Campaign Evolution

Question for candidates:

Assuming you preach what you most exegetically practice,
how has your campaign prioritized

carbon footprint reduction,
investment in ecosystemic cooperative policies and procedures,
disinvestment in Business As Usual competitive self-promotion,
in both economic
and political governance

Permacultural candidates response:

We avoid compromising our present
to invest in our future.

Win-Win economic planning
seeks to optimize our future
by optimizing love’s seductive hypnotizing power
within our shared present;
co-redemptive mentor to co-loving mentor.

Campaign recruitment notice:

Experienced experiencers experiencing needed to apply here and now.

Known knowers knowing to be called for interviews.

Danced dancers dancing
to become permanent full-time co-mentor vocations.

Sung singers singing
to become songs
sung by singers singing.

Only whole-open-systems-optimal economizing economers’ eco-normics
need cooperatively transact.

Only full-loving capacity eco-logicaling ecologers eco-logosing
needed to optimize continuously deepening revolutions
of love.

Only purposive purposers co-producing and consuming
meaningful healthy purpose
wanted by everyone everywhere
at all times
in all places
throughout all spaces
folding and unfolding and refolding time’s streaming places.


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