In My Right Mind

My healthy right mind
is not one likely to retain left brain
disparate details
more than elastic and interconnected trends.

So it has been with U.S. religious history recall.
I live immersed in impressions of indigenous communities
without investment in distinguishing
relationships within ecological nature
from communications between theological spirits;
without language capable of recognizing difference
between left brain either/or outside divides
and right mind both/and inside dialogue.

I remember early religious cultures
were also natural tribal communities
of profound communication resonance.

I seem to remember prophets for change,
for renewed faith communities,
were those whose personal immersion experiences
within nature/spirit
ecological theologies
were marginalized,
considered heterodox
and/or not colonizingly competitive enough
to safeguard patriarchal fertility
sacred communion
of Earth’s interdependent health/wealth web
inherited from faithful progenitors
and projected to continue only without multicultural change
by uniformly utilitarian future robotic generations.

While U.S. religious history
is dominated by exodus trends,
advocates of old time religious revival
often break off from frozen icebergs
claiming it is no more possible for Earth’s sinful nature to change
than it is for a transcendent god of punishing jealousy
to change His ever-loving mind about evil nature, fallen
down and up
in and out against good healthy HolySpirit.

Yet this Great Transitional divide,
when we consider global religious history
back to indigenous nature/spirit immersion experience
of multiculturing EarthTribes,
appears like a Great Fall
after, and maybe not before,
this human species became supremely self-anointed prophets
of self-inflicted divine realms
inspiring more of a Great Rapture
co-arising communal healthy wealth
back when prophets
and sages,
seers and witches
were being devoured by dinosaurs,
decimated by protracted frozen winters,
unseasoned steamy swamps
of nature/spirit immersion
in marginalization experiences.

Could it be
that ecological relationship,
or lack thereof,
predicts theological communication,
and lack thereof?


Ta(0)-zen Climate Healthy PolyPaths

The more continuous from past through future our ego-stretching identity becomes,
the more god/dess-humane omnipotent emerges
our original polypathic multicultural intent
and future climate health practice.

co-empathic democratic trust,
between religious faith systems,
each transubstantiating interdependent spiritual dynamics among ourselves,
we call syncretism.

Reconciling trust between ecopolitical paradigms as health-thru-dying networks of dialectal values,
transliterating our natural ionic,
and ergodic rhythmed dynamics,
we call integrative synergy.

as polypathic space
equivocating coincidental co-arising
bilateral time,
equivalent dipolar images, consciousness
within inductive-empathic notnot polynomial balance.

Yes, all 3D Space and 1DipolarTime are interdependently relative,
but, no, not so normatively relative that
c-squared enlightenment could be any more or less than Eulerian Prime Geo/Eco/Ego DiPolar Systemic Relationship e-squared,
with slow-grow (0)-Core/Care/Sum/Soul MultiCultural Interest/Investment
Fractal-Acidic-Convexing flow-forming regenerate Order.

With such reconciling consilience in (0) mind as (1) body,
it feels increasingly important, even urgent,
to remember that I am most fully Divine Energy
when I fully comprehend we grow health-reconciling active trusters
doing the best we can to democratically re-gather
as NotNot Gods–Wise Elder Nurturing Gaia Goddesses.

We feel primal therapeutic multicultural recalling-incarnating-evolving corollaries:
God is discontinuously me with belief in you,
also half Divine and half Humanizing, humaneing,
wise cooperative regeneration,
becoming and notnot being words-within as informing-without.

We recall intelligent truth as beauty-design genius
across multicultural fields
and paradigms
and rhetorical frames
and landscaped climates of ecotherapeutic health resonance
overpowering dissonant suboptimal underproductive pathologies
to become reconciling polypaths,
eco-consiliating residents of Earth consciousness.

Political Science becomes, then, cooperative studies
of and for ecopolitically cooperate-reconciling powers-with,
not so much corporate-competing suboptimally losing powers-over,
less than omnipotent eco-power balancing intent
stuck in Business As Usual economic practice.

Ecopolitical powers both evolve from and contribute to
future climate health of multicultural regenerativity
as powers of cooperation absorb mono-teleological,
mono-enculturing power-over intent
and capital-hoarding economic non-transactional absence of healthy practice.

It may be helpful to recall investment,
whether time or money, preferably both,
implies hope for fertile outcomes.
Just as science emerged from nature-spirit religious system investments,
to become an independent,
yet also interdependent, anthrocentric learning system,
so too religious experience emerged from eco/geometric rhythmed
philosophically rich words about why continuing cooperative phenomena feel
and think
and taste of richer healthy nutrition,
and discontinuous-competing distrustful phenomena
speak of hate and mutual disgust and anger and fear of godless eternal wilting starvation stink and death
in hellfires of solar great transitional climate regeneration.




Angelic Guides

Divine messengers from Elders past
beget humane guardians of culture.

Messenger functions
perform and redevelop
guardian structures and forms.

Proactive verbs
with their domesticating nouns
speak defensive formal language,
recreating exegesis of life
spread and stretched between
fiaming love and stone-cold hate.

Messages shaping defense of polycultures
reshaping offense of runaway monocultures.

Divine words
building bodhisattva messiahs
guardians of healthy cooperative virtues,
EarthTribe’s convening natural discerning kindness,
ecoconscious mindfulness.

Messengers to and from our Elder guardians,
trees shaken by breeze,
squirrels chased by bluejay girls,
light shadowed by nondual night.

Sacred messengers,
enculturing guardians.


When Bears and Pigs Fly

Fear and violence and guilty judgment

display synaptically sharp,

competing “Loser!” skittish economies.

Love and active peace sustain buoyance,


robustly revolving away

from red skies of mourning;

cooperatively mutual Win-Win

ecology of evolution.


You want so badly to fly your competing belief kites,

and faith,

for your string to remain confidently taut,

vibrantly humming and singing your self-righteousness,

intrinsic value and merit,

for your eisegesis to transcend up and out

catching our multi-cultural wind,

decomposing old ways of competing

as we bow to your better judgment,

declaring your Orthodox wisdom kite

the Winner!



your kite won’t fly this way,

or hasn’t after all these frustrating

lean growing years of learning your faith

in competing paradigms,

where one must be more right,

the best kite,

but really not just the best,

because you would love to obliterate

all inkiting competition.

Your self-righteous judgment

reads and studies why you must be elite

to lead us losers behind.


Meanwhile, some of us are relearning,



reweaving kites flying best together

like wedges of geese

balanced and resiliently squawking

our glad tidings,

“It’s warmer south,

and colder north,

and vice versa,

depending on which habitual hemisphere

you dominantly favor.”


Together we catch post-millennial wind

to soar our joyously cooperating kites,

a Golden self-regenerative economy of inclusive grace.


If your eisegetical kite won’t fly right,

if your EarthTribe can’t hear or understand

or care about what you have to proclaim,

listen deeper

to find how high

your kite might float

in richer racing flowstreams,

as positive deviant diversity

among mutually mentoring companions,

quacking our coincidental ecologic.


We find each Other’s incarnated contours,



merging one breath,

two resonant heartbeat kites,

then three….


Then rise to fly apart.


Floating back,


sustain mutual listening,

sync-rhythmic vibrant revolution

spiraling up and away,

soaring eastern harmonies,

dancing inkited breeze.


Left-Right well-bowed bicameral sparring confluence

balancing peace

toward mutual gratitude,

centering mindfulness soaring regeneratively up

reducing tipping-tail dissonance and stress,

waving down to smile this namaste.


Leaning left proposes inspiration,

flexing right disposes expiration,

together swelling prime (0) spinal soul,

our permacultural kite-fly system

fractally equivalent encoding,

air-born swimming,

interdependent open systemic balance,

which was our Original Intent,

to reach up toward bicameral balancing flight,

as Left breathes in

Right breathes back out as gift to Earth,

with positively positioning

evolutionary gratitude.


Breathing out what you breathe in,

breathing in what you breath out,

inspiring information,

expiring exformation,

my Yang inhale our Yin exhale,

my Yin exhale our Yang inhale,

balancing (0)-sum ecologic stress,

flying our long-taled nest.




Regenerative Tao of Systems (Natural and Otherwise)

Economic orthopraxis

is to

ecological  intent,


Reconnecting religious orthodoxy

is to

spiritual nutrient-balancing intent,


Optimizing belonging praxis

is to

longing for compassion’s harmonizing intent,

longing to purposefully and optimally grow,

longing to reconnect our shared vocational meanings;

a permacultural positive teleology

rooted in basic attendance.