Singing FullVoiced

I speak in LeftBrain dominant
because all speech is Left/Right indivisibly prominent.
But, at my LeftMind best
at least I speak against colonizing oppression
repression of creolizing co-acclimation,
suppression of RightBody emotive intelligence
for health and nutrition EarthTribe loyalty,
wildly enthusiastic radical feminist fealty
enthymeming ancient eco-speakers
silently acting out with trees
in full moon clenching dreams.

I sing in RightBrain effluent
because all non-verbal muses
and myths
emotive mists are RightBodied
non-dominating communication affluent

With respect for bilaterally graced
EarthTribal nature/spirit-laws
nurturing health and nutrition compassion
cooperatively-held by non-violent revolutionary ecofeminists,

Matriarchally silent singing
within MotherTree reverse-hierarchical nurture memories
root systemically experiencing renewing moon motions
disclinating night-mare
dark muse of re-memories rebirthing
curiously courageous pro-active hope.


Time Out

My time outs
sound like your time ins,
he said
with proper indoor voice,

Your time ins
do feel like good reasons
for healthy,
more resilient,
time outs
She noted in return,
more hopefully.

Perhaps we could be wiser,
they reported back co-executively together
in larger grouping
of vast listening trees
for ancient witness generations,

To think less of our home shelters
inside outside climate storms,

And feel more of our inside wisdom
as health wealthing shelters
outside Time
our inside Selves.


Inordinate Questions

I’m sorry
if my glad questions
make you feel sad

But that
is not my intent
I assure you.

Given zero opportunity,
then zero risk
can become deadening
to those not yet dead

Perhaps I would
not be too intrusive
to ask if we might risk
speaking together.

What do we want
and/or apart?

Then let’s do that
and/or apart.

Then let us speak
and vote
and invest together again
to ask
How best regain cooperation

Now what do we want
and/or WinWin apart?

Then let’s do that…


Math Problems

The problem of PolyNomials,
equivalent or not?
with NotPolyNomials
hides a geometric assumption
that was profoundly challenged by Bucky Fuller.

Polynomial v NotPolynomial
assumes if we could distinguish NP from P sets of information
in advance of processing trials,
then we would know two sets of bipolar information.
Yet this is no more, or less, the case
than to say that something is not
is to contain and delineate more valued information
than to say it is
at least notnot right now.

This equivalence or not
between not polynomial information
and notnot polynomial information
may be better redeveloped,
more cooperatively regenerate,
to see PolyNomials as binary informating bits,
where two notnot negative exformating ambivalents
equal one positive PolyNomial equivalent
dipolar co-arising positive convex
as also dualdark co-gravitating concave bipolar.

For example,
YangLight c-squared
equivalent with YinYin e-squared
primal convex/concave
temporal double-binding relationship,
0-sum fractal prime function,
like DNA and RNA string theorems
of regeneratively double-bound in/ex-formation.


Great Commissions/Small Omissions

In all things, give thanks.

overwhelmed by claustrophobic depression,

Gratitude, a sacred noun,
positive attitude, a secular verb phase.

Depression and gratitude,
depressed gratitude,
mystical oxymoron.
Impossibly essential

Repression and victory.
Hope in and through blind and deaf,
senseless faith in power of positions
over doubling down negative
to co-arise resonant resolutions.

Suppression yet naked clarity,
dualdark yet light-squared
and cubed
and fractal holonic,
sacred self enslavement,

Desecrated Earth
and inhumane capitalized bodies,
giving thanks
in dawn’s promised dusk.

below all,
giving thanks receiving thanks,
sacred acclimating gratitude,
humbling attitude.

Great commissions,
elevating attitudes
descending through our past.
Elevators rise to fall to rise
within great and small commissions.

Paradise fulfills embryonic love
as love grows roots in positive faith
as faith emerges out of naked hope
as hope fertilizes absence of mistrust’s despair.

Desperation’s absence
begins with absence of pathological denial,
returning Earth’s embryonic trust
with mistrust,
light squared fertility
returning dualistic darkness.

Energy is capital,
our regenerative god
and our degenerating idolatry.

Our subsidies
grow our investments in future health
and our divestments out of past pathologies.

Information is the capital derivative of energy,
as exformation departs from embryonic negentropy.

Great commissions of gratifying robust systems
grow from small omissions of dissonant mistrust.

In all trusted and mistrusted things, give thanks.


Bateson and Taoism: A Cordial Conversation

Pathology is a relatively easy thing to discuss,
health is very difficult.

Pathology is a functional issue for discernment,
organic health is difficult to miss
unless you have switched our cooperative evolution
for your personal competitive revolution.

…the sacred is difficult to talk about,
because the sacred is peculiarly related to the healthy.

Sacrilege of mere secular profanity is difficult to miss
because sacred ecology unfolds abundant healthy organic ecopolitical systems.

Bateson, on the history of Western religious culture:
The proposition for which they were burning each other was,
on one hand, ‘the bread is the body,’
and on the other, ‘the bread stands for the body.’
…this whole argument is one of fundamental importance
when related to the whole of the nature of the sacred
and to human nature….
the richest use of the word ‘sacred’
is that use which will say that what matters
is the combination of the two,
getting the two together.

When is yeasty bread and wine
notnot yet a diastatic body?

Because it doesn’t make any prose sense,
the material of dream and poetry has to be more
or less
secret from the prose part of the mind.
It’s this secrecy,
this obscuration,
that the Protestant thinks is wrong,
and a psychoanalyst,
I suppose,
wouldn’t approve of either.
But that secrecy, you see,
is a protecting of parts of the whole process or mechanism,
to see that the parts don’t neutralize each other.
Laotse with Jaynes:
Because it doesn’t make any LeftBrain languaged sense,
the inductive material of dream and poetry and sacred ecology
is also reverse double-bind decomposing nutritional effects with causes,
a protecting of too-reductive parts of our whole organic polypathic process
to see that all parts must (0)soul compatibly neutralize each other.

What are you going to do about the use of the sacred?
There is a very strong tendency in occidental cultures,
and increasingly in oriental cultures,
to misuse the sacred.
You see,
you’ve got something nice,
central to your civilization,
which bonds together all sorts of values connected with love,
joy, and the rest,
a fantastic bridging synthesis,
a way to make life make a certain sort of sense.
And the next thing is that people use that sacred bridge
in order to sell things….
We can be influenced, it seems,
by any confidence trickster,
who by his appeals
makes cheap that which should not be made cheap.

How are you going to invest in/divest of this sacred ecology?
We have beauty and ugly,
kind and notnot kind,
in civilization as on Earth,
bonding together all values with their disvalues,
our empathic trusts with our ecopolitical distrusts and immunities.
This co-arising nonduality of positive and double-binding negative notnot
folds and unfolds a fantastic sacred bridge of synthesis toward sense,
with dissonance toward nonsense.
Those who would reduce sacred Earth Rights
to what can be merely bought and sold,
cheapen that which could become even more densely rich.

…while it may be fairly easy to recognize moments
at which everything goes wrong,
it is a great deal more difficult
to recognize the magic of the moments that come right;
and to contrive those moments
is always more or less impossible….
to make human relations prosper is exceedingly difficult.

Recognizing moments at which everything goes wrong
as tipping points,
time to upgrade risks of anger management
into opportunities of and for more expansive love development,
to consistently
climatically invite faithfulness toward co-empathic trust.

We are arrogant about what we might know tomorrow,
but humble because we know so little today.

We are Yang-overflowing about what we may know of integrity’s potential tomorrow,
co-arising with ego’s humility to notnot balance

Note: Bateson quotes are from Sacred Unity, pp. 265-270, “Ecology of Mind: The Sacred”, HarperCollins