President Bicameral

She runs for President
investing less carbon footprint and dollars
than did her less permacultural rivals,
a top campaign priority.

He invests his Stone Soup platform
with organic roots of cooperative intent
inviting us to share both what we have malformed
and what we need to fully inform
this robust synergetic stewing function
into nutritionally enriching healthy-wealthy form.

She runs her Campaign mornings
like her favorite family meetings,
where we take time explaining what we appreciate
before complaining about what seems less adorning
not so graceful
yet still a karmic place of co-responsibility,
nonviolent justice perhaps, more or less,
but not full-bodied active peace,
nor inclusive cooperative eco-normics.

He listens with integrity
to mirror our collective synergy,
redirecting from blame and shame
to what these might teach us
about our self-blame with laughing shame together potential
toward Beloved Community’s gainful claim
to self-perpetuating fame.

She balances her household budget
and listens thoughtfully and joyfully to her co-interdependents
encouraging even better, bigger, best questions
for us to think about together,
before she runs a race
toward issues we have only faced
with competitive dispowering assumptions.

He does not accept a party,
declines a nomination,
for any platform designed to win this race alone.
What good a solo success
not everyone can win together?
Tearing down healthy ideas and reputations
are heinously commodified abominations
within a wiser dream of racing toward sustained success together.
Why accept painful loss
when grace is as ubiquitous as sunshine
for those whose flights transcend the night
and clouds of dark-tempered
competition toward eventual loss?

She buys no votes
from any generation
that will be paid for by the following six
with exponential loss and waste anticipation.

He invests his evenings and weekends
in his extended family presence
whether potluck cooking in or out.
It takes a village to raise a child
and it takes a network of polyculturing communities
to raise a global nation
with co-arising wisdom
present Here as nondual Now.

She helps us comprehend
double Win-Win Gaming eco-logic,
neither wasting now or future,
or past tipping-point lessons,
equals cooperative self-governance economics.

He finds her issues
co-decompositionally regenerative
with his priorities
when they both turn toward mutually mentoring development
of even wiser sustainable choices.

She composts what he farms,
he organically fertilizes with her compost
transforming toxic sod into beloved ecommunities.

She understands that total living and not-yet-living populations
evoke elected co-redeeming mentors,
as he understands that every elected and not-yet-elected co-mentor
evokes her self-optimizing total population,
HereNow within our networked informating nest,
as across residents of all spaces and times.


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