Grace’s Kosmic Drawing Room

is not the rather loose reputed ecology of choice
after natural laws of Earth’s justice have been primally satisfied.
Nor is Mercy,
her sister,
a gratuitous remainder,
icing on the after thought of ecojustice cake,
after having had Her revengeful way
for sins of our enslaving Fathers.

Earth’s evolutionary nature-spirit laws
for protecting nutritional rights and equity
are the ecology of last resort
when intrinsic co-empathic trusting grace
has been rejected too often already
within some karmic string of incarnation,
some ego we might and could love as life itself.

The primary health role of nature’s nutritional law,
of protection against toxins,
security from anthrocentric injustice,
absence of co-empathic trust,
is to support,
push-back TrimTab effective
toward full development of rich sustainable multigenerational relationships,
political and economic.

As a materialistic species,
we have spent far too much energy
on advocating the transfer of just political relations,
rather than justly cooperative and inclusive economic co-ownership,
co-empathic gratitude
through listening to and with suffering oppressed fractured people
future generations of species.

When our relationship with EarthTribe’s Commons
is more about protection from material harm
than loving sustained healthy relationships
rooted in natural-physical, material
empathic gratitude,
then we are significantly outside the comfort range
of thermodynamic balance,
co-arising trust,
where Grace deteriorates into BadKarma
as decomposition informs gratitude’s re-incarnate potential,
Grace’s room for further transgenerational growth.


2 thoughts on “Grace’s Kosmic Drawing Room

  1. Ruth (Herman) Bus says:

    Jerry, I must be dumber than a box of rocks! Everything you post is so far above my head, I can’t even reach it. But I do know how you were raised, and how wonderful your folks were. And I know you know what GRACE and MERCY really are.


    • I think I have the perfect background to have faith in what Grace and Mercy are still in process of becoming. You know it would be almost impossible to find a last name even shorter than your first name, and yet you found Bus. Your name goes by so quickly I feel like I am waiting to hear what comes after the first two syllables.

      When I read something that I can’t understand, I usually feel like I am not feeling curious enough to ask questions. But, if there are moments when I see a glimmer of deeper understanding of my own unexpressed experience, then I find this is probably a nutrient stream worthy of a longer swim.



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