Here As Now

Yang is polypathic health-strength Here,
ego-convexly witnessed,
while Yin revolves Earth’s Four thermodynamic spiraling seasons,
together Zero-tempered wu-wei Sacred Now
within Earth’s cooperative natured Here.

As Positive Polynomial (1)
is to dualdark (not,not) Polypathic-Polyphonic [-,-=(+,-)] fractal bilateral) 0
WinWin ReGenerative-CoOperative EcoPolitics,
TitHere for/of/with/over/under co-arising nondual TatNow.

This primal relationship,
within each 0-sum moment,
within MotherEarth’s sacred ecology
projects both back through Elder RightBrain interdependence
and LeftBrain’s secular-agnostic mistrust
of futures not yet hoped for,
of pasts now underground
with worms and RNA root systems
in a cognitive-affective dissonant understoried world
where only above ground anthro-centered lives matter,
while below, as above, grows fading pathological climates
of dualdark clouds and dusts and rusts
while we remain both secular Left
and Sacred Right
talking past each other,
rather than speaking through
Prime PolyCulturing EcoTones,
anthro-salient as sacred bicameral Earth,
as above,
so below,
as past,
so shall we become
and notnot become future EcoHarmonic.




Cooperative Starts and Stops

Who wants to join a sacred cooperative
with both divine and humane purpose,
secular meanings
with organic liturgical rites
of seasonal passage?

who would not
should ego’s veil descend
like commodified energy’s nonrenewable extinction;
LoseLose trends of nihilism
within psyche,
within a paranoid society
which would reduce land and waters
of patriotic sacred space
to mere commodities
for capitalism’s WinLose
devolutionary embrace,
capture of military-industrial creolization
projecting dog eat weaker dog over-simplification,
thoughtless Either-Or fundamentalism,
when truths of dipolar appositions
RightBrain beg our sovereign in-flowing loyalty
toward renewed
Sacred Ecology,
as Gregory Bateson might teach,
while Gandhi, like Mohammad,
would give up his left-dominant nut,
to reach
and grasp
and know ego/eco-consciousness
of WinWin collateral
for ecopolitical cooperative outcomes
growing heavenly organic healthy incomes,
reinvesting future secular-sacred regenerators
of EarthJustice
for multi-speciating democratic peace
rediscovered around extended tribal campfires by night,
cooperative financial and political and social
and psychological positive trending networks
in 0-sum
notnot wu-wei
by day,
bilaterals of 4-dimensional equivalent DNA
fractal octaves thermodynamic
Prime CoRelational Win to Win
both secular and sacred
ego/eco-cooperative consciousness.

A tree begins where it has started,
to unfold again what history has brought
WinWin and WinLose,
both cooperatively eco-conscious RightMind
and competitive ego-conscious LeftBody Physics
of communication phylogeny,
dialectal linguistics
of root fractal system structure
begun through octave-ergodic infrastructural harmonics
of TaoTime
greets Mother Earth’s embryonic Virgin Space;
a DNA-invested viral seed of active hope

Each robust seed begins
in poverty of nature-spirit,
far from elitist reactionary over-blooming intent,
mutually active distrusts
present bilateral pathologies,
LoseLose remaining this autonomous
eternally paranoid seed of mere opportunity
afraid to give birth to each life’s sacred-secular potential
to transform toward shared ecopolitical destiny
to become another Tree of Life
in our Forest Eden 2020 revision
for post-millennial reforesting of Earth’s sinking climate;
lack of health care
ego-given as eco-received,
economically consumed and digested
as politically cooperative produced
for health-optimizing WinWin outcomes,
deep listening learning ecosystemic ego polypathic
resurging pre-orgasmically happy healthy
humors of positive psychology’s active hope
for Sacred Ecology
for exterior sub-climates of Earth
and interior landscapes for Matriarchal-Patriarchal
Right with Left
fractal 0-sum
regenerative octaves
noticing 4D integrity
of Earth’s 3D space
plus one 0-sum prime bilateral
of primal TaoTime,
CoMessianic West
as Bodhisattva East
as CoOperative EcoLogic of Sufi’s
MidEastern Islamic revolutionary Paradise,
paradigm of and for cooperative and inclusive sacred jihad;
just the opposite of fundamentalism’s EgoInspired Terror,
totalitarian terrible,
denialist through LeftBrain nihilism
of RightBrain’s sacred ecological-analogical-bilateral 0-sum
thermodynamic shamanic origin,
convex polynomials as concave bilateral poly-linear paths
from FatherSun
revolutionary progenitor of Sacred Virgin MotherYin’s EarthFlow;
ReVolutionary EarthWisdom.

Resides potentiated
deepest and richest and best
in humane spirits of poverty,
purity of desire for multiculturing diversity;
never monoculturing monochromatic perversity
entropy of changeless exegetical traditional Time.

If I were in the White House
or CEO of homeless services,
I would invite our bottom 10%
to lead our way
toward climates of robust resilience
ecopolitical repair
by asking,
as would any cooperative ecotherapist,
How can we extend the best parts of your happy days
and healthy nights
to shrink our ego climates of despair
and WinLose ambivalence
toward devolution,
of 0-sum regenerativity
as what is not degenerativity
and building up from there
toward universal redemption
of ego-death
for Earth’s mutual ecopolitical reforesting
repair of root systems
seeding robust polycultured outcomes by day
and dreaming FullMoon enlightening surfing peace
by diurnal

Who could not yet conjoin this Sacred Ecology
of and for humane-Left divine-Right healthing purposes?
Secular teleologies
with sacred polypathic regenerative strings
of and for Process Theologies,
cooperative ReCreation Stories
for Trees of HealthyLife over PathologicalDeath
reforesting democratic WinWin empowerment.


UnStuck Adolescence

It might be said of adolescence,
This is a stage demanding economic authority,
autonomous freedom to invest and disinvest,
without yet accepting concomitant political responsibilities,
to family
to community
to children
to grandchildren
to disenfranchised populations
to Elders’ wiser investments, in their permacultural time,
to other interdependent species
in our food chain
and in Earth’s political digestion
and indigestion
food chain,
feedback loops, double-bound.

Adolescence viewed in this dichotomous way,
with Yang economic authority embraced so warmly
for short-term profit margins,
that Yin’s invitation to long-term cooperative political responsibilities
remains a naive liberal view
of ecological conservation;
confuses Yang adolescent dominance
with Yang/Yin maturity,
patriarchal/matriarchal nondual supremacy
over even inclusive anthrocentrism,
confuses patriarchal humanist libertarianism
without matriarchal humane integrity
of synergetic Gaia, hypostatic unioned,
negentropic dipolar,

nursing bilaterally responsive regenerative systems,
incarnating as individual growing-up egos,
corporate ecosystems on our interependent way,
incorporated non-profits and public sectors
too often acting like Industrial Era adolescent competitors,
colonizing victims of criminalization
and enslavement
and addiction
and domestic and international terrors
through Anger Management
and fake BadNews
and dark magical nonthinking
and fear-mongering
feeding deeply encultured patriarchal paranoia,

sometimes improving skills for entrepreneurial autonomous bootstraps,
where short-term successes include those designing boots thick enough
for limited success
in a dog eat dog world
but longer term outcomes evolve worker-
and client-
and resident-
and GaiaCommons-owned cooperative structures
WinWin games,
citizen-owned and managed civil governments,
care-receiver owned and managed healthcare cooperative networks

balancing mature economic authority with political long-term responsibility,
Yang with Yin-wizened wisdom
rather than stuck in withering adolescence against
each secularLeft and sacred RightBrained bicameral heart.


Maker of Rich Women

A ballad for Franz Dolp

His exercise was forestry
His initiative was art.

He painted his forest in trees,
composing four seasons of song.

He searched his right balance of trees
revising rhythms for harmony’s poem,
Mothers of Deep Rich Women.

A writer of therapeutic forests
written in trees with good roots.

Franz was a poet
rebuilding with forests,
artisan trees
forming long-healing words.

Inspired by Robin Wall Kimmerer’s story of Franz Dolp’s 40 acre reforesting homestead with Western red cedar trees, which, if I remember correctly, have a First Nation name that translates something like “maker, or mother, or mother-maker of rich women” because of their unusual domestic commodity value when cooperatively harvested and planted.


Climates of Descent

Energy descent
need not predict financial descent
by inviting cooperative ownership and governance instead.

Just as democratizing love descent
need not predict hate and terror and paranoid acceleration
when love could invite more polypathic
and polyphonic
and polycultural outcomes,
creolizing multicultures of omnipotent abundance

Just as climates of ecopolitical pathology descent
need not predict 0-sum
Win To Lose Later
Industrial Capitalization Game-Over
when positive energy invites more diastatic flowing landscapes,
cultures of regenerative health
watering flowers
and not so much our weeds.


The Eighth Principle

rather than segregate.

rather than too much Yang dominance.

At least in the worlds of Permaculture Design
and Systems Theory
and Democratic Political Theory,
Polycultural outcomes
are healthier
and thereby wealthier,
than monoculturing economic and political,
and social and cultural
and any system-balancing

Monocultural objectives
in an overripe infestation time
can produce rabidly aggressive polarities
overpowering and devouring prey,
sources of nutrition and energy and fuel,
to a tipping point beyond regenerative replacement.
Sated monocultural predator overpopulations
on climatic edge
of hunger and thirst
for former neighbors,
now heading toward decline,
extinguished by supremacist WinLose Players,
acting like cats
living on a continent of catnip,
constipated and out of nutritional balance,
just as catnip energy is at point of crisis.

Cats facing decline,
gradually wondering if they will have to end
by preying on each others’ young,
or escape this over-catted
monoculturing WinLose monopoly game
to catnip bloated dominant patterns
learned from catnip-hungry teachers
and mentors,
parents and siblings.

So, whether cat or human,
designing and learning to cooperatively integrate
our integration objectives
is not just better
but healthier
and thereby wealthier,
more democratically effective,
more economically nutritional,
and more ego/eco-bilateral balancing
than segregating ego-centric
monoculturing trends
toward dissonance and despair.

To paraphrase David Holmgren,
regarding human waste and effects of polluting Earth,
“Declining [health] energy availability
will shift the general [ecopolitical-psychological] perception
of these [cooperative symbiotic relationship] concepts
from romantic idealism
[RightBrain marginalization]
to practical necessity.”
Yang-Yin Brain cooperative symbiotic relationship].

When we recall
we are an inherently ecopolitical species,
cooperative integrity unveils a primal practiced necessity
of Mother Earth’s gift-it-forward (0)-sum nutritional economy.
Then gratitude and grace
become as accessible to atheists,
and Bodhisattva Warriors,
and CoMessiahs,
to peace martyrs and justice prophets
as to any newborn on Earth,
learning embryonic embrace of matriarchal root systems,
womb through tomb lifetime co-investments
open to Earth’s regenerative gifts
of health as wealthiest nurture
of polycultural development,
healthier than segregating supremacist degeneration,
climate pathological objectives,
nihilistic WinLose planning
as if economic wealth optimization
could be rooted in segregated capital vaults
not investing in mutual Earth-Gratitude Integrity.

Interdependently integrate all positive nutritional trends
rather than merely segregate your negative ecopolitical predations,
victimizations and criminalizations,
from whom we truly have become,
for now.

Adopt active cooperativity
rather than adapt to fear and anger tolerance
much less mongering.
Both integration and segregation are mutually contagious.
One feeds love,
the other bleeds despair.


Math Problems

The problem of PolyNomials,
equivalent or not?
with NotPolyNomials
hides a geometric assumption
that was profoundly challenged by Bucky Fuller.

Polynomial v NotPolynomial
assumes if we could distinguish NP from P sets of information
in advance of processing trials,
then we would know two sets of bipolar information.
Yet this is no more, or less, the case
than to say that something is not
is to contain and delineate more valued information
than to say it is
at least notnot right now.

This equivalence or not
between not polynomial information
and notnot polynomial information
may be better redeveloped,
more cooperatively regenerate,
to see PolyNomials as binary informating bits,
where two notnot negative exformating ambivalents
equal one positive PolyNomial equivalent
dipolar co-arising positive convex
as also dualdark co-gravitating concave bipolar.

For example,
YangLight c-squared
equivalent with YinYin e-squared
primal convex/concave
temporal double-binding relationship,
0-sum fractal prime function,
like DNA and RNA string theorems
of regeneratively double-bound in/ex-formation.