaos, dissolution, solipsistic negative, closed system assumption—entropic trending


For Fuller, translated through the lens of more contemporary Group Geometric and Biometric and Information Systems Development Theory, the paradigm “Physical Universe” ends where direct sensory reception ends, which is a much more limited definition of Physics than the term “Quantum Physics” would convey. Quantum Physics becomes rather oxymoronic, or behaves oxymoronically, or it means metaphysical theorems and conjectures about physical emergence, or precession, or development, or incarnation, or the incubation metrics for evolving regenerative self-perpetuating information biosystems. Theoretical Physics is about discovering the reverse trend information pattern binomial relationships and maps that have positive information pattern development consonance (flow harmoniously and consistently) with DNA/RNA—4-dimensioned, fractal, information development Codex.


Fourth Function: Regenerates stories, movement, rhythms, sounds, music, dance, linguistic and autistic and synergetic remembering, recalling, replanting and reharvesting, revisiting and regenerating, internally and externally, personally and communally, tribally and globally. Inclusively designs events, days, moments, fields, polycultures effectively intending to transform climatic dissonance into an inclusively emergent peaceful and just climate of positive mindfulness.


Formational development sequence:

Notice, then listen, then water with compassion, growers and facilitators, farmers and educators, students and leaders, practicing active hope and peaceful presence on behalf of themselves, their tribe, our Species throughout time, and Earth from proto-history through distant future.


Perceive, understand, then comprehend, with articulate, carefully-expressed and translated, gratitude:

beauty and goodness,

grace and wisdom,

suffering and loss,

dissonance and dismay,

entropic systemic flow-trends,

the misinformed, disformed, competitive anomalies pushing back

to strengthen our synergetic positive flexibility toward post-millennial bi-hemispheric balance.


Fifth Function: Mentor and provide support for Self Care and People Care during this era of transitional cultural, ecological, economic, educational, governmental, violent, climatically critical rebalancing tipping point trend, toward the Holistic Grail of trust as P = NP because +1.00% Yang normatively and equitably equals -0.00% (0) Core Vortex binomially exformed (-e)-function [as any good feminist-compassionate sociotherapist could verify quite a bit more intuitively and eloquently], gracefully spinning within a post-0-Soul Theorem, WWW-networked, Earth-based, bicameral cooperative communication and economic network.


Formational Heuristic Whole Bicameral System Assumption:

According to Julian Jaynes, and followers, this emergence of Left/Right thermodynamic, reiterative, regenerative balance was the Original Positive Teleological Intent of our RNA-structured precameral synaptic/aptic information processing system. In other words, there is no new knowledge here; or no new knowledge is intended. Regenerativity Theory only intends to increase the self-comprehension of our bicameral species’ most permaculturally ubiquitous wisdom:

  • Golden Rule applies to all species, all space, all time.
  • Prime Thermodynamic Principle is greatest internal synergetic effect derives appositionally through least external dissonance and loss of gratitude, mindfulness, nurturing, caring, balancing the equity-value of  feminist and otherwise marginalized Yin cultural influence.
  • We are all in this bicameral information processing string together, just as we are all in this binomial natural system external landscape together.
  • As within, so without, so as without, so within.
  • As below, so above, so as above, so below.
  • What goes up must come down, so what comes up, must have gone down before.
  • As before, so after, so as after, so before.
  • As decayed, so un-regenerated, so as regenerated, so un-decayed.
  • As fissioned, so un-fused, so as fused, so  un-fissioned.
  • As sociotherapy grows, sociopathology wilts, so as sociopathology grows, sociotherapy wilts.
  • As dissonance develops, so synergy exforms, so as synergy informs, so dissonance exforms. binary,

Following Revolutionary Dialogue

Back in the day, a “follower” was someone who had faith in the leadership of another person; a leader trusted, in part, due to their adherence to some faith in a solution to dissonance. Mystics and prophets, politicians and mobsters, tycoons and polymathic geniuses, teachers and ministers had a “following.” Since the internet, this Transitional Generation and their allied elders would add to this list: bloggers and on-line journalists.

I have been following the NCDD discernment strings pertaining to the desire for a global political revolution and the more technical desire to facilitate large-scale grassroots  discussions about what we do and what we do not want as a global human species. In several of the senses of being a “follower,” I have also been following Joanna Macy’s peaceful revolutionary strategy as it unfolds internationally.  While I do not have any authority to interpret, or speak for, someone I greatly respect, and would not want to exceed my place as a follower, rather than a mentor, I think the connection between Joanna Macy and the NCDD listserve is that both urgently desire an internationally sustainable Earth ecological economic design system.

That gold-standard “design system” must be resonant and a well-patterned, balanced, theorem. More than a conjecture about what might inspire this peaceful revolution. A conjecture says “isn’t this an interesting pattern, a dynamic analogy?”; while a theorem adds “we have a positive teleological function for that form-pattern.” Conjectures are not yet polynomial memes. Theorems are polynomial, and binomial, patterns.

Faith in “ecological economics” fits more comfortably into Macy’s (0)-Centric Zen Theorem than into the NCDD discussion and culture. However, probably every NCDD member recognizes that the term “faith community” has an internal redundancy just as the term “faithless community” sounds oxymoronic. There is no community, no dialogue, no communication, no ecologic, no probability of cooperative economic intent where there is no faith that we are all in this mess together, whatever it may be, and that the primordial rules of discernment are best attuned to a radically inclusive “Golden Rule” that we must always treat others, regardless of species, and regardless of whether currently living or not yet living, as we wish ourselves to be sustainably and confluently, even therapeutically, treated.

It seems to both the Macy and NCDD Revolutionaries that there not only already is a global consensus in this basic positive teleological faith, but further, this global consensus is quickly learning to find each other across traditional divides of borders, water, special interests, and language–all we need, which we now have, is a global information system. The discussion has well begun, now it is time to move that from a perhaps sometimes too free-wheeling, and polarizing, discussion, to a positive discernment process. In other words, as a species, we are moving from our already shared positive teleological conjecture toward a positive teleological discernment theorem.

Perhaps NCDD culture is evolving this positive discernment theorem. As I have said perhaps too often, if we look at Positive Deviance, Appreciate Inquiry, Nonviolent Communication, and Dynamic Facilitation as each establishing a mutual discernment event culture that is the opposite of Cognitive Dissonance Theory [we tend to not hear well what does not fit with our current learned landscape; on the other hand we tend to learn quickly from what we all agree we don’t want], perhaps this is our Positive Confluence Theorem:

We hear very well, and revolutionarily embrace, what does fit most abundantly with all of our current learned landscapes. When we mutually acknowledge that we each do trust that we live in a positive-trending teleological economy and ecology. when that is our mutual intent and practice, then we not only comprehend, but incarnate and mentor, this Positive Confluence Theorem.

This Positive Teleological Theorem predicts that we will, globally, increase our investment in cooperative economies and pedagogy and design systems as three faces of one cooperative ecology.  As we do so, our current over-reliance on competitive strategies for learning, making a living together, building a polyculture together, will fade away into our collective memory of “back in the pre-millennial day.”