EcoPolitics of Time

Fr. Time is with us today, again, or still, I guess I should say.

No, you just did.
That would be redundant,
to say it again,
like I just did.

Just a reminder of a contractual ground rule,
you have agreed not to sidetrack this interview topic.

What was the topic again?

I was just coming to that
before you interrupted my flow of thought.

I am your flow of thought and experience,
isn’t it a bit untimely to accuse me of interrupting your flow?

You’re doing it again.
Remember, I ask the questions,
you bring regenerative responses
which we expect to be resolvingly
resonant with something resembling
empirically accessible truth.

Yes, that’s what I do,
reiterative time flows ubiquitously,
in co-arising response
to any ridiculous thought you might care to think.

I have a headache.
When will Mother EarthSpace arrive?

She can’t make it, doesn’t have time.

I should have seen that coming.

Yes, it doesn’t happen all the time.

Please stop.

I really don’t think that’s in your best interest
right now.

Moving on,
our question today:
Why does our evolution seem to play a game
of winners and losers
if your ubiquitous powers
intend to be cooperatively regenerative,
inviting polycultural, rather than monocultural,

This is a good question
but difficult.
The answer has to do with AnthroCentristic distortion of Time.
ReGenerative Time’s economy comes to each individual
as a promising gift
capable of universal co-empathic power
within the limits of sensual incarnation.
What you choose to do with that gift,
whether to hoard it competitively
or to empathically invest it with and in others
is for you to learn
to distinguish what is polyculturally therapeutic
rather than monoculturally toxic.

For example,
just as it is impossible to empathize with losers
without being able to comprehend through experience and feelings
what it means to suffer loss,
so too,
it is not possible to empathize with oppression and oppressors
without being able to comprehend
through one’s own feelings and experience of time
why we sometimes choose to cause others to suffer loss
through our own neglect,
verbal abuse,
fears about our Ego’s unmindful shortage of quality time,
and addictions to Ego’s oppressive,
small-minded self-hatred
masking Right MindBody’s timeless
regenerative eco-consciousness
of Earth Rights as Political and EcoNormic
CoOperative CoArising
EcoCulltural ReGenetwork Presence
of Time,
neither aversive nor attached
to any individual Ego,
but vastly in love with each Ego
as sacred face of Time’s EcoPresence.

So, if I’m not feeling this
EcoCultural ReGenetwork Presence
then my empathic capacity is not firing
on both bicameral pistons equally?

Yes, too much YangTime.
Try Yin-Squared WinWin
in 4/4 equidimensionally timed octaves
of co-gravitational bilateral time frequencies,
for some fine-empathic tuning
on how each of us incarnates
both the co-messianic victim
and the somewhat more Publican Oppressor
of ReGenerative Therapeutic-Timed Polycultural Wealth.

Why do you imply
that God is EcoEmpathic CoArising Presence?

Because Presence has to do with Time,
just as this Present has to do with Space.
God is all created space
because EcoGod is BiLaterally CoArising Time,
ReGeneratively syntaxed within
BiCameral InFormation MindBody InCarnating
of and for all Earth’s Tribes,
Bodhisattva EcoWarriors of Time’s Full Wealth,
or such is your potential at birth, anyway.

EcoIntelligence of Time
evolves and revolves following this Prime Natural CoArising Principle
of Time’s Tao 4-dimensionally balanced
Primal TransParenting CoElationship
of Synaptic/DoubleBinding Negative-Aptic Temporal
EcoFractalRhythmed Systems.

To be God
as to be human
invested in this divinehuman race,
is to Alpha and Omega
this PolyCulturing Temporal EcoSystem ReVolution
of EcoSacred Presence.

I need a moment.

That’s all any of us ever have
and are
in our becoming race with CoBeing Time’s surfing timeless

Do you really always have to have the last word?

Was that a rhetorical question?

Now, see, you’re doing it again.
Answering a question
with more questions.

Yes, that’s what bicameral time does,
all day and night
on and on
generation after generation,
searching for this end of timeless God of Time’s
regenerating destination.

Honestly, I don’t know how to summarize all that.

Just politically be
and economically become
WinWin NOWTime
Gaming E-CoTherapists.

I really don’t think I would have thought of that,
but now that you mention it.
Thank you, once again,
for the generosity of your Time.

So delighted that you appreciate
our co-operative networking value.



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