Sophia’s Withdrawing Room


virgin Earth wisdom,
as in PhiloSophia,
especially of Earth’s ecological wisdom,
both politically Left and economic Rights of Earth and all of Sophia’s evolving cooperative
deep-listening learning children.

Mentor of Metaphysics:

Polynomial-Polypathic-Polycultural Physics,
preferably positive regenerative,
rather than so much cognitive/affective toxic dissonance
and irrational suboptimization of random chaos
disguised as coincidental WinWin fractal/squared octave frequencies
of nature-spirit thermodynamically ionic/ergodic dipolar,
yet nondual,
DNA/RNA revolutionary solidarity of polyculturing ecosystems.

ProGenitor of Physics:

Multitemporal-MultiSystemic-Multicultural Mentoring Lessons,
preferably actively deviant deep listening
empathic trust as Basic Attendance regenerative,
rather than so much suffering
and exponential LeftBrain dominant competition to deduce/reduce creation
disguised as dialectical decomposition of LoseLose tipping point
wu wei ecologically systemic balancing functions, frequencies, forms
of metaphysics/polypathic geometrically spiraling
cycling dipolar co-arising nondual healthy Permaculturing Designs

for Poly-MultiCultural EcoLogical HealthyPolitics
and SafeReGenerativeEconomics Fertility CoInvestment
(0)-Soul ReCyclical
4-Prime Dimensional
EmpathicTrust Revolutions,
fold Yin to unfold Yang,
prefold implied YinYin as notnot balanced
to refold Yang’s YinYin bicameral ecoconscious power
to cooperate with those loves already rubbing elbows,
to stretch out with and for
those elbows and ribs,
feet and hands of co-messiahs too far away
in space and time to become mindful
of eternally timeless nutritional now.


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