Fame Not Required

My great challenge for fruitful wisdom paths
is credentialed expertise.

My obstacle to polypathic health
is self-aggrandizing comfort,
cheap ease.

Obstacles to resilient compassion
have more to do with impatient “kindness”
than diligently interdependent pursuits
of transparently vulnerable
of deep and wide resonance, seeking consilience
of cooperative wisdom.

When my wisdom circles
of dialogue
sacred discernment
turn to topics of public administration,
political science,
persuasion theory,
nonviolent communication systems,
positive psychology,
multicultural mediation,
cooperative economics,
game theory,
systems theory,
group theory,
attachment theory,
polyvagal theory,
experiential math,
permaculture design,
comparative religion,
Restorative Justice,

When these tools
within my belt of personal knowledge
are invited to work cooperatively together
to achieve resilient
and resonant
multicultural wisdom,

Problems begin when I expect
to speak unilaterally
and to be listened to,
settling for sufficiency of my credentialed expertise,
my zero-zone experience,
my health-wealth advocacy,
rather than searching for shared wisdom

Cooperative fame prefers
becoming known
for our active love of one another
exhaling out
to encompass all wisdom circles

More powerful
and famous
rather than infamous
punishingly ideological
monoculturing squares.


Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness
and mercy
are right-brain experienced
as healthy invitations to stretch kindness
throughout all nature/spirit boundaries,
secular/sacred midways.

Random stories and kind myths of diverse cultures
have been transactionally told and retold
and transcendently heard
and transubstantiated as mercifully reheard.

Are marriage myths
merely derivative transactions
arranged between patriarchal super senior partners?
Or also a sacred transcendental logos experience
between dyadic
mutually communicating

Natures yang with yin
spirits out and in
noticing and prioritizing win/win
co-acclimating all events secular down
and sacred up
transcendent love, multipaths
co-relational poly-binomials
for deeper yet wider transactions
than a superficial economic justice,
where wins equal losses.

So too with birth memories
double-bonding only mother and infant
in a transactional immediate way
of felt needs for mutual survival
and yet inclusive of all EarthMother’s
sacred transcendent nature
and EarthBaby’s secular transactional spirited
energetic positive potential.

This mythic marriage of yin-oriented transcendental experience
of win/win empowering interdependence
and yang-strong transactional analysis
of economic and ecological
and theological and metapower win/win integrity
unfolds in stories,
omnipresent nurturing myths,
omnipotently healthy logos
resiliently co-acclimating

Life’s transcendental love
of win/win health outcomes
and win/lose curious confusions
and fear of reactive lose/lose images

Also Earth’s transactional meta-win/win experience
communing co-empathic climatic feelings
win/lose environmental survival needs
win/win thrival wants
active ecological/theological bilateral hopes,
multicultural faiths,
polycultural eternity
timeless double-bonding transcendent loves

Like transactional re-birth experiences
into transcendental marriage
changing stories,
co-acclimating healthy in-between myths
growing resilient ego/eco-logos

and not the least bit incidentally fragmented
when ego/eco-coincidental

Like rebirth
into timeless win/win marriage,
carriage to re-marriage,
transactional transport
into transcendent win/win communion experience.

Random transactions of kindness
becoming healthy transcendental stretches
into wealthiest co-relational communions,
temporary through eternal marriages,
rebirths into everyday interdependent webs
of kind integrity.


Excuse Me!

Excuse me!
my son’s bus driver exclaimed
as I walked away this morning.
I had not finished putting his safety harness on.

Excuse me,
without exclaiming,
means please cut me some slack,
I need to break into your flow of unconsciousness.

My curiosity about apparent invisibility
may exceed your courage for immediately present transparency,
and less denial of dark powers toward absorbing self and other losses.

Excuse me,
unplugged may invite my love
and acceptance of what we cannot independently improve.

But, don’t dismiss me
also lies exclaiming dormant,
waiting in revolutionary disordering wings,
sometimes because lack of curiosity
about needs and wants of others
threatens to get in my own ego’s way,
harming, neglecting those within speaking distance here and now,
and many more not yet loud enough
for me to hear full-voiced disenchantment.

Excuse me!
leans more to RightWing
“Don’t dismiss my Business As Usual
Yang competition powers!”
“Would you do me a LeftWing yin paid-forward favor?”
To stop ego self-promoting
your internal short-term needs and rantish feelings
long enough to make love with some WinWin cooperation

and all Her sacred tribes of history
are waiting for us to hear,
waiting for my excuse,
exploring future health dreams together.

Here with you
and Now as me exclaiming
longing for Earth climate ecstasy,
personal and public,
sacred and secular,
spiritual and natural
Excuse me, please
and thank you in advance
of further climate pathologies.


Love Fuels Integrity

Love feeds integrity
Like Creators grow creation
Like integrity breeds Love.

Psychotherapeutic co-mentoring,
brought to ecotherapeutic scale,
calls for cultural revolutions
inside outside political scientific volutions,

Like revisiting outside green multicultural evolutions,
Tree branch and root restorations
of resilient polypathic political peace,
Both/And tipping points of re-creative contrasting
Former Either/Or bipolar issues
for therapeutically resilient LeftBranch/RightRoot healing.

In both
ego-restoration and ecotherapy,
Our strongest defense against climate pathology trending
Business As Violently Usual
Win/Lose dualistic suboptimization
is to actively re-invest in WinWin cooperative nondual offensives,
non-violently co-arising root-healthy

When our therapeutic tree theology
becomes limited only by our pro-ecology WinWin experience
of prime vital Zero
perpetually cooperative interrelationship,
then we see and hear back and forth in timeless wu-wei.

Integrity, personal and theological-ecological
economic and political,
does require Secular and Sacred honesty
Yet need not preclude multicultural kindness,
GoldenRule ego/eco-consciousness integrity
continuing our WinWin therapeutic journey




Kindness Between Lovers

Cooperative kindness to others
is a fake kindness
if this liberating word or freeing action
compromises your own integrity,
which is disintegrating thereby,
an unkindness
to your own healthy Ego with Other relationship.

WinLose compromising kindness toward all Others
is not a healthy bicameral kindness
because such white lie words and actions
compromise Earth’s WinWin wealth
of sacred integrity.

Left v Right Brain disintegrity of words and actions
pathological, not even LeftBrain rational,
within my own Ego/Eco bilateral
Inside/Outside healthy integrity.

My sensory-neural map
of and for cooperative kindness
is not necessarily your organic farm integrity territory,
spanning LoseLose past Here
toward WinWin future RightBrain optimization Now,
by reducing Right ecoconsciousness

Of each ego deducting form
faking induced co-empathic kindness
that would overpower shame’s blaming feelings.

LeftBrain verbal secular kind consciousness for Trust
in co-tensioned presence
with RightBrain sacred copresent nonverbal awareness.

Our ecologically nutritional systems
organically digest/eliminate
Whole Open climate systemic stories
are also our humane WinWin
theological metaphysical natures
favoring healthy historic-sacred
WinWin Grace
over LoseLose DeGeneration
anti-development of health-wealth
deep learning kind integrity narratives

And ecometrically Positive Polynomials
equivalently contrasted against Not(Not PolyPhonic)
Zero Kindness Zones
WinYang = Win YinYin
bicameral EgoSelf/Other ZeroSoul consciousness,
co-empathic + = double negative,
as light = dualdark cosmology,
nurturing resonantly resilient non-violence.

A secular LoseLose map
is not the sacred WinWin kind custodial territory.

WinLose capitalist patriarchal media
are not our WinWin bicamerally cooperative
health/wealth message.

The dance is not the nonverbal kindness song,
Our song unseen
without our health-advocating
rain-kind grace dance.

Conflict is not my cooperative FireCircle outcome,
and cooperatives cannot be consensus born
without conflict,
as atheist LoseLose theoreticians
cannot emerge
without prior ecotheistic WinWin
nutritional-matriarchal experience
of Truth/Beauty ZeroZone kindness.


Fugitives of Justice

Thank god I finally was caught and cited
for doing something that I didn’t do.

Just think how much worse I would feel
if I actually had done it,
as I have done so many stupid thoughtless things
without getting caught,
at least not by the judicial system.

I hope it all balances out
and at least I can face the music
knowing of my innocence this time,
and continue hiding all my negligent guilts from other times,
failing to read bedtime stories when they could have helped,
failing to remember to touch with kindness
especially when hurts could thereby be healed.

We sometimes confuse reasonable human error,
perhaps negligent in the absence of other stressful distractions,
with deliberately choosing to respond to damage
with full-willed intent,
to actively evade responsibility for damage,
for life’s victimizing owies.

And sometimes our front line justice system,
we have both inherited and created
to leave for our children to suffer against
and rejoice with,
further fuels this confused misunderstanding
confuses poor communication and human error
with taking high risk evasive action
far outweighing positive,
far less time and money invested,
opportunities to act
in a more socially acceptable spirit of cooperation
by exercising a basic Golden Rule orientation
to self-with-other governance.
When this happens, we evade credibility,
to too quickly embrace criminalizing responsibility,
perhaps due to our own overly-paranoid imaginations.

Economic and political life is all about misunderstood messages
and sending out clear, consistent, redundantly positive messages.

Would any right mind,
when asked by a witness to a car door ding,
“You’re going to leave your number on their windshield aren’t you?”
would anyone fully insured,
totally sober
with a pen and paper in the car,
truly respond to that question with a “no”
and then drive calmly and slowly off,
leaving plenty of time for multiple witnesses to get a plate number?

Maybe if he had looked at the cherry red truck
and could not see damage
that portended a visit for needed cosmetic repair.

Then again,
maybe the witness only asked this question
in the silence of her own imagination
or out loud but at a level of discreet volume
restricted so only she and those with her could hear.
After all,
you don’t want to confront a crazy stranger
in a busy parking lot
who just might need some help
coping with his psychotic daughter
having an ill-timed manic episode,
laughing hysterically while blasting Ella Fitzgerald
singing “Love For Sale” across the medical center’s parking lot
Or wrong?
Or maybe something in between?

Who are the victims here
and is there even one that could not have been made stronger
and healthier
with and by a stronger spirit of cooperation?
Thereby making it even more likely
that next time,
next place,
next cherry red truck,
next victims of life’s little transitional challenges
will get things better,
rather than climatically worse.


Conspiracies of Kindness

Pronoia’s Paradise of CoEmpathic Trust
is what happens in
and on
and as a holonic soul of
when we expect,
the absence of Business As Usual (BAU) Paranoia.

Paranoia is the mutual suffering in fear
and concomitant chronic anger management
and ambivalent self-hatred
of LeftBrain dominant
anthrocentric-languaged enculturation,
absence of active RightBrain agapic love
for Pronoia,
an EarthTribe originally intended
with co-empathic political, economic,
as ecologically bilateral trust.

EarthTribe’s Pronoia Cooperative
conducting relationships and transactions of Basic Trust Attendance,
as empathic faith anticipated within mental health itself,
the Positive Psychology progenitor of Gratitude.

Gratitude for Earth’s kindness
is the belief/feeling medicine,
Moose/Owl Medicine,
for arriving in Pronoia internal paradise.

The larger landscaped challenge for us
is how to arrive in Beloved Communities of Pronoia Paradise,
Basic Trust Cooperatives (BAC),
rather than continuing on so much with BAU,
monopolistic anti-trusts.

For this,
we would best Pay-Gratitude-Forward,
actively love the positives you can hunt and gather today,
plant and harvest for tomorrow,
to starve the BAU negative cultural weeds
of competing Paranoias in yourself,
as in Other.

Both states of becoming are highly co-empathic,
and therefore autonomically contagious,
but paranoia feeds on anger, fear, and hate,
while pronoia feeds on good humor, beauty, and co-empathic ecologic,
(0)-balanced dipolar co-arising political/economic trust,
anticipation of pregnant Earth’s richly fertile,
nearly timelessly reincarnating possibilities
for even further polypathic integrity
of becoming
evolving TaoTime OurSelves.

So let us say Grace together
by sharing our complex responses
to “Who are you?”
List your magical powers
and scratches and dents of suffering character,
lost opportunities to have become someone else,
comprising who you are so far,
your conjoining toward this climatic time and place
of co-celebrating grace
you bring to us,
and we bring to you,
this banquet of mutually pronoiac feeding
on who we are becoming
gracious nutrients,
this meal of pronoiac communing on grace ourselves
and what grace has brought to this table
this day,
this now,
this incarnation of co-empathic divinely gorgeous trust
in Earth’s fertile conspiracies of kindness.


Angelic Guides

Divine messengers from Elders past
beget humane guardians of culture.

Messenger functions
perform and redevelop
guardian structures and forms.

Proactive verbs
with their domesticating nouns
speak defensive formal language,
recreating exegesis of life
spread and stretched between
fiaming love and stone-cold hate.

Messages shaping defense of polycultures
reshaping offense of runaway monocultures.

Divine words
building bodhisattva messiahs
guardians of healthy cooperative virtues,
EarthTribe’s convening natural discerning kindness,
ecoconscious mindfulness.

Messengers to and from our Elder guardians,
trees shaken by breeze,
squirrels chased by bluejay girls,
light shadowed by nondual night.

Sacred messengers,
enculturing guardians.


Love’s Waiting Warmth

“The nature of the Authentic [Love] Self is always already spiritually [naturally] motivated, turned on, tuned in, ready to respond to the radical [co-arising] immediacy of now [as LovePresent]. It [love] experiences no fear, no doubt, no hesitation, no procrastination. Your Authentic [EcoLove] Self is always already [elational] inspired and [inductively] spiritually on [full-flow potential empowered integration–diastatic] fire. This is a new manifestation and expression of enlightened awareness.” Andrew Cohen, “Evolutionary Enlightenment” (2011)

Awareness of Internal Landscape
as polypathic integrity,
eternally regenerating flame
of love as light,


Awareness of External Landscape
as polycultural PresentYang
CoPresence YinYin,
Earth Goddess of Time
as Tao–EcoSacredSelf
born and yet-borne
within BiLateral-CoGravitational-Other.

When I cannot recognize kindness as love
within nature,
human or otherwise,
then I cannot experience Love’s ReGenerative Time
for human and OtherWise
nondually birthing Earth’s CoPresent Time.

I cannot recognize kindness in nature
until I remember this generosity of Ego’s incarnate birth,
adventuring through this lifetime,
learning love’s flame
from which I came
and within which we each return
to smolder diastatically
atmospherically Earth-bound
regenerative recycling ecosystemic process
of light’s fine-timed fire.

Love squeezes through anger-cracks and fear-fissures,
leaking kindness and generosity,
gratitude for residency
within this regenerative string
of time from past timelessness
and heading right back into that same positive elational eternity
at threshold of incarnation’s demise,
to re-member our already Present-CoPresence of Love
as ProGenitor Eros
as regenetically temporal
bilaterally diastatic
YangUniverse Positive ConVexForm-Event
dipolar implied within
YinIntegrative (-,-) ConCave CoGravitational Flow Function,
counter-timeflow revolutionary power-potential
decompositional polypathic integrity.

All else is anger and fear, combined into
Ego’s Negative BiPolar Teachers,
negative Yang BusinessAsUsual dominating
YinYin Cognitive-Affective-Temporal
autistic dissonance
between LeftDeductive External Landscape
eco-normative information
and RightInductive Internal Landscape
ecological co-gravitational systemic function
double-binding reverse temporal-neural
aptic/synaptic function and trend flow,
so chronically precessive–
expanding toward future’s monocultural overpopulation–
or recessive–
shrinking away from bilateral decay of (-) past anger
and (-) future fear.

We are each
Kindness Outlyers and UnKind Predators,
co-messiahs and EgoCentric Publicans,
but it tremendously helps
when our UnKind Predators
are named and well-governed
AngerPast twinning FutureFear,
rather than always ranting and dominating Present,
noticing Love Present with PeaceCoPresence,
both aptic and synaptic-elational neural, positive,
rather than continuing to dominate our personal,
and political, external conversations
and discernment,
our dialectical logos lives of potentially integrative love;
two bicameral voices of LovePeace reasons as positive seasons,
those decomposing moments and events and mindfulness
of listening/noticing and teaching/learning heads
working bicamerally together.

I am continuously reborn
of Earth’s atmospheric nutrients
of time,
perfectly formed to my mindbody,
filling my nose and our noses and lungs
while caressing our exposed skins and hair and feathers,
and eyes and ears,
our TransParent CoPresence,
within as without,
Yang and YinYin Universal atmospheric bicameral time,
prefolding future regenerations
of memory
as EarthTime’s CoPresent Loving Kindness.

Earth’s Hearts
anticipate Left’s deductive-reductive Diamonds,
as ballistically violent Clubs
precessively predict
dipolar balance
with fractal-ballasted Spades
digging up ever more nondual co-arising fuel
feeding Hearts with full-fired Diamonds.


River Source

We are each a spring of therapeutic kindness
and pathological unkindness
emerging from and toward a rising river of time,
flowing down deep through universal oceanic absorption,
ebbing back upriver’s EarthBound regeneration
back through time
leaping to confluently touch PresentPresence
if only for a timeless golden moment,
rapturous waterfall of time’s integrity
sweeping back and forth
across Earth’s ecoconscious eyes,
radiantly elational swirling smiling timeless joy
in love with timeless enjoying OtherTimes

Kindness and unkindness transactions
among collegial parasitic ecotherapists
often unequal in power over potential futures,
produce both generosity and stinginess of empathy,
which responses ecoconsciousness invites
as appropriately proportional
are transactions between mutual water-flow mentors
of gratitude and lack thereof.

River’s Way
invests our human natured
Business as Fluidly Usual,
but Water’s EarthConscious Way
always prefers eco-gravitating
regenerational therapy,
rather than stagnant swamps
seeping monoculture’s stinky toxins,
ebbing lack of love
as healthy nature’s spring.