Everything growing so wild
and faithfully beneath
the sky,
wondering why we are the terrible
part of creation

Yang privileged
to refuse our yin-feminist flowering,
our own more cooperative ownership
and transparently universal management
of yang wants,
diseased not wants,
with, and not against,
yin wealthy yet non-elite

Now suppressed absence
of healthy resilient
green echoing eco-school


Transparent Humility

It is easy to see,
or difficult,
I might agree,
What Trumpian WhiteHouse competitions
for nationalistic power
teach us about more transparent cooperation
we might wisely hope for next.

Democratic rational ecopolitical restorations
for healing climates,
as ecologically green outside
as resilient ultra-violet inside
MotherEarth’s enlightening
re-enchanting theology.

Competing ego-systems
could not have evolved
WhiteHouse manifest human natural destiny
of courageous and curiously disenchanting spirits
had we never known cooperative enchanted soul
and soil history of light
absorbing water flowing nutrients.

cooperatively inducing nurturing instincts
disassociated from supreme EgoCentral
RightWing re-associating resilient re-enchantment
with competing Left
cooperating sacred Right
deduced/induced multiculturing intelligence,
dipolar assonance,
creative regeneration of cooperative ownership
for truly democratic empowerment,
re-enchantment with everyday cooperators.

For our healthier future
we do not invite self-marketers
of nationalistic isolationism
and lack of experience
with muticultural co-governance

So, we do invite advocates
for constitutional cooperative ownership
with sacred MotherLand’s ecotherapeutic climate
of co-present responsibility–
internally induced nutritional intelligence
creating networks of empowerment.


What’s Next?

What grows healthy next
for PositivEnergy Democracy,
in your humble
not so LeftBrain dominant
NegativEnergy Plutocracy

EcoSchools for secularLeft-sacredRight education
teaching and listening
to non-violent communication
restoring healthy climates
empowering slow-grow transportation
systems going from WinLose
toward WinWin.

That sounds too actively ego/eco-conscious discerning
perennial organic design
than I’ve known cooperatively-owned action,
then cumulative evaluation
and re-seeding co-investments
in further dawning spring
of health re-incarnations.

We’ll love more closely EcoVillaged communities
creating co-housing neighborhood spaces
seasonally healthing ZeroZones
for redundant WinWin organic implementations,
experimental installations,
cooperative resonant systemization,
resilient creolization.

At risk
of appearing too LeftBrain deductively ordering
and monoculturally neat and trimmed,
precisely demanding and tediously grim
and retributively commanding,
I do like you better flexibly complex
yet restoringly accessible
more than merely chaotically comprehensive.

And I appreciate
your post-millennial
smart 2020 ReVisioning Revolution
for Left-Right CoTherapeutic Justice
and global Work That ReConnects Peace,
my romantic honey pot.

More of a ZeroZone spot
just a bit more
toward my YinSquared and Cubed
Centering Network.

Right with Left there?
Inside yourWinWin echoing
sacred ecological
Yang BigBang binomial
bicameral 2020 balancing revision?

Honey spot
needs to stop talking now
and I’m actively hoping you will talk less
and mentor more cooperatively
as swell
Western WinLose Work
and Eastern WinWin Play that Reconnects
Yang Ego-health
against pathology
and for Eco-wealth
Prime ZeroZone Relationship.

What’s next
for Yang-Yin
PositivEnergy DiPolar Democracy
in your humble
not so LeftBrain dominant
Gaian ZeroZone Hypothesis?


Politics of Nutrition Economics

Currency reifies values.
Cash represents value.
Capital iconically,
and capitalism idolatrously,
removes humanity
from Earth’s gifting cooperative nature
as reciprocating nurture.

like organic interdependent nature,
does not grow by hoarding its icons,
but increases in diversity and resilience
through multiculturing, creolizing, nuance,
growing diverse development networks of exchange
through equivalent WinWin nutritional values,
norms of and for cooperativity, love, even transubstantive hypostatic,
as more powerful than WinLose competitions, adversity
and its chronic stepson, violence
and its cousin, rabid militaristic non-thinking instincts
of and for self defense
that looks and smells and feels to alien others
like threat of actively distrusting offense.

Value includes qualitative potential for Earth’s regenerative nutrition,
interdependently includes our humane natures of cooperative gifting,
paying values forward as hosts of/for Earth’s bounty,
receiving value in return, as and when needed to be given
by otherwise mutually naked guests
in exile from co-creating Paradise.

If the transport of goods and not so goods,
of valuables and toxins,
like other exchanges of information and exformation,
regenerative intent and degenerative praxis,
is about our shared nutrition-communicating economy,
does it not follow economic science itself
could not exist as the study of financial value/disvalue trends
without being seminally rooted
in a positive psychology bias?
Toward nutritional is better than toxic communication.
Communication as transport,
interdependence essentially cooperative
and equivalently normed,

Positive economics
[and reverse correlational double-binding negative bilateral exformational trends]
is to cooperative ownership and design management
and trends of/for further exchange
as healthy politics
is to positive/double-bind negative communication
of/for mutually subsidiary trust
as/in co-investment,
[“of…as” is descriptive definition,
while “for”…”in” invite further prescriptive delineation]
mistrust as mutual divestment
of/from nature’s most powerful original intention
toward interdependent gifting
from among Earth’s multiculturing resilience, resonance
inclusive revolutionary values,
ecosystemic health as nutrition/toxin norms
with ego-holistic resolution.

political and economic currency continues to miscommunicate
mere reification of Earth’s cooperative values.


Cooperative Feministas

Cooperative Feministas
are not quite so much Competitive Manifestos.

In David Holmgren’s introduction to Permacultural Therapeutic Design,
he contrasts “Industrial Culture” with “Sustainable Culture”
kind of like comparing masculine LeftBrain culture
with feminist RightBrain enculturation, nurturance, resonance
over the longer-term scenaria,
rather than shorter-term dementio.

Anyway, Holmgren recognizes we could choose alternative words
for labeling these two contrasting, appositional, cultures.

We might sometimes choose
Competitive Culture v Cooperative Culture,
or Capital-Accrual v Capital-Nutritional Dispersal,
sort of like the difference between hunting down and killing the defense
as compared to watering and feeding and gathering the vegan edibles,
or Colony Acquisitional
(especially of slaves and other, alarmingly similar, ways of acquiring cheap manual, and especially womanual, labor)
v Creole ReGenerative
(like mixing multicultural spices contributed in some pay-it-forward co-invested development of a robust Stone Soup
accessible to all with cooperatively managed ownership),
or LeftBrain Dominant Patriarchal (Business As Anthrocentrically Usual)
v Right-Left CoRelational Matriarchal BiCameral,
or DeGenerative LoseLose ZeroSum AntiEcological Entropic 2nd Principle
of Closed Patriarchal Framing FromAbove Ecosystems
v ReGenerative WinWin NonZeroSum PositiveDeviance CoOperative Revolutions/Devolutions, the what goes up must also at least partially come back down,
and what grows out must also economically recess back in,
a more Syntropic 1st Original Intent Principle
of Open Matriarchal Framing-From-Mutually-WithIn Ego-EcoSystem,
or Yang v Yin,
just to keep the regeneratively complex
from becoming too stressfully, and degeneratively, chaotic.

But, if Holmgren was familiar with Buckminster Fuller’s
Synergetic EcoSystemic Theory,
he might also have chosen
Precessive Political Culture v Recessive Economic Culture.
Precessive toward prophecies of Diastasis-PolyCulturally Convex-Complex
upward and outward development trends
implying their reverse double-binding inevitability
of Recession toward ReAcclimation ConCave-Within-Embryonic,
where Convex is the top of a forward surfing wave of temporal-flowing energy,
and/or information,
while concave is the subsequent creolizing trough,
the renewing ebb of what had been that precessive crest,
now reacclimating inward and downward,
more deeply resonant toward a renewing polyculturally inclusive balance.

Regardless of Fuller’s balloons with growing and ebbing synergy/entropy,
information implying double-binding reverse-appositional binomial exformation,
these are culturally oppositional categories.
We might heuristically assume each represents an appositional tension,
with all the cultural risks of revolutionary eruptions growing toward violence
and capitalistic-repressive recessive despair,
and all the multicultural opportunities
of evolving re-creative regenerative tensions
toward therapeutic midway Tipping Points
of ecosystemic ecological balance,
cooperatively sustainable at both highly localized
and global-planetary scales
of co-redemptive ecopolitical co-empathic trust,
more culturally dominant,
more sustainable,
than mutually antipathic distrust.

While this suggests our hopes lie in our combined powers of cooperatively active love
and our degenerative despair lies within any further stressing increases
in uneven powers,
terrorizing showers, of competitive
(and increasingly rabid over-populated behavior of elites v non-elites)
monoculturing monopolistic monochromatic monotheistic disdain,
fueling each ego’s sense of selfish competitive gain
at the expense of others’,
including future generations’, zero-sum entropically inevitable loss;
reacting to each other defensively
as if we lived on a ClosedEcoSystemic Earth,
which, of course,
we don’t
unless anthro-supremacists choose to continue playing these uber capitalist-colonialist-industrial
zerosum Exhausted Games.

Holmgren helpfully adds a chart of comparative/contrasting characteristics
of his Industrial v Sustainable Cultures,
which I will supplement in brackets
intending to nuance these EitherOr oppositional cultures,
into a more regenerative BothAnd appositional bilateral enculturation,
premised on LeftBrain Yang falling back in love with RightBrain Yin:

Yang-Capitalist Culture understoried with Yin-Cooperativist MultiCulture

Non-renewable [ZeroSum] and Renewable [0-sum +/-,- notnot zero-fractal-squared equivalence],

Linear [Continuous Growth] and Cyclical [Discontinuous, seasonal-spiral],

Consumption and Storage [Recycling ReProduction toward 0-sum balance],

Centralized [Patriarchal-Nationalistic] and Distributed Network [Matriarchal-Cooperative Co-Ownership and EcoSystemic Governance],

Large and Small [Universal/Unitarian, polycultural/polypathic]

Fast [already paid-out-forward yield] and Slow[ing surfing,
toward 0-waste stream]

Positive and Negative [Positive = double-bind LoseLose appositional WinWin]

Centre [Yang, Ego] and Edge [Yin-Yin eco-bilateral Tipping Points]

Episodic change [monoculturing anthrocentric LeftBrain supremacy]
and Rhythmic stability [Left-Right polyculturing nutritional health and safety]

Reductionist [LeftBrain deductive landscape] and Wholistic [RightBrain inductive-affective climate health/pathology]

Masculine [positive-Yang Win-Y] and Feminine [Matriarchal X/X double-bind,
dipolar co-arising,
+/-,- Yin-squared WinWin]

Holmgren’s chart of this massive tsunami,
of both human population and consumption of fossil-fueled energy,
crests right now where you and I are living together
and is now beginning a growing permacultural-regenerative cooperative de-spiraling descent
back down to a healthy and multiculturally safe population base by 2500
that is modestly increased over the year 1500.

Suddenly, rising in these DisUniting States
playing LoseLose ecopolitical Trump cards,
I realize how far our kids have to fall


Book of Lists

A book of lists
is what I need
to absolve Earth’s Tribes
of rampant greed.

Before and after lists,
being and becoming fists,
masculine and feminist mutual mentoring trists
of transliterative transubstantiation.

I would like to hug
a warm and fuzzy theology
with prophetic philosophical appeal
to aesthetic reasons and tastes
that both hunters and gatherers
might sing and dance along

Nationalism is out,
so Earth-centrism is in.
Egocentric competitivism is out,
so ecoconsciousness colors back in
balancing patriarch/matriarch cooperatives,
consensus ego/eco-consciousness.

I need an updated list of reasons why
when red is out
then green is in
and when they grow together
we rediscover rich brown creolization
of less anthrocentric cultures,
we reweave deep dark mythos/logos syncretism,
for healthier earth history stories,
not just logos taught, but also mythos mentored.

I love this list
of red becomes purpling peopling nurturing equalities
as blue states of eco-natured redevelopment
become aquamarine green,
together ultra-violet
non-zero sum octaves
WinWin his/herstories.

I live these self-regenerating lists.
They move around
Yin-in with Yang-out
to re-emerge regenerative
of and with and for Earth’s 4D spacetime double-binding
transcendent generosity
listing forward to regenerative ecotherapy
listing back toward permaculturing gratitude
for these organic EarthTribe lists
of ebb and flow.

We need an historic list,
cooperatively owned and together self-managed,
of how paganism birthed monotheism
and regenerations of taoist anthrocentric panentheism
birthed co-arising nonduality
of PatriarchalYang loving Matriarchal nurturing Yin
birthing Trinitarian permacultures
systemic-organic networks
regenerating egoconscious Left
as also ecoconscious Right
as Mother Earth Shabbat
in and of Beloved internal/external Community
climate balance
both universally absolutely empowering
and invitingly
concretely organic Golden Rule ego/eco enlightening.

I need a list
composed by historians
and journalists
of what regeneratively happened
when we had no bad news,
where we had no headlines to gossip about
and only loves to nurturingly share
and in
and on
and for
and of
Earth’s regenerate blessings.


Earth Rights: Declaration of Climate Interdependence

Remix of Thomas Jefferson’s thoughts a few years ago.

When in the Course of Earth’s climatic events,
it becomes necessary for cultures to resolve political bands
which have connected Her with human nature,
and to assume among the powers of Earth,
separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Earth’s Health entitle them,
a deep respect for the opinions of others requires
that we should declare the causes which impel us to this Declaration of Interdependence.

We hold these truths to be self-evident,
that all Earth’s Tribes are primally regenerative,
that we are endowed by Elders with certain unalienable Rights,
that among these are Life as Love,
Liberty from Terror and Liberty to Nurture,
and the evolution of CoOperative Health as Happiness.
That to secure these rights,
Governments are instituted within and between Earth’s Tribes,
deriving our just powers through therapeutic discernment of the governed,
That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of Healthy Life,
and CoOperative Happiness,
it is the Right of Earth’s Tribes to alter or to abolish it,
and to institute new Government,
laying its cooperative foundation on such ecological principles
and organizing its health-powers in such form
and multicultural function,
as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Health Safety and Loving Happiness.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that regenerative nutrient-systems long established
should not be changed for light and transient causes;
and accordingly all experience has shown,
that human nature is more disposed to suffer,
while evils are sufferable,
than to right ourselves by evolving the self-governing functions
to which we are more accustomed.
But when a long train of anthrocentric abuses and usurpations of power
used as a weapon,
evinces a design to reduce multiculturally enriching outcomes
under anthrocentric despotism,
it is Earth’s right,
it is EarthTribe’s regenerate duty,
to throw off such pathologies of government,
and to provide new mentors and models for future health and security.

Such has been the patient sufferance of these DNA/RNA Tribes;
and such is now the necessity which constrains us
to cooperatively reweave our former Competing Systems of Government.

The history of the present nation-states is a history of repeated injuries
and usurpations of cooperative governance powers,
all having in direct object the establishment of mutual immunity
and anthrocentric hubris.

To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.
We have refused Earth’s Assent to Love’s Natural Laws,
the most wholesome and necessary for good multicultural outcomes.
We have discouraged governments from passing laws of immediate and pressing climatic importance.
We have refused to pass other laws for the accommodation of all Earth’s Tribes
and EcoSystems,
a right inestimable to them
and formidable to tyrants only.

We have dissolved entire species and healthy ecosystems repeatedly,
opposing with manly firmness Earth’s matriotic rights of healthy evolution.

We have refused WinWin ecotherapeutic orthopraxis for a long time,
nation-states remaining in the mean time exposed to all the WinLose dangers
of aggressive invasion from without,
and terrorist convulsions within.

We have endeavoured to remove and destroy indigenous populations of these States;
refusing to encourage their healthy migrations,
and appropriating Earth’s Commons through commodification.

We have affected to render the Military independent of WinWin therapeutic outcomes
and competitively superior to Civil powers
of active political and economic cooperation.

We have combined with other nations
to subject ourselves to a jurisdiction foreign to Earth’s regenerative constitution,
not acknowledging symbiotic processes
of mutually subsidiary and complementary evolution.

We have not protected ourselves from punishment and defiance
by deep learning rewards of empathic trust
and healthy love of truths within nutritious beauty.