Tree Root BiPedal Investments

Trees sprout nondual co-arising branch networks,
one system rising to greet sun’s light
creating healthy atmospheres for Earth’s political Tribes,
the other branch-system downward rooting into Earth’s rich compost
feeding on gifts of co-redeemers past,
creating healthy Earth skin,
Earth soil-soul economic nutritional exchange balancers
of Earth’s vast politically harmonizing enterprise.

So too,
human nature’s bicameral-neural nondual mindbody network systems,
lungs partnering with Elder Trees
sharing climate control autonomic sounds and voices and RNA surfing syntax,
brained body roots absorbing Earth’s rich regenerative compost
from which we each emerge,
YangEgo Left culturally dominant language syntax
with YinEco Right Earth-systemic DNA fractal-networks,
dialectic peer-to-peer design and development
of regenerative health and beauty intentions,
RNA/DNA solidarity co-revolutionaries
supporting Earth’s vast poly-enculturing economic enterprise.

Trees wax and wane through longer terms
of aesthetic revolutioning purpose,
transgenerationally invested in Earth’s future fertile health.
We might become trees
wise to learn from Elders’ progenitive example.
We share an ecological heart
because we are one (0)-embryonic center
of EarthLove’s regenerate potential.


Were You There?

Were you there
when we nailed health culture
to the cross?

Weren’t you there?
I thought we were all there!
Wasn’t that our Big Bang of an Idea?

Let’s just forgive each other for all that angry history
of hurt and loss and painful suffering,
torture and lapses into extermination of subpopulations
based on quite a list of characteristics,
gender and sexuality, age, religion,
occupation, attire,
placement of domicile within v without walls
of acquisitive EgoAnthro-possession,
and on and on….
Then too we have all that slavery,
adding commodification to the domestication
of our value for healthy human mindbodies.

So, yes, the nail of Angry Cultural Climate
pierces Left’s deductive memory screaming past
irrationally unacceptable tolerance
of collective cognitive-affective dissonance
when we are invited into Easter’s new-life resonance
of regenerative health trends.

But, I also thought we were all there
in our more global RNA-centered Right Yin MindBody,
terrified of AnthroEgo’s biosystemic culture
of climatic transitions toward timeless demise.
How could YHWH continue to be Father
to Son’s Becoming
and yet let His beloved EgoSon die?

Did we misunderstand something about our shared
“child of YHWH” status?
Might we be our Father’s first RNA Creation Story,
told and retold through bicameral beating
and breathing
and noticing dipolarity of Time’s Him/Her Self-regeneratively
healthy evoluting climate?

I thought our primal crucifixion story
was our co-redeeming health and safety self-perpetuation narrative
of love as synergetic therapy
for angry history
and fear of future shortage of YHWH-Time CoPresent;
you know, the hellfire and brimey damnation scenarios
all the way through
“I never have enough quality time for myself” plot-lines,
long-reiterated cognitive-affective dissonance
and dismay and decay
and all negatively correlated
with healthy, regenerate YHWH-flow
of Time’s co-arising Positive trends
(notnot negative, and binomial/bilateral, equivalent),
eating and sleeping,
communing in generous nutritional climates.

So, how do we get to this true Easter cultural climate
without first getting ourselves down
off that Left-brain over-dominant cross?

I suppose this is where the Right-brain comes in,
concave and dipolar-temporal recessive tomb,
embracing Ego-purgation.
But, you know, I find it a whole lot easier
to trust it feels and is much safer,
perhaps even a bit relaxing and contenting,
to purge my lungs
when I know we have plenty of fresh nutrition,
healthy cultural climate
to breathe right back in again.

Left-Right bicameral ecoconscious Evolutionaries,
Permaculturist Bodhisattva Warriors,
EcoTherapists and Occupiers,
Medicine Care Optimizers and 7-Generation Sustainers,
PolyPathic Mystics of Revolutioning Peace,
New ZeroInterest Investors
and Lifestyle Mentors and Teachers,
Cooperative Networkers and Game Designers,
it’s PostMillennial Time
to design an Easter
cooperative economics
with polycultural politics
actively co-networking Communion!

We keep telling ourselves
this same creation Easter story
every year.
You can’t spring Easter season
of new cooperative healthy growth outcomes
without first investing
decompositional temporal-dialectic analysis time
in tomb of winter.
And, you can’t dwell within this purgative-embryonic tomb
as womb,
without first letting yourself down from all those angry crosses
and using them to devise
primal permacultural mapping strategies
for WinWin health and equity outcomes
this climatic summer of Time’s DiPolar Diastasis.


On Difference Between Evolutionary Process and Regenerative Ecosystems

No clue.

Seems like this is an important scientific and spiritual question, and a natural-systemic question, but it’s hard for me to hear it within either our scientific or health-care cultures, much less our religious sector.

Perhaps the reason I have trouble finding any difference between endosymbiotic evolutionary theory and temporal growth/decline dynamics, and regenerative systemic communication, information, formation, and bilateral-temporal-neural-biosystemic functional process for developing healthy and safe biosystems, is because there just isn’t any difference, or these are paradigmatic distinctions, sharing one permacultural informational ecosystemic 0-soul eco-normic LifePositive OVER DeathDoubleNegativeBinary WinWin Bionic Health and Safety Cooperative Gaming Theory.

Or, something along those lines, for those into digital-binary gaming systems, which I am not myself; more of a Unitarian-Universal Tao-Zeroist, PostMillennial PermaCulturist for both Interior and Exterior Landscapes, assumed to co-arise as time folds and unfolds co-gravitationally, as Uracil greets Cytosine, as day both greets dark dreams as double-dark gives way to dawn’s enlightenment, as warm fuses all cold climatic elements to transubstantiate light’s cold temporal potential, as summer emerges diastatically nutritious health and heat from winter’s hibernating decomposition and interior landscape purgation of DNA-conflicted Ego’s  AngerPast+FutureFear demands for more than Left-brain’s RightFilled Yin 50% of BiCameral EcoConscious Evolutionary-Regenerative, TransParently CoPresent, BiLateral-Temporal 50/50 Balancing EcoLogical Language as Positive=evolutionary regenerative healthy process, while Negative=notpast/notfuture balanced evolutionary regenerative pathological EgoWithinEcoRooted-DNA-temporal/fractal decompositional dipolar-diastatic permacultural ecolandscape WinWin analysis, design, principles, deep learning structure, all deeply eco-ego double-camera logical deductive/inductive-empathic bilateral-temporal neural syntax.

Hmmm. That seems a bit circular and yet run-on, at the same time. At best complex; at worst, merely dense. Let’s try again with this hypothesis.

Maybe there is a difference. In a way this may be like the chicken and egg question. Perhaps regenerative ecosystems are embryonic precursors of evolutionary processed chickens, like Julian Jaynes’ evolutionary theory of Left-brain and language’s evolutionary emergence from Right-Temporal aptic/synaptic Original Intent. Right MindBody is DNA/RNA-ecocentric mute co-empathically LeftDominant/RightRecessive-voiced. DNA is iconic of AnthroCentric Ego’s dominant evolutionary-culturing process, while RNA is embryonic of DNA and EarthOrganic-EcoCentric RightYinYin = LeftYang Tao-(0) Convex/Concave Universal/Unitarian EcoLogical, and PermaCultural Balance projecting WinWin Polycultural slow-growth Optimization Continuous Quality Improvement trends.

Hmmm. Not sure that is an improvement. Well is is shorter. So, moving in the right direction.  Let’s try starting with a quote from Andrew Cohen, who knows how to write reasonably-scaled citizens, I mean sentences.

“In traditional cultures, God or Spirit was the unquestioned reference point for higher meaning and purpose [and health and security and medicine].But those of us at the leading edge of modern and postmodern culture today have largely rejected what we perceived as outdated traditional moral, philosophical, and spiritual [Creation Story] worldviews. And, as of yet, we haven’t really found anything to replace them as a source of higher meaning and purpose.”

Hmmm, what if God/Spirit/Energy is ReGenerative Process, the evolution of Time it’s bilateral-dualdark-TransParent-co-arising/gravitational echo-self as DNA-languaged Other? That doesn’t really feel like a replacement so much as a potential “both-and” outcome.

Maybe not. But at least it’s shorter. Anyway, while I proudly claim to be an Andrew Cohen fan, this is a point in “Evolutionary Enlightenment” where we may actually disagree about how we see our present Great Transition, our interior and exterior landscapes of climatic change. I see a remembering that God/Spirit/Energy is regeneratively rooted in the healthy and safe polycultural outcomes of our co-arising evolutionary process, as individuals, as a species, as Bodhisattva Warriors and EcoMessiahs and PermaCultural Designers of Yang-Positive Time convexly explicating OVER YinYin-DoubleNotNot PolyNomial, PolyPathic, PolyMorphic, PolyCoOperative, Multisystemic Bicameral Therapy v. Pathological Cognitive/Affective Dissonance.

It seems like it should be easier, and much shorter, to invest in cooperative political and economic and GodPositive Health Trends, rather than have to competitively deduce and reduce which paradigms and word-choices might grab both your analogical and ecological resonance-optimization trends. Maybe when Goddess Gaia and SunGod once again bilaterally rule our DNA polycultural beehive, we might realize that interior is to exterior as exterior is to interior landscape, implies that if God/Spirit/Energy/Medicine/Health has co-created us in HisYang/HerYinYin image, then each of us and all of us also regenerate HisYang/HerYinYin in our own BiCamerally Remembering ReCreation Story.

If that much makes both evolutionary and regenerative systemic logical sense, then my EgoLeft’s optimal consciousness of self/other identity includes nonverbal access to co-empathic-intuitive-aptic Right MindBody’s possession of health-life back through incarnating regenerational time, and this co-arising awareness is a co-relational sacred trust, and a cooperative co-investment partnership between EgoSelf, nested holonically Interior/Embryonic co-related within EcoProGenitor’s DNA-syntaxed fractal-dialectical-dipolar Golden Rule.

Oh dear, just what I thought we were getting somewhere, all those hyphen-strings of redundantly reiterative adVERBs, acting like linked pearls of nouns, remind me that this is a regenerative-evolutionary creation story still in process of delivery, echoing through great transitional and revolutionary-occupier syntax and permacultural planning and design and doing, becoming. We are God becoming ReGeneratively SelfConscious BiCameral PositiveTherapy/NegativePathology Incubators, in EgoSelf-optimizing grateful service to Future Time’s CoArising ReGeneration.

I don’t know if speaking in capitals really helps, or just gets in the way. It all feels so crystal-clear and profoundly deep, that mere logos-logic sucks all the MythicMajesty out of this contenting life as EarthTribe CoOperative CoMentor, researching together how to optimize life as love, by divesting of interior/exterior angry-past PreMillennial dominantly fearing future absence of EgoMortal Time.

Wouldn’t surprise me if evolutionary process intends regenerative global systemic health, by divesting of degenerative pathological dissonance; whic may have something to do with the coincidence that evil is languaged as backward-reverse-“live”.  Then again, it could just be a co-arising nondual coincidence of syntaxed temporal synaptic/aptic Right MindBody memory verbs folding and unfolding in light v. dark as warmlive v. coldevil dialectic dipolar conversation.

Hmmm. Evolving Left predicts ReGenerating Right responding to CoArising Left researching ProcessGod’s evolving re-creation. That reminds me that if you spin Tao’s Yang-Yin icon it could also be 4D iconic of fractal-thermodynamic regenerative, self-perpetuating, self-optimizing, bilateral balance.  Really not all that much like my day to day life, where I seem to over value what happens to my ego during the day and undervalue what goes round for my eco during dual-dark TransParent notnot night.


RealTime’s Stimulating Deep Spaciation

Ms. Real Time,
an often stimulating Taoist,
but sometimes, admittedly, not so much,
more of a cannibal really
on her dark time of before and after
her Taoist stimulating period
if you know what I mean.

Ms. Real Time
invited her Prime Co-Partner,
Mr. Deep Space,
more of a revolutionary-historic Christian
kind of a co-redemptive guy,
to remember intimate conversations
of too long ago.

“We used to have those long quiet whispers
both before and after our commingling
about who we would be
how we would become that
and why.
Why was where our logical stories
always seductively began and romantically ended
forever Real Time after birthing Deep SpaceTime.”

“Then you wanted to argue about names
for this future Earthly embryo,
I suggested YinYin,
but you demanded Eco-Messiah.
Do you remember that?”

Some of it, admitted Space,
my memory begins where ours ends,
but I do recall our co-messianic resolution
to Advent the Birth of Yang Co-Messiah
by giving Birth to Christ as yinyin messianic,
as John baptized Earth’s waters
in advent of our Nazarene.

“Which reminds me,” throbbed Real Time
“we need to focus our Advent of DeComposition
on our North Star as RNA-ProGenitor
of YangThymine+/YinCytosine(-,-)
to orthopraxis our permacultural birth of language
biological enculturation as fractal-logical culture-syntax
four prime seasons of Earth and human life,
from winter of Transitional DeComposing ReGeneration
to spring of Co-Messianic Birth
into summer of Our Most Beautiful Community and World,
sustaining Fall’s SpaceTime universal embryos
into future’s bicamerally balancing eco-logos,
hydrogen with nitrogen
oxygen breathing into dialectical carbon-bases,
regenerating all these RealTime memories
of sensual experience as evolutionary story.”

Deep Space bore down on Language’s Advent,
a dialect of Earth’s temporal-bound logic,
co-arising experience of health v. pathology
is rationed logic,
logical and rationally balanced
both deductive with inductive RealTime value-as-proportional-balance
optimized tuition,
S/he needed to give birth as NOW
to Yang as Yin-squared spacetime ecologic bicamerality.

“Not quite yet, dear” slow-grows Real Time’s reminder
“you believe in 12 days and nights
to give birth to Christ’s Co-Mass Ergodic Balance,
don’t you?”

Something like that,
it’s difficult to retain full-octave Left-Right focus
with all this cognitively dissonant lack of love
still floating through Earth’s synergetically cooperative culture.

“Hmmm. Push in a little closer.
Baby needs a full-body rub.”

Ms. Time
are you flirting with me?

“Only if you want to play the role
of Mr. Deep Space.”

It is not your temporal language
about dialectical experience
that is “logical” or “illogical”,
but our co-arising birth
into dialectically cooperative,
and, yes, I do mean less cognitive dissonance
between us is something I RealTime need from you,
bicameral mindbody as timespace experience
of health v. pathology.

“I love your synergetic formal love talk,
all that naturally rich organic
life-birthing regenerative mythic-logic.”

I think the Quads are coming into alignment,
little fold with re-fold,
implicating pre-fold predicting re-fold closure,
birthing down into co-gravitational wonder.

“Your Deep Spatial language
of Zero-Soul EcoLogic,
in 4-RealPrimeTimeSpace
dialectical Yang-EcoMessiah harmonics
feels like climatic edge of Advent (0)Mega…”

Our ecoconsciousness spacetime point
beyond language
bearing into,
struggling into diastatic logic
of bicameral co-incidental
eco-messianic experience,
both positive and negative


Zen of Permacultural Teaching

Nondual Listening
Co-Incident Id-Entity
Co-Arising Empathy
fertile re-feminist revolution

Pupils notice
competitive dominance.

JustUs Rights
Earth’s revolutionary co-arising:
harmonically polyculturing Beloved,
evolutionary longing
to belong co-equivalent with Left.

JustUs Permaculturist Mentor
mutually messianic co-redeemer
health as wealth intent
with wealth of healthy ecotherapeutic praxis:

“Permaculture” as paradigm,
organic zero-centric frame for systemic design
evolutionary revolutions within spacetime
nondual co-incidental co-arising
Host as Polycultural Co-Observing Parasites,
Consumers and Producers
DeComposers and ReGenerators,
mutually coherent co-operation
emerging healthier polycultural environments
within and without landscapes
more polypathically regenerative,
co-redemptive economics of naturally healthy wealth,
nondual bi-onic in-formation/ex-composition balance
zen system of co-arising discernment
co-manifest Nondual Destiny,
dying and living
co-developing gravitation and loving
both summer’s fullness and winter’s purgative hibernation,
enlightenment’s diastasis and dual-dark embryonic negentropy
optimizing Left’s deductive/inductive syntax and Right’s Win-Win eco-normic codex
sustaining cooperative Yang balance as nondual +/(-) YinYin-c
double-bound temporal flow as prime relational function
Permacultural Commons Holistic Balance
at zen-speed of core-chi bicameral light.

Polycultural MetricSyntax = +/-c’s fractal root
(0) Zen-Tao-Mahakalpa-Soul-Prime-Nonduality.


Cultured Mentor Seeds

We are born DNA syntax,
cryptic receipts with multigenerational redemption value,
to redeem through this incarnation
fully functional potential for ecological
co-operative economic practice,
through polycultural intent,
mutual subsidiarity of peace co-passioned just rightness
declared only through solidarity in comprehensive consciousness.

Who are these would be Co-Redemptive Mentors
stalking my mirror?
Whether for good and evil
I reconnect suffering to listening,
steadfastly ambivalent,
ambidextrously languaged.

Riding Time’s enculturing edge,
flying forward for hope of better
surer lasting light,
fleeting backward darkening optimistic courage
to change what I cannot co-passionately tolerate
to fulfill commitments to grow Earth’s justice together
as we might
were I not a lone Redeemer anti-hero species,
prophets without Time for nature’s embryonic forms
flowing polycultural unction.

The present makes a safer home
than future’s eco-pregnant womb
or past’s enslaving anthrocentric tomb
drawing analog’s ecologic landscapes together,
double-bound stigmatic messiah wound
breathing in Eco while dying out Ego
stifling my victorious shout
“not yet…not yet”
my time portends toward climax
without sufficiently Beloved Co-Redeeming Time.

Redeemer heart,
with mind,
and breath,
our Triumvirate Teleological Revolution,
perpetually rides this suffering surf
of almost pregnant paradise.