Mastering Public Administration

A few decades ago
I learned a Master of Public Health v Pathology Administration
recognizes best opportunities emerge
by co-evolving cooperative mastery of private-public nonduality,
lovely political truths
shyly hiding within nature’s polycultural economic
self-as-other co-facilitation of evolution.

When I lapse into hoping we maybe could competitively
either-or campaign
our democratic republic way
toward optimal both-and
bicamerally healthy cooperative political and/or economic outcomes,
then I remember
as we sow our seeds
so shall we reap
two and four and six more years of climatically despairing competition.

Therapies, medicines, treatments, services, policies, projects, programs
that cannot become,
with co-mentoring sustenance,
self-administered for self-as-other regenerative health perpetuation,
are, at best, suboptimal short-term solutions
toward more optimally healthy and stable resonant resolutions,
with eyes on long-term prize of self-perpetuating political as economic,
personal as public,
within as without,
confluently robursting self-care governance.

When discovering disagreements
to motivate the Competitor’s loss
becomes more politically
and/or economically
and/or ecologically important
than recovering co-facilitated agreements
and equities
and healthy balance,
to co-facilitate our cooperative WinWin,
as does too often appear to have been our PreMillennial LoseLose trend,
then we end up
where we start out
crying our ego-manic political and economic heart pout.


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