Tree Root BiPedal Investments

Trees sprout nondual co-arising branch networks,
one system rising to greet sun’s light
creating healthy atmospheres for Earth’s political Tribes,
the other branch-system downward rooting into Earth’s rich compost
feeding on gifts of co-redeemers past,
creating healthy Earth skin,
Earth soil-soul economic nutritional exchange balancers
of Earth’s vast politically harmonizing enterprise.

So too,
human nature’s bicameral-neural nondual mindbody network systems,
lungs partnering with Elder Trees
sharing climate control autonomic sounds and voices and RNA surfing syntax,
brained body roots absorbing Earth’s rich regenerative compost
from which we each emerge,
YangEgo Left culturally dominant language syntax
with YinEco Right Earth-systemic DNA fractal-networks,
dialectic peer-to-peer design and development
of regenerative health and beauty intentions,
RNA/DNA solidarity co-revolutionaries
supporting Earth’s vast poly-enculturing economic enterprise.

Trees wax and wane through longer terms
of aesthetic revolutioning purpose,
transgenerationally invested in Earth’s future fertile health.
We might become trees
wise to learn from Elders’ progenitive example.
We share an ecological heart
because we are one (0)-embryonic center
of EarthLove’s regenerate potential.


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