Communion SoundBites

Spiritual Communion is about Agape,
about Sacred CoEmpathy
about Yin’s Love,
which is Erotic Yang fertility Love of deeply dense nutrition,
but disembodied,
implicate (David Bohm)
concave rather than convex (Buckminster Fuller).

So YangLove is to Bodies
as YinLove is to BiCameral Left/Right Balancing Minds,
yin+yin as Agapic CoEmpathic ecoconscious needs to WinWin
personal and public politically cooperative relationships,
economically cooperative self-invested nurturing and caring transactions,
ecologically regenerate communion
among polypathic EarthTribe species
of multi-enculturing organisms.

“Tantric sex practitioners say an artful lover never makes love the same way twice.”
Rob Brezsny
Agapic love practitioners say an artful lover never makes love the same day twice,
because grace incessantly flows from internal regenerational co-empathy.

“To feel the love of people whom we love is a fire that feeds our life.
But to feel the affection that comes from those we do not know,
from those unknown to us,
who are watching over our sleep and solitude,
over our dangers and our weakness—
that is something still greater and more beautiful
because it widens the boundaries of our [multigenerational polypathic] being,
and unites all living things.” Pablo Neruda, The Book of Virtues
[still floating through our cells and recombinant chemistry]

The truly godly [co-empathic] person “retires from the struggle of judging others.”
Thomas Merton

“You are gods who have forgotten who they are [and what we thought we would be enjoying by now].
You are emperors who have fallen asleep
and are dreaming that they have become beggars.
Now beggars are trying to become emperors [political and economic self-governors],
in dreams they are making great efforts to become emperors [healthy regenerators],
and all that is needed is to wake up!” Osho
[and smell the coffee,
and flush anthrocentric egocentric performance]

“Around the age of 17, students in Denmark take a standardized test
that determines their educational fate and, ultimately, their career path.
Teens who earn a little less than the highest scores
are eligible to become physicists,
and theologians.
The very smartest kids become doctors,
and midwives.”
Garrison Keilor, National Geographic
[Because health professionals best see how to apply the art of physical relationship,
because mental health-pathology scientists evolve by applying the arts of neural chemistry,
because midwives best apply the sacred arts of regenerative health and promise.]


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