Human Race of CoArising Time

I was a child informed to be like Jesus
and so I did my very best
to imagine myself to think and feel,
act and believe, as Jesus might have done.

And so it was
I gave birth to imagining
God as ManBoy
just like me,
except He loved me just as I was,

If I were Jesus
as I am meant to be,
then ReGenerative God is love without mediocrity
so why then suffering and death and loss
unless We co-arise EarthTribe’s Sacred CoPresent Time
with all live-power currently cooperating integratively,
yet still struggling with Christ Dominant competitive Mythos
to globally incorporate Allah-Buddha Tao’s Zen-Balanced
Great Transitional ReGeneration EcoLogos
of CoArising TransParent InFormation,
or maybe just
Cosmic (0) Intellempathy
for short,
both Gate and Path
from Black Hole
through Beloved Diastatically Timeless ReGeneration
of Optimally Healthy Communication.

Jesus told me to say that,
because it would sound really nice,
and be way more mutually therapeutic
than all this ex-communicating
and Crusading.



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