Of Two Minds

Iain McGilchrist,
neurological psychologist,
builds on previous findings of Edward De Bono
and Julian Jaynes.
Human nature is bicamerally structured
for cerebral and appositional specialization,
inclusive and sacred empathies from Elder Right matriarchal,
with deductive-reductive linguistic natural laws
and patriarchal orders from Left hemisphere dominant enculturation.

This Left dominant hemispheric and global overshoot
has brought us to buying and selling military-industrialized colonization
with appropriate tools
to get deductive-reductive killing and maiming jobs done,
as necessary for justice in justifying wars
through metaphysical Win-Lose
Either-Or cognitive-emotive assumptions,
retributive justice
as if this were a monopoly of social justice
rather than a rather poor suboptimization
of restorative justice,
also both natural and spiritual
but for restoring health,
inclusive therapy of victims with our predative,
fear and anger-mongering,
commodifying of Earth’s greatest sacred grace,
gifts of clean air,
pure water,
sacred healing fire-circles of WinWin intent,
healthy MotherLand fertility
of forests and virgin oceans
now horribly RightBrain lost,
irrational pathologies
of too many bad boys
with sharp law and order enforcing toys,
and word choices,
and lack of more nurturing WinWin diplomatic options.

Fears and fake-divine idolatries
of HellFire and Jihad JustWar BrimStones
to punish those who dare defy
a Great Patriarchal YangGod of Victimization
rather than inviting available cooperative bicameral adjustments
of ego- with eco-conciousness,
to include Elder Sacred MotherEarth
born of SunGod Radiant Powers.

Gaia hypotheses of Sacred RightYin
with EcoLogical PolyPaths of SecularLeft Yang,
co-arising nondual dipolar,
bicamerally dynamic ecopolitical prime relationship
of Yang +1Earth and Her Balancing EcoSystems
with YinSquared (-,-)0-Soul Theorem
equivalent to speed of reverting 4D light,
co-arising as also having co-gravitated
universal unity of space as also bilateral flow of time,
YangHere SecularLeft reweaving YinNow SacredRight,
breathing YangLeft here in,
breathing YinRight now out,
here in,
now out,
up and in YangLeft,
down and out YinRight…


Restoring Peaceful Climates

Retribution and restoration
share a concern for justice as balance
of responsibility with authority.
But retribution is coercive
while restoration democratizes therapeutic cooperation,
invites grace and love and mercy
for oneself
as for others.

Retributive justice
pretends a violation of our multicultural Golden Rule
leaves no option but to set our WinWin potential aside
and move toward WinLose and LoseLose retaliation.

This sin of missed opportunities
to restore health between individuals,
between specialized economic and political interests,
between invested cultures,
between Earth’s collaterally operating species
between internal Left and Right hemispheres
as between Earth’s dualistic West
and nondual Eastern metaphysical hemispheres
degenerates into further cooperative-affective dissonance
rather than internal peace,
and further punishing competitions
in reaction to past fears and angers and terrors,
inquisitions and impositions of power from Above,
when regenerative restoration
calls for growing balancing powers from within
whom we indigenously could be
reweaving regenerative justice and peace.

Restoration is an invited exchange of therapeutic powers
where retribution ignores further abuse and neglect
and disempowerment
of both predators and prey.

If our Earth-manifest destiny
is to predatively colonize
until all land and water,
airwaves and energy for light and heat and cold
is privately governed and hoarded
by an overpopulated species
of Might Makes Right
always Trumps Golden Global Rules,
then we are a culture grown to expect retributive judgments
where restorative ego and ecotherapies
are more readily
and cooperatively
Self as originally part of Matriarchal Other
manifesting-mentoring cooperative WinWin destinies,
while that other
degenerative destiny
is just more oppressively fake bad judgment news.

We could rejoin Earth’s natural sacred grace,
restorative reforesting therapies
composed of Golden Global Peace and Justice,
gift economies of gratitude.

Retribution is a competitive choice
to pursue degenerating ecopolitical relationships
where WinWin restorative therapies
wait in the bicameral wings of consciousness
to promise regenerative peace with justice,
within internal landscapes
as externalized balancing climates,
economies of ecological power balance
through active restorative
mutual gifting intent
of sacred gratitude
for Earth’s nurturing
nutritional investment
in natural-spiritual humane life,
cooperatively maturing ecopolities.


Waking Up Despair

Waking up to despair,
bone-tired at war with a beeping alarm clock,
an alarming list of immediately urgent responsibilities
without an opportunity in sight,
or at least not this first despairing fright,
at end of night.

If this sounds familiar
as at least your normal Monday through Friday,
you probably need a better way toward bed
the night before.

Most likely, earlier.

But also,
even for many with mindfulness practices,
with their own short and long-term rewards
for both natural and spiritual health,
remembering gratitude
is our interior face
of grace’s exterior face,
or karma’s exterior influences,
or love’s potential winners winning
full circle in theory,
yet too anemic during this dreaded alarm clock time.

If yours is solely a morning contemplative practice,
after you wave the kids off to school,
after the gym or the run,
after the personal hygiene,
it is already too late
to optimize your opportunity
to wake up with least claustrophobic despair
and most expansive hope
building toward faith
that this day just might be even better
than yesterday,
as utterly remarkable as yesterday appeared
as you were mindfully drifting off to sleep
perhaps even before greeting GrandMother Moon’s
new through full repeat performances.

She’ll be here all week,
visible and sometimes invisible,
guarding your restorative rights and responsibilities
toward regenerating tomorrow’s realistic gratitude
for renewed opportunities
to brush your teeth,
and greet each child and significant other,
to notice if these wake with a smile
toward this day,
or with a scowl
for lack of sleep
or a good dream interrupted,
and recognizing how this is two ways
of saying one important not yet thing
which can build toward despair,
and further lack of more therapeutic dreams.

It is an important personal and also political choice
to prepare for sleep
repairing for tomorrow’s grace
or in dread against our memories of grace’s lack,
apparent absence,
persistently stuck issues
too overwhelming to think or feel our way out of,

These are important items for evening contemplation too.
But, when I am making my lists,
I start with minuses,
drift off counting my appositional pluses.
They are both there
within us
if we can choose restorative faith
after our lights turn out.

In this sense
we can choose our karma,
our awareness of positive and negative grace.
Love’s tones of restorative therapy
and retributive punishment,
if not yet quite overwhelming gratitude,
also not awakening to further despair
from chronic days of self with other abuse and neglect.

I continue having a dream
that the night everyone in military-industrialized cultures
drifts off feeling graced with opportunities
to become and do every cooperative thing we can
to guarantee Earth’s future of healthy exterior climates,
that is the night before our first morning
arising together
without overwhelming internal competing despairs.

Faith that this restorative therapeutic day
could unfold no less grand
than this dream we shared
our polypathic
less exhausting night before.


Bad Humors Create Victims

Good Humors Create Healers

Humorless weaponed officials
applying laws
to challenged and challenging
unarmed natures,
is like expecting a rabid rattlesnake
to advocate with and for patience,
understanding through merciful listening,
to apply active love’s empathic trust,
which no just law, or practice thereof, could prohibit.

The truth of complex situations,
so necessary to uncover for wise application of our ethical codes
for ecopolitical behaviors,
is best accessed by vulnerability of co-empathic trust,
active listening,
Basic Attendance,
as is intelligent good humor.

Loss of humor’s mutual equanimity
is an ominous spiritual and natural sign
Yet another rabid rattlesnake
with too little more moral intelligence.

If you are feeling like delivering toxic venom,
rather than inviting kindness in return,
then probably best to stay home
and curl up on a warm rock.

Hard-hearted criminal intent
to neglect and abuse others
is not softened or redeemed
by anything less or more than orthopraxis of loving kindness
with a smile, as possible.

Those who expect citizens to behave civilly,
best mentor what they would optimally hope to see
on our streets and roads
and life’s Business As Usual highways
and byways.

Front-line customer service to those suspected,
or even known,
to struggle with sociopathic tendencies,
cannot be optimally effective
by treating them to further misdemeanors of humorless
paranoid rabidity.

Are you in our shared health business,
or in our anger/fear pathology too-busyness,
or both?
If both,
which vocation seems to bring you,
and the rest of us,
better ecopolitical outcomes?


Fugitives of Justice

Thank god I finally was caught and cited
for doing something that I didn’t do.

Just think how much worse I would feel
if I actually had done it,
as I have done so many stupid thoughtless things
without getting caught,
at least not by the judicial system.

I hope it all balances out
and at least I can face the music
knowing of my innocence this time,
and continue hiding all my negligent guilts from other times,
failing to read bedtime stories when they could have helped,
failing to remember to touch with kindness
especially when hurts could thereby be healed.

We sometimes confuse reasonable human error,
perhaps negligent in the absence of other stressful distractions,
with deliberately choosing to respond to damage
with full-willed intent,
to actively evade responsibility for damage,
for life’s victimizing owies.

And sometimes our front line justice system,
we have both inherited and created
to leave for our children to suffer against
and rejoice with,
further fuels this confused misunderstanding
confuses poor communication and human error
with taking high risk evasive action
far outweighing positive,
far less time and money invested,
opportunities to act
in a more socially acceptable spirit of cooperation
by exercising a basic Golden Rule orientation
to self-with-other governance.
When this happens, we evade credibility,
to too quickly embrace criminalizing responsibility,
perhaps due to our own overly-paranoid imaginations.

Economic and political life is all about misunderstood messages
and sending out clear, consistent, redundantly positive messages.

Would any right mind,
when asked by a witness to a car door ding,
“You’re going to leave your number on their windshield aren’t you?”
would anyone fully insured,
totally sober
with a pen and paper in the car,
truly respond to that question with a “no”
and then drive calmly and slowly off,
leaving plenty of time for multiple witnesses to get a plate number?

Maybe if he had looked at the cherry red truck
and could not see damage
that portended a visit for needed cosmetic repair.

Then again,
maybe the witness only asked this question
in the silence of her own imagination
or out loud but at a level of discreet volume
restricted so only she and those with her could hear.
After all,
you don’t want to confront a crazy stranger
in a busy parking lot
who just might need some help
coping with his psychotic daughter
having an ill-timed manic episode,
laughing hysterically while blasting Ella Fitzgerald
singing “Love For Sale” across the medical center’s parking lot
Or wrong?
Or maybe something in between?

Who are the victims here
and is there even one that could not have been made stronger
and healthier
with and by a stronger spirit of cooperation?
Thereby making it even more likely
that next time,
next place,
next cherry red truck,
next victims of life’s little transitional challenges
will get things better,
rather than climatically worse.


Conversations in ConScience

Welcome, friends, into this day.
I see we are wearing our Scientist hats today.

John Wheeler: We are the sun’s way of thinking about itself.

Wow, that’s truly cosmic, or kosmic; probably both.
I don’t disagree,
although I do feel slightly used,
and didn’t you leave someone out of our eco-identity loop?
Seems more like we are the sun and Earth’s ways of thinking about ourselves.
Planet Earth became one of the sun’s ways of decomposing it’s less hot self,
and we are Earth’s way of thinking about Her with His nondual regenerative Selves.

Robert Anton Wilson: the universe acts like a chess game
in which the player on the other side remains invisible to us.
By analyzing the moves,
we can form an image of the intellect behind them.

The intellectual image I see forming,
and how about you too maybe?
seems to be fractal-holonic dipolar appositionally structured
to co-arise continuous grace of ecopolitical flow
as ecological full-color-chemistry-fragrant-taste health temporal fold/unfold memes
designing prescriptions for language
as strictures (Julian Jaynes) for bicameral intelligent logos lenses
hoping to continue with more health and less pathology,
like RNA and DNA, for regenerate example.

Steven Weiss: The question ‘Do you believe in astrology?’
is like asking someone if they believe in art.’

Yes, and asking if we believe in the power of love, and health,
and prosperity.
To all the above,
where power of time invested
produces outcomes of happier healthier futures,
faith is not asked where evidence has already become forthcoming.

Rob Brezsny: astrology at its best roots us in the poetic language of the soul,
and isn’t blindly submissive to the values of the rational ego.
It’s here to liberate our imaginations
and encourage us to think less literally
and to visualize life as a mythic quest.

I know nothing about astrology,
but, with a few omissions of “the”
which is nearly invisible in my poetic language of soul,
and some possible additions,
I might also suggest:

Astronomy at its best
roots us in poetic language of ecoconscious soul,
not blindly submissive to LeftBrain’s deductive-reductive values.
The ecology of starlight
and dualdark cosmology
is here to liberate our RightBrain imaginations
and encourage us to think less thinly,
to visualize mythic life as light-quest,
already outlined in planet spacetime spirals
as our revolving
redundant, in function if not form,
recreation story.

Poetic language
is language of Left/Right cooperative discernment,
bilaterally conscient
dialectic souls
organically dancing-waving rings
of and for stardust’s famously bemused plasmatic light.





Conspiracies of Kindness

Pronoia’s Paradise of CoEmpathic Trust
is what happens in
and on
and as a holonic soul of
when we expect,
the absence of Business As Usual (BAU) Paranoia.

Paranoia is the mutual suffering in fear
and concomitant chronic anger management
and ambivalent self-hatred
of LeftBrain dominant
anthrocentric-languaged enculturation,
absence of active RightBrain agapic love
for Pronoia,
an EarthTribe originally intended
with co-empathic political, economic,
as ecologically bilateral trust.

EarthTribe’s Pronoia Cooperative
conducting relationships and transactions of Basic Trust Attendance,
as empathic faith anticipated within mental health itself,
the Positive Psychology progenitor of Gratitude.

Gratitude for Earth’s kindness
is the belief/feeling medicine,
Moose/Owl Medicine,
for arriving in Pronoia internal paradise.

The larger landscaped challenge for us
is how to arrive in Beloved Communities of Pronoia Paradise,
Basic Trust Cooperatives (BAC),
rather than continuing on so much with BAU,
monopolistic anti-trusts.

For this,
we would best Pay-Gratitude-Forward,
actively love the positives you can hunt and gather today,
plant and harvest for tomorrow,
to starve the BAU negative cultural weeds
of competing Paranoias in yourself,
as in Other.

Both states of becoming are highly co-empathic,
and therefore autonomically contagious,
but paranoia feeds on anger, fear, and hate,
while pronoia feeds on good humor, beauty, and co-empathic ecologic,
(0)-balanced dipolar co-arising political/economic trust,
anticipation of pregnant Earth’s richly fertile,
nearly timelessly reincarnating possibilities
for even further polypathic integrity
of becoming
evolving TaoTime OurSelves.

So let us say Grace together
by sharing our complex responses
to “Who are you?”
List your magical powers
and scratches and dents of suffering character,
lost opportunities to have become someone else,
comprising who you are so far,
your conjoining toward this climatic time and place
of co-celebrating grace
you bring to us,
and we bring to you,
this banquet of mutually pronoiac feeding
on who we are becoming
gracious nutrients,
this meal of pronoiac communing on grace ourselves
and what grace has brought to this table
this day,
this now,
this incarnation of co-empathic divinely gorgeous trust
in Earth’s fertile conspiracies of kindness.