EcoPolitics of Racial-Cultural History

We are each and all Black Lives and small Deaths
inside our historical-cultural DNA emergence
into full-octave multicultural ecopolitics.

In this Earth’s ecosystem,
there can be no ecological entity perceivable as White,
or even Light,
unless historically emerged as reversing full-radial
progenitive Black,
dualdark regenesis.

For you and yours,
did light skin reify from dark political-economic history,
to somehow feel toxic shame
about our shared evolving multicultural Creation Story?
Or, do you know and feel light skin evolving
within deeply respected dark rich embryonic Elders
of trusted and loved polyculturing healthy glory?

Can you see and smell and feel and celebrate
Earth’s humane rivers of blood all flowing back to Africa,
just as our multicultural incarnation merged and melded,
molded and re-emerged from more ambivalent MiddleEastern
races to and from Promised Lands of ecopolitical health
and beauty,
bilateral truths of space as time,
nondually coarising races of Earth’s EcoMedicinal Time.

We use trust and mistrust and distrust
to speak of thoughts,
as we use empathy, co-empathic dissonance,
and learned supremacist hatreds,
rebuking and reifying, denying empathic feelings
to own egocentric political dominance of anemic birthright promise.

Trust thoughts grow healthy political flowers
from co-empathic feelings, experience, learning, development.
But, if empathic health fails to flower trust,
then all the rest are negative
feelings, experience, learning from dissonance,
lack of healthy development.

Absence of trust appears,
and begins to smell bad,
only when positive empathic capacity and will have died,
unrooted through past injury,
chronic stress,
lack of rest and other positive nutrients.

Empathy spawning trust
together co-arise
as thoughts have historical feelings attached
to thoughts projecting power
into future therapeutic and toxic relationships,
or mistrustful dissonant absence thereof.
Future relationships extending feelings manifest into shared thoughts,
language of transracial ecoconsciousness.

We are all Black Lives in Promised Lands inside our enculturing history stories,
integrity of DNA’s race-revolving lessons
longing to reconnect empathic listen,
always voting for dark horse underdog as me
and, by extension, my “we”.

When our Black interior Lives Matter
empathically with trust,
then all our daily lives and nightly deaths
will matter more richly and deeply,
healthier wealth.


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