Angelic Guides

Divine messengers from Elders past
beget humane guardians of culture.

Messenger functions
perform and redevelop
guardian structures and forms.

Proactive verbs
with their domesticating nouns
speak defensive formal language,
recreating exegesis of life
spread and stretched between
fiaming love and stone-cold hate.

Messages shaping defense of polycultures
reshaping offense of runaway monocultures.

Divine words
building bodhisattva messiahs
guardians of healthy cooperative virtues,
EarthTribe’s convening natural discerning kindness,
ecoconscious mindfulness.

Messengers to and from our Elder guardians,
trees shaken by breeze,
squirrels chased by bluejay girls,
light shadowed by nondual night.

Sacred messengers,
enculturing guardians.


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