Innocent Intentions

When I looked across our front lawn and garden,
listened to robins and crows
cawing warm June breezes,
I was then innocent of knowing
this would become our threatened birthright
and evolve our time to hear
climatic warming winds still blown
across warm June front lawns,
organic gardens nourishing mind eye memory,
flourishing yet fading fragile rememory
of when I began discovering, Why me?
Why now?
Why here?
When will this mutual rescue life begin,
and why did we ever think messiahs could
or should
or would
or would not
end soon enough for rescued lives fulfilled,
replete creation stories
with warm clovered lawns
surrounded by chattering echoing forests,
tree gardens
singing and breathing therapeutic care,
blowing Agape’s polypathic winds of courage
to remember our Original Intent.


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