Really Positive Deep Conversation

Yang insists on consistent deductively reasoned,
exegetically Orthodox Business As Usual,
truth of logical proof,

while Yin invites every bit of information
into not inconsistent
inductively-heuristically resonant
eisegetically polycultural-multisystemic integrative
proportionally rhythmed and symmetrically syntaxed
beautiful truth of ecotherapeutic nutritional discernment
of eco/octave/fractal/DNAfrequency-balancing
holonic functions.

Enthymematically balancing communication
between our internal landscape
and externally convex-geometric/biometric neural map
of yang-out as yinyin-in fractal-octave harmonic implication,
as it co-arises reiteratively
with notnot co-incidental discernment,
defaulted for Not: Lose-Lose
three-equidimensional spaciated/speciated/seasoned/dialectic
universally follows
binomially-binary balanced temporal (1)WinYang/(0)LoseYin
OVER +/(-,-)0 Lose-Lose bilateral temporal non-cogravitational negentropy
[“bilateral” read as +/(-,-) bicameral LeftDominant to RightRecessive
co-gravitational thermodynamic harmonic-dynamic 4-Prime Dimensional
EquiValent Universe.

This enthymematic mutually-Plus/MinusMinus Balanced reiterative/regenerative feedback loop
strings Win-Win information instructions
of Positive Psychology through Golden Rule,
EarthLifeTribes-(0)centered soul-intent
as integratively RNAnature-practiced with Self as ReverseOther dipolar balance,
are also PermaCultural Timeless-Eternal Principles’
of eco-cultural programming,
regeneratively balancing RNA-fractal harmonics
as Interior and Exterior life-systemic,
Positive-evolutionary enthymeming
full-revolutionary (fractal-logical value closure)
cytosine programming binary threshold
toward a ZeroZen-Centric biometric binary
and binomially balanced metric-logic
syntax for our cooperative development
of polycultural-pathic paradigmatic communion

Co-incidentally emerging
through notnot dissonant = notnot contentious =
+contentment defined nutritionally/therapeutically
as +U/(-,-)C = Yang/YinYin =
Convex Space/Concave cogravitational Time,
where co-gravitational means co-incidental
or co-relational means positive correlation,
with positively enthymematic co-arising reiteration
of universal consciousness
of enthymematic mutually nutritious-optimization communication.

Yang: YinYin, why do you continue showing me your heavenly backside appositional?

YinYin: Yang, is that an EarthTime-bound bicameral gun in your Left ego-pocket, and are you just too Positively enlightened to co-ballast surfing time’s co-gravitational double-binary deductive/inductive eco-echo-reiterative-revolving-consciously TransParent Win-Win boundary with me?


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