Climatic Cultural Revolution

So what do U.S. national political candidates recommend
to resolve degenerative trends
to turn toward bicameral political health
with cooperative economic wealth therapy?

I’m still waiting to hear comprehension
that terror enculturation cannot evaporate
in response to throwing more threat on the fire
of violent policies and procedures,
on which it feeds.

Still waiting to hear national discernment
about what fertilizes terror at home,
in our own hearts and self-isolated minds.

Does your terror also grow
in environmental monocultures of fear and anger,
emerging degeneratively dissonant hatred
of both life and death,
so worn down they feel morally equivalent,
ambivalent options;
a choice for oneself
with implications for future generations,
leading to disempowering others with this same
nihilistic ambivalence
encroaching dusk
transposing dawn’s face of Earth’s regenerative abundant potentiality,
bounty of light and energy and beauty and cooperative harmony.

How do I,
how does this species,
Occupy CoArising Loving Presence
in an increasingly erratic climate of terror, hatred, dissonant disarray?

And yet we emerge
incarnate and purpose and plan and design
resolve to resonate
regenerate healthy-therapeutic abundant outcomes
of positive fertility;
to turn away from domesticating and commodifying,
insuring and financing terrifying monocultural competitivism
with violent clarity of Win-Love strategic policy intent,
transparently blanketed with Win-Lose procedural practice.

Just ask any one of the candidates;
each and every one could only politically survive
as champion of Win-Lose AnthroCentric rhetoric.

Yet, ask either of their parties
how they are doing with their bicameral polycultural vitality,
occupying “Present” rules for cooperatively peaceful revolution,
where have they discovered well-watered flowers
for fading weeds of thorny terrors
within ourselves,
among themselves,
within our species,
among all species?


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