Politics of Healthy EcoSystems

Wealthy thrivers of politically competitive strategies
become calcifying outcome patterns
building up around the bicameral heart
of our healthy ebb and flow financial system.

Investment of time and money,
nutrition flowing in established monoculturing directions
tends to stick there,
accumulating ever more fatty tissue,
monopolistic issues
of political-economic heart failure
ensues hardening of political life’s ecosystemic arteries.

More cooperative polycultural WinWin balance
where a monoculture with hardening arteries will fail
to optimally thrive,
while sucking in environmental resources
until healthy families and communities and species over-consume
and wilt and fail
faster than their nutritional systemic replacement rate.

What do starving and thirsty biosystems need from you
with you
of you
through you
to share with you
every nutritional grace we could cooperatively contain?

My answer does not end
with another monocultural Trump card,
or even anthro-centric
military competition.

Hearts over-flowing with violent power-investment intent
will only further harden current anthro-monopolistic death-trends
toward cardiac arrest.


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