Time’s Self-Comprehensive Presence

including permaculture design’s care of
as three faces of Eve’s Gaia Goddess holonic trinity,
transmillennially emerges an intricately interdependent paradigm–
clinical as natural socioeconomic cooperation’s
Positive Deviance Psychology.

Transmillennial regenerators are learning
to see with new eyes,
hear with new ears,
feel with intuitive-deductive Right/Left hemispheric balance,
to comprehend and discern eco-centrically,
in this global cooperative of natural Earth-based solar-
and wind-
and water-
and fire-fueled systems,
regenerating Earth’s revolutionary spin
we call the Four Seasons,
perennially planting in rotations of night and day and night again…
yang with yin to make our full-generative cycles of flowers with their seeds,
DNA from Her eggs.

Those who sense most normatively
equivalently positive value-as-nutrient balanced,
negative value-as-dissonantly entropic non-polynomial imbalance,
are those who balance each eternal time most ecologically,
most rationally,
most therapeutically,
most comprehensively mindfully,
most fully-conscious of evolution of life as
a vastly interdependent cooperative,
a networked economy of time’s universally prime relationship
with Positive-OVER-Negative bilaterally flowing information,
flowing Yang+ toward our shared ecotherapeutic future,
implicating YinYin (-,-) electromagnetic prime balance
toward our Black Hole densely pre-radiant Universal HerStory.

In Left-brain dominant pre-culture,
the time of right hand and logos dominant emergence,
we perceived our ego-consciousness,
our Self,
as both PositivePredator and NegativePrey,
symbiotic roles more resolutely,
deductively conscious
than the equally accurate cultural perception of human identity
as profoundly democratic and inclusive Super-Eco
Right-brain dominant,
proportional and graceful interdependent beauty
and goodness
and wisdom
and love
and synergy
and naturally therapeutic.

Here in Right-brain bilateral view of Time
as the soul of eco-self-identity,
as each soul’s holonic progenitor,
we follow our memory string of permacultural information
back to RNA life-cell structures
as ubiquitous as life itself
as omnipresent as time itself,
this fractal structure of Original Organic Intelligence
From here,
this now moment,,
each NOW moment,
we evolve a fractal holonic memory back to time’s beginning
and ending
as coincidentally polynomial
because the alpha and omega are Euler’s prime relationship of
cooperatively interdependent intersection,
+Yang horizontally iconized,
with double-negative Yin-Yin,
what goes up and forward,
must come down and backward dipolarity:
Gaia’s speed of light
coincidentally absorbing Solar Systemic speed of time HimHerself.

RNA benignly balanced prey with predator,
benign Universal Hostess impregnated natural systemically,
by benign mutual
polyculturally parasitic Incarnators,
an inbred function unfolding spatial form
with all our life-cell cousins
of sustainable regenerative life.

Gummy Guanine
to pain-free Anodyne
to balancing Cytosine
to universal Uracil
to Fire’s fusion
to Air’s freedom
to Water’s flow
to Earth’s system-prehensile function
to Summer
to Spring
to Winter
to Fall’s Great Transitional ReGenesis,
may be Gaia’s permaculturing lexicon
of Earth’s liturgical language and dance,
mythos with logos,
recreating design
transmillennial economic and ecological strategically,
logistically rebalancing Right with Left RNA primal
and seasonal
octave harmony and fractal balance.

We are all parasitic preyers on, with, to Time’s polycultural unfolding.


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