Original Intents and Spaces

I forget who first said to me,
Language evolved consciousness,
not so much the other way around;
although it was probably Julian Jaynes.

Kant has this soft cause-effect juxtaposition reversed,
but more of a before with after conversation really,
with his Ego,
I think, Ego self-consciousness,
therefore I am.

I have a language continuous memory of Self=notnotOther
creation story of genetic ego/echo-reverse-temporal-identity.

This becomes complex,
and perhaps unnecessarily so,
by reviewing the evolutionary embryonic record,
including your own development of Self and/or Other Conscious
memories as these may co-arise with both confluent and dissonant enculturation of language,
sounds for sensory thoughts about/with Self/Other.

I am Ego-consciousness
therefore we are EarthTribal Language Developers
struggling for CoOperative
ecologically equivalent health and value learning and implementation standards,
for co-discerning by co-mentoring
(0) Cooperative Political Economic ReGenerative Health,
and Tribal Ecological Services,
with (0)Riginal Intent
of Tao RNA-scriptural
(B Fullerian transubstantiating)

Space is convexly manifest form,
as BiCameral Time emerges concavely smooth-flowing
function to co-arise prime-temporal dialectical manifolds
of regenetic ecoconsciousness.

We think best together, therefore we are the result of our becoming integrity together,
and we are each part of this shared sacred vocation
to co-mentor,
to mutually hold and cooperatively-own
Bodhisattva Basic Attendance Occupations,
becoming healthier Agape together,
animus of PowerLanguage
with anima of bilateral light’s octave-shaded ecoconsciousness.


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