Night Before Solstice

Twas night of full Solstice
when all thru my home
Yin is moaning with constipation
while Yang jumps up and down
and back and forth
and in and out,
hoping her Beloved scratch soon will be here
to absorb all screechy itches
she holds so loudly dear.

I’m not in my hairshirt
and not needing a nap,
breathing Yang in
to pray Yin might push out.

As heaven opens
to rain down warm clatter
I co-arise with rich dark-soiled hope
and faith that each full breath matters,
as Yang throws soft pillows
for Yin’s entertainment.

Finally, midnight clears,
stars splatter sky
as Yin pushes out poo
his contented voice lowing,
nestled in dream pillows of ecological manger.

Another perfect MidWay dia-souled-stice,
one last veggie pizza on whole wheat slice,
angels are snoring
their demons ignoring
peacefully awaiting New Year of play nice.


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