Alpha Network Avalanche

Avalanche notice begins
a trickle
gently tickling sound,
high laughing lilt,
distant water whispering of falls,
growing toward us from far distant past,
back in future’s imagined past,
a growing conversation of memory’s lisping notes,
then emphatic voice,
then music rapping and rolling toward awareness,
suggesting something climatic heading our direction,
moving faster now,
urgently articulate,
loudly enunciating yang confidence,
claiming newly balancing networks of attention,
clanging gasps grasping cooperative investment,
stretching gratitude toward breath’s regenerating tsunami
swelling evolution’s enculturing green vista,
discovering health’s lovely polyculturing bliss,
regenerating ecosystemic truths of integral diastasis,
regenerative dialectic of four fertile seasonal functions,
refolding dualdark winter’s hibernation,
unfolding spring’s big cooperative stage production,
unrefolding summer’s mature heat and light fulfillment of resources,
folding fall harvests peer networks of decomposing light
winnowing yinyin’s dualdark dense fractals
of DNA fertility,
revisited as recycling speciated co-arising nonduality,
TaoTime (0) Universal Center,
Alpha Network WinWin Waves
through Omega WWW PermaCulturally Nutritious Points
of Dialectic Paradise, Truth as Beauty, Health as ReGenerativity.


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