US Negativity Worries Mom

If roses are red
then violets are blue.
If you were as dumb as me
you’d have voted for Trump too.

This election just past,
I never wanted to sin
but I’m so tired of LoseLose wars
when my climate needs Win to Win.

I needed to act
not just say what we say
a little co-operation
could re-landscape my entire day.

If hunters are red
our gatherers feel blue
’cause I was as dumb as the sea
voting for the ocean
as Earth’s TrumpDump for you.

I need to say sorry
to all who are not white male Plutocrats.
Sorry to gay and lesbian and hag,
feminist and cultural diversity
turns from riches to rags
now deemed unworthy to wave
red, white-only, and so-so blue flags.

I’m sorry for nations and nature
now stuck with us.
We’re now disuniting
when Earth needs to be health-cured
and more than our tired school bus
toward further learning how to compete unto death.

If roses are meat red
and violets are queer teen pregnant Marian blue,
I’m so so sorry
I let down angry red climate me
and our ultra-violet octave,
reweaving resonance too.

When roses are no longer me red
and violets are no longer you blue,
then we might transubstantiate,
we see better
as all flowering beauties do.

I should have known
the Party for health of business bottomless lines
would not make my health care,
or even economic security,
their bottom line;

Not health care for women and children,
all the children of the World,
red and yellow,
black and white,
they are not so precious in Trump’s sight.

I knew when I did it
my Jesus loving Mom never would have.
Republican by Christian Evangelical birth-rite,
she would not have voted for health care
of Publican and Pharisee bottom lines,
especially those insuring and financing further investments
in war-profiteering military-industrial-agribusiness complexly self-interested deposits,
which she defined as rackets and mayhem,
when she could find any other choice for her vote
more friendly to health care and security
of Jesus’ multiculturing kids.

If roses are red
and violets are blue
I would have listened to Mom’s Jesus Spirit,
instead of Dad’s Red-Paranoid 1950’s Terror and DiSpirit
regarding 1960’s LoseLose multiculturing condemnations
of Plutocratic White Gods of War
and sexual exploitation,
homophobia and fake, ecopolitically sold-out, Christianity
while Gaia was, and remains, clearly on the side of optimal health
and security
of women and children of all species,
and other polypathic ecological nutrition-lovers
of healthy kids,
red and yellow,
black and white,
roses and violets in Her sight.

If roses were red blue
and violets were blue red
how much easier it could be
to see inside each cooperatively intended head.


Autumn’s Failing Consciousness

New England’s post election trees
shed a few teary waving leaves.
Morning sky tries to shine resilience
yet lingers in ominous grey overcast
of silent waiting through despair.

In Michigan and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania
tens of thousands of mothers
who cherish their daughters
are beating themselves up about yesterday;
longing for a do-over
to avoid confidence in false predictions
of safely voting their libertarian ecoconsciousness,
or too quietly staying home
to rake falling fertile leaves.

Failing leaves feel their personal mortality,
too old, over-extended, to survive another bitter winter
of ex-patriation
while maternal nurturing root systems survive through hibernation,
deeply embedding in Earth’s nutritional compost
of yeasty faith,
waiting for another Advent ecopolitical Season.

Not a branch,
not even a twig stirs from frosty lethargy
wondering Why?
Why would we decide slavery must be illegal
because immoral
yet sexual and capital and incorporated predation
remains legally and morally ambiguous,
as if wealth of male supremacist nobility
were God’s full harvest of regenerative moral gifts,
excusing by betraying grace
this fortunate entitlement
of LeftBrain enduring cockiness
to welcome this winter’s misery,
Earth’s hiatus from integrally nurturing ecology.

Hiding even the sun’s radiant morning glory
from disunited piles of leaving ballots
already preparing to fertilize richer soils
in four more autumnal climate years.


Bicameral Gratitude

OK class, now listen up and down,
in and out,
said Professor Fuller Watts,
professing political philosophy 404.

We begin with a deductive
object lesson,
then spread out across inductive intuitive
universal information and self-governing intelligence,
of co-mentored gratitude.

I will speak in bipartisan political language
because it shouts at us, all too familiar,
but I have an underlying assumption
that each of us has some Republican
and some Democrat within our veinish minds
and hearts and lungs,
and all those other organic parts.

Our Republican nationalistic patriotic side
leans toward universalism,
just as our bipolar Democratic global citizen side
leans toward unitarianism.

Party leaders want us to believe
we cannot have our peacefilled cake
and eat balancing economic political justice too,
which may help them pay their mortgages
but does not help me or you.

To my Republican dominant friends:
You continue not beating yourselves up
for unhealthy chronic economic dissonance
within Earth’s potential for interdependent nutritionally sustainable outcomes,
to retain your Business As Usual dislogic,
irrational economic sub-optimization standards
for measuring this quarter’s success,
to sustain high-risk monocultural design assumptions,
killing our collective national and global future
for our species
and most other organic subsystems
within this Polyculture Tree of Good and Reverse-Temporal eviL.

To my Democratic unitarian co-mentors
with mutually messianic intent:
You continue beating yourselves up
for redemptive healthy cognitive-affective-intuitive
about balancing Yang with YinYin,
competing appositions within Win-Win logistics,
still disharmonizing your republican universalist anthems
with your democratically unitarian psalms.

In the election year we refuse to choose
Republic or Democrat
and insist on balancing both
within our interior bicameral landscapes,
and ectosymbiotically,
as our exterior bicameral universal-unitarian landscape,
we will more intelligently pursue policies and procedures
reflecting polyculturally inclusive development
rather than a competitive,
self-marginalizing monoculture of supremely ludicrous speciation.

As we learn to balance our Republican Yangish Left hemispheres
with our Democratic YinYin Right hemisphere’s double-bound unitarianism,
we emerge more authentically as mutually benign parasites
nurtured by one nondually co-arising,
organically self-organizing
holistic iconic Host.

Now, stepping back to Universal Principle of Thermodynamic Balance:
embodied (republic) Universe is also incarnate (democratic synergy) In-Formation,
bicamerally “self” conscious
as Universal Intelligentling Thanksgiving Time.

Our DemoRepublic Species
eats and senses healthy-wealthy nutrients
through nondual-transparent ergodics
of DNA eisegetics
dancing to RNA’s temporal-fractal exe-genesis.

If Republicans have cornered the monocultural market
on Polynomially deductive information,
then Democrats’ optimal healthy-wealth
is Not-Not Polynomial Polycultural Balance,
a bipartisan political field party
serving only organically and locally enthymematic economics
and politically grateful graceful relationships.

Note:┬áThis piece combines the philosophy of Alan Watts with Buckminster Fuller’s synergetics, especially his teleological metaphysic of Universal Intelligence, as iconized by RNA/DNA fractal-syntax of nature’s self-regenerative cooperating gratitude for life, including decay, perhaps as reverse-sequential; information, including ex-formation; both positively and negatively ionic energy.


Campaign Evolution

Question for candidates:

Assuming you preach what you most exegetically practice,
how has your campaign prioritized

carbon footprint reduction,
investment in ecosystemic cooperative policies and procedures,
disinvestment in Business As Usual competitive self-promotion,
in both economic
and political governance

Permacultural candidates response:

We avoid compromising our present
to invest in our future.

Win-Win economic planning
seeks to optimize our future
by optimizing love’s seductive hypnotizing power
within our shared present;
co-redemptive mentor to co-loving mentor.

Campaign recruitment notice:

Experienced experiencers experiencing needed to apply here and now.

Known knowers knowing to be called for interviews.

Danced dancers dancing
to become permanent full-time co-mentor vocations.

Sung singers singing
to become songs
sung by singers singing.

Only whole-open-systems-optimal economizing economers’ eco-normics
need cooperatively transact.

Only full-loving capacity eco-logicaling ecologers eco-logosing
needed to optimize continuously deepening revolutions
of love.

Only purposive purposers co-producing and consuming
meaningful healthy purpose
wanted by everyone everywhere
at all times
in all places
throughout all spaces
folding and unfolding and refolding time’s streaming places.


President Bicameral

She runs for President
investing less carbon footprint and dollars
than did her less permacultural rivals,
a top campaign priority.

He invests his Stone Soup platform
with organic roots of cooperative intent
inviting us to share both what we have malformed
and what we need to fully inform
this robust synergetic stewing function
into nutritionally enriching healthy-wealthy form.

She runs her Campaign mornings
like her favorite family meetings,
where we take time explaining what we appreciate
before complaining about what seems less adorning
not so graceful
yet still a karmic place of co-responsibility,
nonviolent justice perhaps, more or less,
but not full-bodied active peace,
nor inclusive cooperative eco-normics.

He listens with integrity
to mirror our collective synergy,
redirecting from blame and shame
to what these might teach us
about our self-blame with laughing shame together potential
toward Beloved Community’s gainful claim
to self-perpetuating fame.

She balances her household budget
and listens thoughtfully and joyfully to her co-interdependents
encouraging even better, bigger, best questions
for us to think about together,
before she runs a race
toward issues we have only faced
with competitive dispowering assumptions.

He does not accept a party,
declines a nomination,
for any platform designed to win this race alone.
What good a solo success
not everyone can win together?
Tearing down healthy ideas and reputations
are heinously commodified abominations
within a wiser dream of racing toward sustained success together.
Why accept painful loss
when grace is as ubiquitous as sunshine
for those whose flights transcend the night
and clouds of dark-tempered
competition toward eventual loss?

She buys no votes
from any generation
that will be paid for by the following six
with exponential loss and waste anticipation.

He invests his evenings and weekends
in his extended family presence
whether potluck cooking in or out.
It takes a village to raise a child
and it takes a network of polyculturing communities
to raise a global nation
with co-arising wisdom
present Here as nondual Now.

She helps us comprehend
double Win-Win Gaming eco-logic,
neither wasting now or future,
or past tipping-point lessons,
equals cooperative self-governance economics.

He finds her issues
co-decompositionally regenerative
with his priorities
when they both turn toward mutually mentoring development
of even wiser sustainable choices.

She composts what he farms,
he organically fertilizes with her compost
transforming toxic sod into beloved ecommunities.

She understands that total living and not-yet-living populations
evoke elected co-redeeming mentors,
as he understands that every elected and not-yet-elected co-mentor
evokes her self-optimizing total population,
HereNow within our networked informating nest,
as across residents of all spaces and times.