PolyPathic Networks Birthing Prodigy Paradise

If MoonLight frames GrandMother,
and GrandFather radiates SolarPower of Synthesis
then Mother emerges as Earth’s BiLaterally yin-yin
win-win FlowingSpinning Rivers
baptizing embryonic holonic ecosystems,
and Father emerges as Universe’s DNA-Yang AnthroLanguage PolyEnculturation.

If TransMillennial Children of Elder Trees
have regenerated PostMillennial Children of EcoForest MindBodies,
with nondualdark (0)-soul NetWorks within Interior Landscapes of EgoYang,
designing and incarnating and recomposing
Cooperative NetVocations,
with (0)-sum WinWin Exchange EcoSystems without,
Exterior Earth/Universe MetaPhysical Landscapes of Eco-YinSquared
rhyming PolyCultural EgoEco Bicameral Balanced Yang
as YinOptimized MidWay,
wu wei,
Tipping Point Harmonics in toward (0)Mega Point
of TransMillennial Children working HealthyForest Octave-Open-Organic Networks,
fully invested in mutual-cooperation financial and sweat equity
loans and borrows,
transactions captured within relationships of mutuality-intent.

If PostMillennial Children of Network Forests,
hunt active love for ecotherapeutic climate trend-revolution,
then morph into positive polynomial polyculturing polypaths
activating PostTransGender neural-temporal harmonic health outcomes,
embracing EarthTribe ReGenesis Projects.

If ReGenesis Design Political and Economic-Ecological Revolution Projects,
incarnating endosymbiotically decomposing bicamerally primal relationship
of Time as BiLaterally CoGravitating Light Revolving Waves
with YangPoint Label DNA-Fractal Metric Dialectic
Temporal-Relational Prime PermaCultural Values,
we are from what we have embryonically absorbed,
as we are what we Ego invest in
and divest of,
regeneratively speaking peer-to-peer networked
across polypathically empirical
(0)-Ego-soul economic research investment cooperative networks,
polynomialYang as polyculturalYinYin equi-valent dialectic,
language paradigms and iconic measures
for health as notnot pathology
RNA/DNA solidarity-syntaxed information trends,
optimizing health-as-love-as-truthful beauty
BeLoved Climax
PolyCulturally BiCameral-EcoConscious
EarthTribal Community.

God of Fire
Goddess of Flowing Rivers,
within Ego/Eco CoArising
without Earth’s revolutionary RNA/DNA 4-seasonal dialectic
ReGenesis Interior/Exterior Network Forest Landscapes,
RealTime as 4D Ego/Eco BiCameral Balancing Nutritious Cooperative
WinWin TaoTime,
emerging PolyCultural Polypathic CoArising Nonduality
of Time’s Nutritious EarthTribal Becoming.

If intrinsic nutritional value of yua (Yupiit of Alaska)
is also Laotse’s yin of primal holonic relationship,
mutual dipolar balance within EarthTribe’s cooperative ecology,
then this Spirit of Time’s ReMemory
polyculturally revolves toward WinWin cooperative economic politics,
personal through EarthTribe’s Climax (0) EcoConscious ReGenesis.

As Earth’s revolving MoonLight
speaks in GrandMother’s gratitude
for creation’s continuing prodigal story.


One thought on “PolyPathic Networks Birthing Prodigy Paradise

  1. Tim Cole says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    You would use different words, but they appear to follow the same light frequencies and functions and forms and information. Which encourages me more than you might suspect.


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