Health-Climate Cooperative Network

What is a health culture?

I believe that Buckminster Fuller and David Bohm would find no difference between a healthy culture and a healthy climate. Climate is culture is enculturing climate evolution and creation of nutritional story. Fuller and Bohm each invest in comprehending a cooperative health-and-co-equity positive-therapeutic eco-logical implicate and dipolar thread of Tipping Points evolving time’s synergetic branches.

Health grows ecotherapeutic co-mentors drawn toward more cooperative designing and organizing of healthy economic and ecological and political ecosystems, co-gravitating through dialectically self-organizing transition-revolutionary contentment/contentious times, and also the more mundane-diurnal evolutionary moments of each co-empathic opportunity to connect, continue connecting, to reconnect, to remember past connections.

Health/Equity practice, with full-investment intent, is Plan B hypothesized to produce a more polyculturally healthy climate, inside and out, for both Plan B (ego-differentiated identity) and Plan A (Fuller’s god-ideation of Freud’s SuperEgo, well, maybe not Sigmund’s, but more of a Jungian SuperIonicIcon).

Here is a Fuller-Eulerian riddle, to illustrate this point about growing healthy cultures best by inviting more ecotherapeutic climate conversations:

How are issues of climate change and anger management like gun control?

  • They are each and all about divesting of violent potential for overly-ballistic-competitive-WinLose outcome capacities.
  • They are each and all about investing in a healthier, more interdependently therapeutic future, including more equitably cooperative integrity,
  • None of these three frames has appositional balance, such as
  1. climate sustain/change current functions, frequencies, and forms of investment,
  2. anger/love management balancing and Tipping Point issues/opportunities,
  3. mutually equitable gun control/biofunctional Golden Rule healthy restraint co-assurance.

If I’m not happy to see you at my front door in the middle of my nightmare, I won’t be pointing anything at you, and I expect the same strategy from you. On the other hand, if you are happy to see me, I would very much appreciate it if the only thing pointing in my direction is not your gun. And I will do the best I can to respond in kind, if that seems appropriate to this health-and-safety nightmare we are creating together.

If we had already created a climate-culture confining the pointing of ballistic-anger and fear at other living creatures as an intrinsically unhealthy and irrational behavior, then we become ready for a conversation about whether “gun safety” and “anger management” are each oxymorons, or not. Are anger and fear the absence of health and nutritional safety, equitable control, and responsible self-governance?

Bucky knew healthy Earth-culture as a regeneratively sustained ecosystem with three essential, and interdependently self-governing principles of cooperation:

Dipolarity: a negative correlation between two appositioned points of dynamic contrast, as one polarity becomes dominant, more productive, the other polarity becomes recessive, more self-consumptive. For many this will seem familiar from Taoism’s Yang/Yin iconology for ecological balancing of bilateral temporal/spatial energies. Fuller (and perhaps Euler, and Perelman) associated positive/negative energy flow as primally rooted in dipolar (0)-centric eco-metric function, the fundamental binomial nature of bilaterally-dimensioned time.

Dialectic: a fractal, 4-stage syntax-structure for the development of communication and logical-deductive chains of learning development. Using DNA/RNA equivalency-structure, we might label these four stages as seen within diverse temporal-functional paradigms:

Fold–Winter–NotNot Cytosine–DeComposition–Basic Dialectical-Empathic Attendance

UnFold–Spring–NotNot Guanine–Notice–Hope

ReFold–Summer–NotNot Uracil–Understand–Faith

PreReGenitive Fold–Fall–NotNot Adenine–Holon Systemic DeComposing EcoConsciousness–Synergetic Convex/Concave Prime Confluence

Co-Arising:  co-gravitating toward primal bilateral-temporal balance of dialectic and co-dialectic communication, relationships, and/or economic transactional dipolar balance, with a Tipping Point or “midway” discernment function that is co-elationally endosymbiotic within a rhetorically connected network. Tendency to go “viral”, whether positively cooperative, or negatively competitive. Positive cooperative relationships tend to generate sustainable health management and equity assurance/adjustment investment policies and outcomes, while negative competitive-dissonant unbalanced absence of healthy relationships and equitable nutritional-power transactions tend toward pathologically suboptimized outcomes.

These three dynamic terms redundantly appear in systems theory, regenerative development and learning theories, communication and dialogue technologies, discussions of effective choice-making, and gaming-strategic theories as a contrast between Win-Lose metasystemic outcome structure compared to Win-Win comprehensive-inclusive positive equity-reiteration outcomes.

This cooperatively intended and practiced research project looking for positive health-culture outcomes, sounds somewhat like most of us get through our day-to-day choice-making.  We will use  “culture” and “climate” as nondual co-arising health v. pathology ecosystemic trends and projected investment/divestment outcomes. Polycultural-healthy and monocultural-pathology cultures are both Interior and Exterior climates of becoming less negative issue invested, and more positive-regenerative opportunity infested. What inspires monocultural-EgoAnthro anger and fear among co-inhabitants of each landscape design opportunity? These are our pathological climate change as critical event opportunities, inviting polycultural-us to equitably divest of pathological over-investment. Noticing we can collectively turn anger management around to become love-synergy cultural facilitation, co-mentorship unfolding within a healthier culture and climate, within our individual bodies, within our species’ regenerative string of temporal-memory syntax.  We can collectively comprehend redundant correlational equivalencies within dialectical-bicameral eco-consciousness as having both WinOpportunity and LoseIssue faces. These faces and fields and frames compose our daily through global physical-metaphysical climates and eco-healthing culture.



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