Making Space for Love

It might take a RealTime review
to explain why I thought it would make sense
to read
The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook for Anger:
Using DBT Mindfulness
and Emotion Regulation Skills to Manage Anger
(Chapman and Gratz)
Evolutionary Enlightenment:
A New Path to Spiritual Awakening
(A. Cohen)
at the same time,
in dialogue with each other.

Cohen is about optimizing love and happiness,
joy and peace,
while Anger Management is all about minimizing the negative emotions:
anger, fear, envy, etc.

How to emerge a love of life as light
is also about how to reinvest an anger-fear-hate lack of life.

I wonder, as I find the Love Evolution Story
and the Anger Devolution Story
not really addressing each other
as nondual dipolar relationship,
if developing higher co-empathic consciousness
as “love”
is like looking only at the front end of the proverbial elephant
to fully comprehend “love-elephant”,
while dialectical therapy tends to focus more remedially
at the ass-end of this same love-elephant.

If so, how can this be fully dialectical,
much less ecotherapeutically optimizing,
if dialogos refers to
dipolar and bipolar appositional and oppositional
relationship and system-developmental dynamics?

If a planet of perfect love is well-governed,
full-dialectically self-comprehensive,
ecoconsciously balancing and moderating elationally negative
and positive emotions and cognitions,
if anger is cathected to our individual and collective past,
as projected time cathects to future fear,
we meet this full-octaved elephant of love
within a balancing bicameral harmonic spacetime’s
Positive CoPresent Presence.

The elephant’s rear view teaches
what the front view co-mentors,
we love our nutrient receptors,
our trunks and eyes,
mouths and ears,
leading our holonic creation story’s mindbody
toward comprehensively discerning
our best nutritional fields and meals and vocations,
therapeutically heading toward a healthier love future,
avoiding fore-knowable anger and fear of future threats.

Which is front and which is back,
which is cause and which is effect
isn’t necessarily the same question
if we know
these two are one nondual co-arising
love-purposed elephant.

It doesn’t ultimately matter
whether you are Left MindBody dominant,
overly competitive Anthro- and EgoCentric,
a Divinely Inspired Universal Host of Deductive Intelligence,
Right MindBody eco-parasitic inductive-intuitive,
co-arising co-messianic mentor of (0)-interest economic karma investments,
and political Win-Win grace and beauty,
health and love balancing CoPresent Bodhisattva Warrior
and EcoParasite Occupier

both hemispheres,
front as Elder Right Internal TemporalAptic Unity,
back as Newer Left External Universe Other,
as long as together they make love,
and not more angry fearful cognitive-affective dissonance and death.

Either way, LeftNature or RightSpirit dominant,
or vacillating back and forth from moment to moment,
or day to day,
it appears that Julian Jaynes has this Bicameral MIndBody nondual consciousness
about right,
as a species,
so too as a humane naturally evolving individual
within this co-arising species,
we start out Right MindBody temporal-syntax dominant
and nonlanguaged,
in the middle of our creation story
we emerge more or less bicameral intelligence
as MidWay wu wei Balanced CoOperative Time Investors
some disturbing mix of Love, with Anger and Fear,
then age toward less competitive cognitive/affective Left-Right dissonance
of chronic anger and lack of sleep.

Here, on this threshold of remembering BiCameral EcoConsciousness
from which our DNA emerged,
Business As Competitively Usual Elders and Cultures,
with dominant “Don’t Lose to Losers” enculturation
and Ego investment,
may well move into a terminal climatic stage
of increasing fears about Ego’s lack of sufficient time
due to the increasingly high risk of disease and death.

Yet, this climatic crisis
in our Interior Landscapes
may remind us of the larger ecological climatic crisis
and cognitive-affective revolutions
that have led to ruminations and reincarnations
of regenerative forms and functions
and still-evolving creation stories,
from process and ecosystemic teleologies
through Genesis
on back to YangPower equals Yin’s dark past/future dialectic flow,
as our EarthTribe regenerating ecotherapeutic story
of how to both live and die
with full-power
and integrative diastatic nutrient flow faith,
rich compost for future Time’s ReGenerating
PolyCulturally Balanced
EcoElating Love Story ReMix
of PolyPathically SelfEgo/SacredOtherEcoNormic
CoArising History.


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