I Would Not Speak of Devils

I would not speak these evil dilemmas,
devilish details,
dissonant fissures
disrupting smooth told sails
toward western red sunset horizons.

Who remains to listen
to remaining problems of evil?
to why and wherefore
of constitutions measured and cut through slavery
metered and sliced into commodities
for vote-inducing domestication,
to assure health and secure prosperity
evolving melting potted properties
of climatically overheating stew,
spewing through light years of infested information.

Too much meat, some plead,
Too much heat, some occupy,
Too much beat, some rapify
vilify Traditional Constitutions,
Scripture bad-faith denominations of current currency
producing complex evil remainders,
lurking behind their historic multiplication,
sick culture dominations,
addictions with hypnotic terrors,
hyperactive mystics,
spastic tremors
regurgitating flatline outcomes,
post-climatic despair.

I would speak instead of resolutions implied within evils
composed by these same lively riders
in crisis of co-arising opportunity
to recover empty crosses within empty tombs,
yin-anima love within yang-animus power,
bicameral minds stretching and breathing
nondual coarising incarnating powers
to breathe God of Fire blown air
through our own humane potential image
to explore our goods in evils
as our evil imbalances between potential goods and services,
to implore co-operating political and economic powers
struggling with each suffering other,
to deplore ecological despair
struggling against each EarthTribe Other.

I would not speak of enduring suffering and evil
and death,
their irrational whys and wherefores
and therefore be it so semi-truly resolved.
I would listen to their reverse constitutional teachings
about inclusive health
and nutritional goodness
and multiculturally regenerate love as genetic life itself.

Then watch for optimizing creative god and goddess outcomes
within each day’s miraculous political relationships
and profoundly satisfying economic transactions.

We speak best through listening bipedal feet and hands,
finding our wu wei
back through empty tombs and empty lifetime crosses
seeking this our originating Trees of God is Good as NotNot Evil.


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