Lessons Partially Learned

and teachers,
economic program
and social service leaders,
government administrators
and legislators,
listen up
and downstream

We too often act
and feel
the reverse is more quickly
and convenient
through rigid control,
or at least should
or could
or would like to be enlightened true
more than disempowering false:

Empowering cooperative ownership
arrives slowly
but resonantly
and more resiliently
through enlightened cooperative management
and win/win resonant tenure

And not so much the other
and self-righteous
and vindictive trauma
competitive way around
treading heavy capitalism’s survival
of the wealthiest
defeating thrival
of our healthiest
trusted ways abound
to cooperatively manage peace
that we would justly hope
to EarthTribe own
into safest perpetuity

A trusted indigenous wisdom franchise
to retrain
and re-educate parents
and teachers,
empower economic programs
and enlighten social service leaders,
self-governing cooperative administrators
and legislators,
listening up
and downstream
for cooperative management systems
supporting lives never autonomously owned
and always sacredly zoned
for interdependent trust

Empowering cooperative management
for enlightened cooperative
organic network peace
and restorative justice

In win/win joyful play
all night
and day.


Transparent Humility

It is easy to see,
or difficult,
I might agree,
What Trumpian WhiteHouse competitions
for nationalistic power
teach us about more transparent cooperation
we might wisely hope for next.

Democratic rational ecopolitical restorations
for healing climates,
as ecologically green outside
as resilient ultra-violet inside
MotherEarth’s enlightening
re-enchanting theology.

Competing ego-systems
could not have evolved
WhiteHouse manifest human natural destiny
of courageous and curiously disenchanting spirits
had we never known cooperative enchanted soul
and soil history of light
absorbing water flowing nutrients.

cooperatively inducing nurturing instincts
disassociated from supreme EgoCentral
RightWing re-associating resilient re-enchantment
with competing Left
cooperating sacred Right
deduced/induced multiculturing intelligence,
dipolar assonance,
creative regeneration of cooperative ownership
for truly democratic empowerment,
re-enchantment with everyday cooperators.

For our healthier future
we do not invite self-marketers
of nationalistic isolationism
and lack of experience
with muticultural co-governance

So, we do invite advocates
for constitutional cooperative ownership
with sacred MotherLand’s ecotherapeutic climate
of co-present responsibility–
internally induced nutritional intelligence
creating networks of empowerment.


Health-Climate Cooperative Network

What is a health culture?

I believe that Buckminster Fuller and David Bohm would find no difference between a healthy culture and a healthy climate. Climate is culture is enculturing climate evolution and creation of nutritional story. Fuller and Bohm each invest in comprehending a cooperative health-and-co-equity positive-therapeutic eco-logical implicate and dipolar thread of Tipping Points evolving time’s synergetic branches.

Health grows ecotherapeutic co-mentors drawn toward more cooperative designing and organizing of healthy economic and ecological and political ecosystems, co-gravitating through dialectically self-organizing transition-revolutionary contentment/contentious times, and also the more mundane-diurnal evolutionary moments of each co-empathic opportunity to connect, continue connecting, to reconnect, to remember past connections.

Health/Equity practice, with full-investment intent, is Plan B hypothesized to produce a more polyculturally healthy climate, inside and out, for both Plan B (ego-differentiated identity) and Plan A (Fuller’s god-ideation of Freud’s SuperEgo, well, maybe not Sigmund’s, but more of a Jungian SuperIonicIcon).

Here is a Fuller-Eulerian riddle, to illustrate this point about growing healthy cultures best by inviting more ecotherapeutic climate conversations:

How are issues of climate change and anger management like gun control?

  • They are each and all about divesting of violent potential for overly-ballistic-competitive-WinLose outcome capacities.
  • They are each and all about investing in a healthier, more interdependently therapeutic future, including more equitably cooperative integrity,
  • None of these three frames has appositional balance, such as
  1. climate sustain/change current functions, frequencies, and forms of investment,
  2. anger/love management balancing and Tipping Point issues/opportunities,
  3. mutually equitable gun control/biofunctional Golden Rule healthy restraint co-assurance.

If I’m not happy to see you at my front door in the middle of my nightmare, I won’t be pointing anything at you, and I expect the same strategy from you. On the other hand, if you are happy to see me, I would very much appreciate it if the only thing pointing in my direction is not your gun. And I will do the best I can to respond in kind, if that seems appropriate to this health-and-safety nightmare we are creating together.

If we had already created a climate-culture confining the pointing of ballistic-anger and fear at other living creatures as an intrinsically unhealthy and irrational behavior, then we become ready for a conversation about whether “gun safety” and “anger management” are each oxymorons, or not. Are anger and fear the absence of health and nutritional safety, equitable control, and responsible self-governance?

Bucky knew healthy Earth-culture as a regeneratively sustained ecosystem with three essential, and interdependently self-governing principles of cooperation:

Dipolarity: a negative correlation between two appositioned points of dynamic contrast, as one polarity becomes dominant, more productive, the other polarity becomes recessive, more self-consumptive. For many this will seem familiar from Taoism’s Yang/Yin iconology for ecological balancing of bilateral temporal/spatial energies. Fuller (and perhaps Euler, and Perelman) associated positive/negative energy flow as primally rooted in dipolar (0)-centric eco-metric function, the fundamental binomial nature of bilaterally-dimensioned time.

Dialectic: a fractal, 4-stage syntax-structure for the development of communication and logical-deductive chains of learning development. Using DNA/RNA equivalency-structure, we might label these four stages as seen within diverse temporal-functional paradigms:

Fold–Winter–NotNot Cytosine–DeComposition–Basic Dialectical-Empathic Attendance

UnFold–Spring–NotNot Guanine–Notice–Hope

ReFold–Summer–NotNot Uracil–Understand–Faith

PreReGenitive Fold–Fall–NotNot Adenine–Holon Systemic DeComposing EcoConsciousness–Synergetic Convex/Concave Prime Confluence

Co-Arising:  co-gravitating toward primal bilateral-temporal balance of dialectic and co-dialectic communication, relationships, and/or economic transactional dipolar balance, with a Tipping Point or “midway” discernment function that is co-elationally endosymbiotic within a rhetorically connected network. Tendency to go “viral”, whether positively cooperative, or negatively competitive. Positive cooperative relationships tend to generate sustainable health management and equity assurance/adjustment investment policies and outcomes, while negative competitive-dissonant unbalanced absence of healthy relationships and equitable nutritional-power transactions tend toward pathologically suboptimized outcomes.

These three dynamic terms redundantly appear in systems theory, regenerative development and learning theories, communication and dialogue technologies, discussions of effective choice-making, and gaming-strategic theories as a contrast between Win-Lose metasystemic outcome structure compared to Win-Win comprehensive-inclusive positive equity-reiteration outcomes.

This cooperatively intended and practiced research project looking for positive health-culture outcomes, sounds somewhat like most of us get through our day-to-day choice-making.  We will use  “culture” and “climate” as nondual co-arising health v. pathology ecosystemic trends and projected investment/divestment outcomes. Polycultural-healthy and monocultural-pathology cultures are both Interior and Exterior climates of becoming less negative issue invested, and more positive-regenerative opportunity infested. What inspires monocultural-EgoAnthro anger and fear among co-inhabitants of each landscape design opportunity? These are our pathological climate change as critical event opportunities, inviting polycultural-us to equitably divest of pathological over-investment. Noticing we can collectively turn anger management around to become love-synergy cultural facilitation, co-mentorship unfolding within a healthier culture and climate, within our individual bodies, within our species’ regenerative string of temporal-memory syntax.  We can collectively comprehend redundant correlational equivalencies within dialectical-bicameral eco-consciousness as having both WinOpportunity and LoseIssue faces. These faces and fields and frames compose our daily through global physical-metaphysical climates and eco-healthing culture.



Wild Fire Management

I suspect you are right, that we get confused about the messages Earth gives us about what is optimally and sustainably healthy and inclusive of full diversity, including full-diversity of our anthro-centric neural systems, and degrees and oscillating waves of comparative mind-body health v. pathology.

When we measure the health of our political and economic forest, it would seem confusing and misguided to compare lifespans of the average organism within one forest to those of another, and thereby determine anything germane to comparative diverse “health-robustness” optimization of inter-species cooperative relationships . Although it might be interesting to compare the lifespans of the median organism–but maybe that’s what you meant, because the outcome measures are of trees, which should be about right in terms of the comparative internal diversity of Earth systems, but would be entirely wrong with regard to average lifespan of the entire incarnate biosystem within an ecosystem. We are essentially measuring the robustness of our temporal-Elders with median levels of regenetic-diversity balance in their endosymbiotic information processing and embryonic storage systems.

I think in Permaculture Design we learned that the old dead trees are best cut down and burned for fuel to heat our homes, allowing more room for a nearby medium tree to flourish, grow more robust, or perhaps even two or three trees to share this newly accessible ring of photosynthetic fuel.

What the forest seems to be saying to our “burn management” school of forest management, is to include age diversity in our measure of biosystemic diversity as a positive, and to assess each individual gift of the forest for its highest and best use, rather than trying to micromanage from on high. Facilitating trees of all ages  and digestive-breathing diversity of interrelationships is complex, requires considerable listening and discernment, and sitting together, showing up and showing to each other what we need to survive together.

The real measure of robust sustainable health is probably universally inclusive and unitarian-intended diversely welcoming, inviting political/economic environments. With trees and meditators and therapists we call this Basic Attendance, setting aside nutrient/neural-assumptions of cognitive/affective dissonance/pathology.

I suspect that mental health is mind health, and I suspect that our “mind” is not rationally reduced to a synonym for “brain” or even “head.” I further suspect that the combination of economic ecological health and political-private relational anthro-centric health are, for each of us, and for all of us. as cooperative co-mentors of health (because that’s what DNA is positively designed to do, that is DNA/RNA’s vocation, if you will, regeneratively sustainable health), the real-time currency of optimized Continuous Quality Improvement currently emerges, co-arises, as cooperative healthy-wealth care and perpetuation toward future healthy regenerators of all species.