Merging with Co-Mentoring Light

Further conversation with Andrew Cohen’s “Evolutionary Enlightenment”, p. 184, 2011, SelectBooks, NY. My co-arising commentary in brackets.

“What I have discovered is that the very same [integrating] principle applies when we are trying to catalyze emergence at the [internal] level of [eco]consciousness and [of external eco]culture.

The [political and economic language balance] conditions must be [co-operatively] right.

In fact, I often use the metaphor of a ‘New Being’ to describe this emergent cosmocentric [holon of Sacred Earth] cultural potential [for cooperative revolution thru co-arising eco-consciousness of Ego as EcoOther].

Just as individual [RNA-fueled] cells came together to make up a larger [DNA-composted] organism, [imaginatively] autonomous, evolving individual [holonic-holy] human beings consciously come together to give rise [co-arise/co-decompose] to a dynamic greater [Beloved Community] whole.

And this emergent potential of [r]evolutionary [cooperative political with economic] Enlightenment is completely dependent upon those individual cells—those [fractally-syntaxed] autonomous, evolving [life-]beings—making the effort to understand [to give voice to] and be a [healthy loving] living expression of the [intuitively-deductively] inconceivably delicate balance of [Earth language] conditions that make it possible for [Her] to come into existence.” [to rejoin our cooperative thriving as Anthro of Earth’s Tribes, mutually parasitic eco-pilgrims toward (0)Mega ReLigion of ConScience, EcoCentric Consciousness.]


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