Threatened Organic Economies

“No federal agency should ever…declare war on any sector of our economy”

says EPA chief Scott Pruitt.

I wonder how uncomfortable Secretaries and Parents of Health and Human Services could be

with any Protection Agency

declaring war on all sectors of our human health ecology.


Political Short-Circuits

A problem with fundamentalist short-circuits
is their Left-dominant tendencies
over RightBrain polypathic-polyphonic resonant feelings.

Fundamentalism shrinks Left-RightBrain Both-And
WinWin ecopolitical thinking,

For example,
imagine your nationalistic domestic policies
to pit those who victoriously have
against marginalized and criminalized lepers,
parasites, really,
in your not-so-humble,
vaguely fascist,
are not going so well
as you might have Republican conservationally predicted.

You need something
you know everyone, of importance, will champion,
so you point out that transgenderal confusions
are not appropriate to military-industrial’s bottom-line
compete unto death
monoculturing focus.

Transgenders must, then, be an unnecessary economic liability
and political loyalty risk
because they aren’t decisively anything fundamentally patriotic,
much less appropriately straight patriarchal.

for the fundamentalist Either-Or nonthinker,
without richly constant and diverse healthy relationships
with any ecopolitically multicultural depth,
what might sound like a political big win
over little inconsequential losers,
breaks down with actual one-on-one experience.

The anti-transgender agenda
breaks down because too many sergeants
and corporals,
lieutenants leaking counter-factuals
to admiring admirals
and generalist generals
about the long history
of incredibly excellent military-industrialized service
individual transgender personnel
in the thousands
have delivered in the past,
unlike a dysfunctional bicameral Congress
and a sociopathological White House.

Transgender co-intelligence
tends to understand
cooperative media economies
and political persuasion.
That’s a bicameral nest of honey bees
you don’t want to fundamentalistically mess with,
because they will make you look politically stupid
and economically bereft of moral integrity.

It’s rather like believing health-assurance climates
of care-receiving
and for mutual healthcare-giving
is just a Democratic women’s eco-survival issue
when your own nationalistic patriarchal prostate
is growing in a cancerous viral,


PostKantian Climates

Senator Fuller,
a permaculture designer
turned architect of exterior landscapes
then public sector architect
of EarthShip cooperative interior landscapes,
is with us today
to tell us about why he supports Sanders,
at this point in time,
although he is making no commitments about tomorrow.

Welcome Senator,
always good to share your day.

Well, thanks again for having this sometimes tangential Plan B
back for another swing and plug
for supporting Cooperative Community Economic Development,
locally, in your own climaxing,
or not-so-much wanna-be climaxing community,
through your own time and money, if you have any,
and most folks who get to be up about my age have some
that we might not need right away,

but also supporting Cooperative CED nationally,
through federal economic
and political policies,
support using WinWin-transparent policy development procedures
as permaculture design’s eco-logical
health and sustainable-safety standards:

1. sit and notice, practice Basic Bicameral Ego/Eco Attendance, and frame your issues through decompositional dialectical process models,
2. then map interdependently appositional-cooperative WinWin resolutions
3. design 4-seasonally appropriate optimization of nutritional potential procedures, including minimizing risk and loss,
investing 100% in network of mapped interdependent positive resolutions,
divesting of monocultural negative-competitively proposed solutions,
for transfer of nutrient polycultural enrichment of all paradigmatic sectors
and co-arising eco-metaphysical systems
4. Optimize identified eco-systemic strengths for future healthy regenerativity
while culling and recessing identified pathological monocultures, silos of potential wealth-flow, currently operating too Left-brain anthro- and/or ego-centric. Water the polycultural flowers to starve the monoculturally identified climatic issues.

ReGenerative Security Standards
seem to define themselves
by first developing an inclusive-co-operative trend
of positive-nutrient polycultural perpetual slow growth
gradually merging into economic and political health and sustainability,
within both Interior/Ego and Exterior/Eco Landscapes.

Community Economic Therapy is positively intended OVER negative-distended
Tipping Point discernment procedures,
which would also be useful for global ecological-climate issue framing
and positive polycultural dialectic landscape discernment
of local thru global health-trends,
and cooperative public resonance-optimization resolution,
with WinWin outcome structural-procedural defaults.

Senator, there might be one or two people in our listening audience
not so much interested in the math and science and binary technology
paradigms of systemic-temporal thought,
perhaps you could say more about
how you got excited about Community Economic Development
as a model for optimizing health and safety outcomes
in the public sector,
or private sector,
whichever way you want to go with that.

Let’s see,
perhaps we could walk down Bucky Fuller’s creation story
for a bit,
which is more or less my own story too,
with Bucky at birth and side
talking, talking in endless strings of language
that sounded rich and good
but perhaps overly defined and deviantly speciated
to achieve fuller diastatic enculturation outcomes.

Imagine evolution invests positively
in a cooperatively therapeutic journey.
A somewhat restrained pilgrimage if you are polypathing yourself
into an echoing silo,
even if your own Ego emerges
contentedly destined for a PolyCultural (0)Multisystemic DenseHealth Point,
very much like a Janus bright enlightened ecoconscious revolutionary
transmillennial tipping point face
looking back in time to our dense TransParent Cosmological Black Hole.

Ummm. Excuse me, Senator,
maybe it would be better to veer away from cosmology
or any paradigm that might speak of science or,
much worse,
I have ratings to consider.

Well, evolution is not just about nature and science
and the physical universe,
or at least I think that’s where I was heading,
into Bucky’s evolution of his Interior Space
as Plan B-Atman,
holonic of Plan A-TimePrime
Timeless Eco Relationship.

If evolution is an investment in a cooperative journey
toward a shared destiny of health and safety,
then evolution is about cooperative (0)-centric interest transactional ecotherapeutic economies of political conscience,
but also about who and what we eat
and don’t eat,
who and what we love
and who and what we are angry about and/or terrified of,
instead of being accessibly CoPresent love
becoming EarthShip TransParent CoPresent Time.

Bucky’s comprehensive consciousness
speaks to synergetic purpose of integrative evolution,
to relearn,
as a global DNA-encultured species,
evolving through positive deviant outlyer polypathic individuals,
we already are the healthiest cooperative economy
of co-gravitational synergetic positive relationships,
permaculturally-potentiated as reiterative bicameral communication strings
of perennial nature/nurture memory cycles,
heading toward ever-more comprehensive predictive power
to harvest positive-nutrient enculturing eco-consciousness
within [concave (-,-) dipolar coarising function] as without [cogravitational thermodynamic balance of Earth’s DNA/RNA dark/light down/up fractal syntax for cold/warm neural appositional codex],
speaking the negative trends of angry past and future fear Becoming
surrounding LovePeace Positive Present CoPresent Being.

Oops, there we go again,
just when I thought we were heading toward
how to restructure our political economy
to cooperate more nutritiously toward healthy diastasis
and warm Beloved Communities
of heaven on Earth,
I start hearing about iconic frequencies of RNA
and other regenerative issues and concerns
not easily or lightly shared.
Senator, it sounds like your own journey
has been influenced by Taoism
and you read Bucky through that way of
comprehending Time’s BiLateral Way.

That’s fair;
I certainly do that,
but doesn’t everybody?

Doesn’t everyone do what, exactly,

Doesn’t everyone absorb positive nutrients
to optimize the regenerative pulse of time
incarnating within egocentric bicameral
plotting and planning,
designing and developing
economic and political optimization strategies,
husbandry and parenting,
agricultural scientific research,
eco-parasitic DNA-syntaxed
as individuated co-arising identity
within Earth as Benign (0)-Centric Host
of Heaven’s Divine Bounty
as informed Earth,
as Elational Time,
BiFolding Ballistic Past
to Ecofold FutureBallast Prime Relationships
of ReGenerative Health and Wealth?

Honestly, Senator, at the moment
I couldn’t say
whether anyone has ever done that,
but apparently you have,
and please know we are all
Occupying EcoBodhisattva PolyCultural Warrior Space
with you.

Preciate, Sister Glory.

Elate, Brother Fuller.

So, now, just between you and me, what’s all this STEM stuff about InFormational Prime Function?

I can more than speculatively transpose
between Fuller’s Synergetics and Laotse’s sonnets.
“Precession” which Fuller defines as positively convexing,
empowering toward diastatic fullness-YangMale of 3D shape,
“tetrahedra” as the fractal prime relational structure of Tao,
and “symmetry” as the balance of YangConvex with YinConcave
(506.40, pp. 118-9, Synergetics 2, 1979).
Fuller appears to analogize
yang as male-convex quantum spin function
and yin as female-concave reverse-temporal spin function,
and speculates in a footnote that RNA may be,
or become,
iconic of ionic regenerative balancing cooperative ecosystems
and biosystems processing as geometric-fractal (0)-Centric systems
of form with healthy economic and political dipolar-balance-function.
In other community economic development circles
primal regenerative health relationships may also be known as negative co-relational, reverse-temporal WinWin Gaming economic and political, as eco-dialogic healthy and therapeutic transactions and ecoEarth-RNAReGenerative Tribal optimal resonant global resolution
of Internal 4DPolynomial SpaceTime as Real Yang/Yin Double-Binary, +,+/(-,-)0 Q-squared Octave-Byte
emerging temporally co-gravitational as
Universal Space (M-squared) = Integrative Non-TransParent Tao
of Positively ReGenerative
Healthy Time (c-squared)
Long-Term Sustainable CQI Outcome Standards of Empirical Evidence for further Cooperative Research and Implementation,
Incubator BiCameral/Bionic Informating-Positive WinWin Viral EcoSystemic Eco=Ego revolutionary/co-reiterative empathic-inductive/polypathic-deductive Conscious Balance
of Prime Elationship.

Prime Temporal-Only Synergetic Elationship:
Golden Timeless CoGravitational Metric-Balancing Rule
applied to Ego’s optimal EcoHealthy Timelessness,
Zen-Centric Tao of Time’s Holonic-Fractal
Community Economic Development
AnthroCentric ReCreation of Evolution
as redundantly paradigmatic Revolution’s
ReGenerative PostMillennial Ego/Eco (0)Mega-Fulfillment Story.

So this is a polymorphic exposition of time’s cogravitational Golden TransParenting CosMetricological DiPolarity Rule?

That’s good, much better for an elevator summary, the Tao Principle of Yang/Yin DiPolarity. Thanks.

You do realize that what you said is not necessarily what I said?

Yes. Do you realize that the opportunity presented by assuming our language is mutually confluent far outweighs the competitive risks of assuming dissonance? This is the primary difference between WinWin v. WinLose Community Economic Development strategies.

Rather than I think therefore we are, more like we cooperate therefore I become?

Kant was doing the best he could with what he himself as a totally autonomous monocultural domesticated ego-silo image could be.



Climatic Cultural Revolution

So what do U.S. national political candidates recommend
to resolve degenerative trends
to turn toward bicameral political health
with cooperative economic wealth therapy?

I’m still waiting to hear comprehension
that terror enculturation cannot evaporate
in response to throwing more threat on the fire
of violent policies and procedures,
on which it feeds.

Still waiting to hear national discernment
about what fertilizes terror at home,
in our own hearts and self-isolated minds.

Does your terror also grow
in environmental monocultures of fear and anger,
emerging degeneratively dissonant hatred
of both life and death,
so worn down they feel morally equivalent,
ambivalent options;
a choice for oneself
with implications for future generations,
leading to disempowering others with this same
nihilistic ambivalence
encroaching dusk
transposing dawn’s face of Earth’s regenerative abundant potentiality,
bounty of light and energy and beauty and cooperative harmony.

How do I,
how does this species,
Occupy CoArising Loving Presence
in an increasingly erratic climate of terror, hatred, dissonant disarray?

And yet we emerge
incarnate and purpose and plan and design
resolve to resonate
regenerate healthy-therapeutic abundant outcomes
of positive fertility;
to turn away from domesticating and commodifying,
insuring and financing terrifying monocultural competitivism
with violent clarity of Win-Love strategic policy intent,
transparently blanketed with Win-Lose procedural practice.

Just ask any one of the candidates;
each and every one could only politically survive
as champion of Win-Lose AnthroCentric rhetoric.

Yet, ask either of their parties
how they are doing with their bicameral polycultural vitality,
occupying “Present” rules for cooperatively peaceful revolution,
where have they discovered well-watered flowers
for fading weeds of thorny terrors
within ourselves,
among themselves,
within our species,
among all species?


Watering Terror

I’m so confused,
raised to believe cooperative love overpowers competing fears
about scarcity of time,
and other resources,
and anger about past over- and under-valuing of myself
as a regenerative resource,
raised to believe the Golden Rule
is most effectively applied to all life,
as cooperative ecologically regenerative potential,
I don’t see how it could be OK
to run a national political campaign
assuming I will confuse the taking of life for nutritional needs
as less humane than the taking of life for punishment and retributive needs,
death-debt owed for death-taken,
if only it were possible to kill
this discultured clan of terrorists
for each and every innocent life taken
with such unholy cynicism as anti-life hopeless degenerates.

I find this violence-begets-violence nowhere else
in any ecosystem,
anything that could possibly be called a sustainable system,
in any form of nature,
other than humane nature as de-natured humanity.

However, now that I think of it,
perhaps we do see something of its kind
in diseased and over-crowded populations,
literally eating their young.

We often call this “rabidity”,
as individuals,
swarming in a monocultural snarl,
turn on each other
begin unprovoked cannibalism,
prey on each other,
perhaps as a form of punishment or retribution
for past angers and fears only these terrorist champions of chaos
can see
and feel;
a mounting prescient culture of mutual disregard and antipathy,
trending toward Lose-Lose sociopolitical economic and ecological

is it wise to sanction violence to be perpetrated by others
on our behalf,
at any scale,
for any reason?
How is abuse and neglect of death-producing miscreants
not hypocritical
for a person who believes in the power of cooperative love
as a more effective Golden Rule
than “Beat Others down before they Win more than you”?
Does this intend to include anything but monocultural AnthroCentric overcrowding, more violence,
more dissonance,
trending toward decomposition of all Earth’s systems?

Am I to invest
or disinvest
in a competing human race
or a humanizing regenerate space and time?
Or, is it something MidWay between,
sometimes competing anger and fear might be Teachers,
I suppose,
although still not the best choice-makers.
Perhaps we could leave cooperative balancing
of Tipping Point decomposition
and analysis of therapeutic/toxic trends,
within exclusive charge of CoArising Love as Golden Rule choice-making;
choosing whether or not to disinvest in regenerative health potential values of a life,
or a biosystem,
an ecosystem,
to optimally invest in Earth’s regenerating health and vitality.

Yet, Earth does not necessarily
always and at all times,
water humane flowers
to starve the weeds.
More often, weeds starve flowers of water
as Crusading Christians starved diversity of intelligence
through violent ex-communication.

So, if these interdependently organic
cooperating relationships
between and within individuals,
families of weeds,
tribes of flowers,
nations and planets,
and the ecobalance of co-arising space with time
are what we seem to love,
then why do we suboptimize with Win-Lose economic and political choices
to compete with each other
for livelihood
sense of vocational value,
for power to declare war on each other,
the right to abuse and neglect and ex-communicate each other,
as if Earth’s evolutionary journey
is not historically rooted
in cooperative regenerate enculturation,
as any of life’s surviving cells
could quickly attest,
even under threat of ex-communication.

It is difficult for me to find any faith
or even hope
in the belief that Earth produced this humanizing race
toward degenerating dissonance
and overly-competitive Win to Lose strategies
of Left-brain cultural and language
and political and economic

It feels less confusing to me
to comprehend we are ecoconsciously co-loving each other
in a rapidly overpopulating monocultural species
with humane researching and incubating
emergently embryonic cooperative aspirations
to optimize WorldWide Win-Win ecosystemic networks,
to balance Left with Right mindbody co-mentoring intelligence,
harmonizing all our bicameral systemic information,
issuing inductive from Heaven’s TransParent Cloud
and deductive from Earth’s RNA icons
of recreate intelligence,
form with co-arising cooperative function,
noun as verb,
and harmonic-octave frequencies
in 4-square Prime Sequential Relationship,
both co-gravitational temporal with thermodynamic spatial,
Yang OVER yin-squared = c-squared ecoconsciousness
of Universal TransParent (0) Metric Balance.

Perhaps, then, it is less confusing to me
to think about how to invest more wisely
in non-violent empathy of Basic Attendance
to notice and listen with still-centered mindbody,
empathically absorbing claustrophobic fear and anger
saturating toxic terror that my life,
therefore your life,
has no ego-intrinsic value
because LeftEgo is too dissonantly dominant
over Right EcoEarth Regenerational Analogic
CoEmpathic Arising Function,
so my death, therefore your death,
has no Earth-intrinsic regenerative value or disvalue.

From this position
I cannot see Allah as ReGenerator Power and Flow,
Form with NatureFunction,
Love with Synergetic Intent,
TransParent Empathic Elational Present
Concave Place within Convex Culture
through Time’s bilaterally co-gravitational eco-normative lens.

How is any directive to starve and/or neglect and/or kill
not what Christians have known as ex-communication
unto decomposing degeneration?
Dissonance struggling against dissonance,
when we could choose to emerge mutually-resonant regenerators,
re-communicative poly-empathic optimizers,
co-mentoring enriching Earth-regenerate soil
reforesting our rivers for clean water,
repurposing our mutual immunity
as mutual subsidiarity within
RNA/DNA solidarity.
These three held together into perpetuity,
Earth Tribal ReSolution.



Campaign Evolution

Question for candidates:

Assuming you preach what you most exegetically practice,
how has your campaign prioritized

carbon footprint reduction,
investment in ecosystemic cooperative policies and procedures,
disinvestment in Business As Usual competitive self-promotion,
in both economic
and political governance

Permacultural candidates response:

We avoid compromising our present
to invest in our future.

Win-Win economic planning
seeks to optimize our future
by optimizing love’s seductive hypnotizing power
within our shared present;
co-redemptive mentor to co-loving mentor.

Campaign recruitment notice:

Experienced experiencers experiencing needed to apply here and now.

Known knowers knowing to be called for interviews.

Danced dancers dancing
to become permanent full-time co-mentor vocations.

Sung singers singing
to become songs
sung by singers singing.

Only whole-open-systems-optimal economizing economers’ eco-normics
need cooperatively transact.

Only full-loving capacity eco-logicaling ecologers eco-logosing
needed to optimize continuously deepening revolutions
of love.

Only purposive purposers co-producing and consuming
meaningful healthy purpose
wanted by everyone everywhere
at all times
in all places
throughout all spaces
folding and unfolding and refolding time’s streaming places.


Perfect Love

Perfect love is perfection,
it is rare,
if such love exists at all
it must thrive beyond boundaries of my own experience
either receiving,
or giving.

Could this perfection of synergetic harmony and confluence
we have grown to love as love itself
become discovered in and through another
by anyone other than a person,
a being,
mature and healthy with perfect love?

If love is equivalent to synergy,
as Bucky frequently tipped his ruddered pointer,
then love’s perfection must be nondually comprehended
exclusively in this present moment.
Love remembered can fuel faith
to hope for greater love,
a better grade or quality of synergetic life fuel,
a more confluently harmonic love
for future Beloved Communal Time.

Perfect love co-redeems our inclusively co-operative vocation.
No one of us can experience and flawlessly sustain perfect love
until each being we meet
each day and night we greet,
each minute,
each co-arising event
can be nondually known,
comprehended as our perfected ground of live
as love’s co-present evolving meaning,
deductively exclusive of no “other” entity.

We are all in this cooperative love,
this Win-Win Vocational Game,
No one crosses the finish line forever
until we all cross our threshold into cosmological love of ever.
No one can optimally
quintessentially “placehold” Zero-identity,
incarnate co-redeemer perfect love
until this permacultural economic ecology
of co-arising synergy
as cosmological dual-dark Tao balance
resolves globally encultured;
reinserting human rights and justice
within their rightful meadow of nature’s ecological balance
of Yang’s power of mattered Order,
with Yin’s flow of energetic
ionic Choice of Eco- over Ego-centric,
yet nondually, balanced consciousness;
the end of our Left-brain domination
and self-condemnation to ignorance
of our bicamerally cooperative
DNA/RNA nature’s full-evolving abundance.

in that Great Transition Day,
within each day,
this perfection of love,
including our perceptions of each Other
as love’s potential incarnate,
will become easier,
less dissonant,
less depressing to contemplate
and know its absence;
human self-hatred’s vast potential for nihilism,
for Win-Lose deductive-dominant entropy,
while Earth’s children sink to their knees
because their elders continued to steal sustainable health from them,
continued to resist our Emperor’s nakedness,
absence of dignity and respect outside embracing self-governance
as Earth’s advocate,
holonic representative,
mutual mentor,
co-arising messiahs and Boddhisatvas.

We are each naked emperors
within our beloved communal Earth Tribe,
our cooperatively natured selves.
Incarnation is not independent ownership of form,
devoid of co-regenerational mentorship of function.

Laotse asks,
Loss of ego identity or possession of goods,
including one’s own interior nutritional plant-body,
which is the greater evil?

Loss of a dualistic,
independently competitive
heroic ego-self,
including imperfections of ignoring our co-redemptive
prime relational ecology
and eco-norms for transactions,
mutually subsidiary interdependence of ownership
of inclusive health and well-being,
including that dream of redeeming others
from their sins and ignorance,
for those possessions are mine as well,
to share and mentor this permacultural ground
of synergetic love
in each moment
of integrative consciousness.

If money is our eco-social icon
for measuring life’s value and power,
then our shared currency of nutritional health
and beloved well-being
is the prime root 0-soul and sum cooperative Core,
+Vector-Polynomial/(-,-)Dual-Dark Vortex NotNotPolynomial,
for optimizing comprehensive value consciousness.
From this perfectly balancing ground of nondual becoming
we have learned throughout all of Time
to mutually invest in cooperative love,
to disinvest away from dissonantly competitive disease.

We are both perfectionists and deceptionists.
Health is our primal barometer
for measuring and valuing and evaluating
which is which.
Synergy revolves our deceptions
into our perfecting reception.
Synergetic global cooperation
is our shared ultra-violet
co-arising revolution.

Perfect love,
like perfect health,
is rare,
and impossible to find and maintain,
much less optimally sustain life’s potentiality,
in isolating co-reductive Win-Lose cultures,
and theories.

We still have a choice;
let’s return together to the healthier and wealthier one.