In Our Dotage

What do you dote on?
Who do you dote with, if anyone?

“Dote” is an old-time word for ruminate,
to dwell on and within,
to become absorbed by and with.

Then there is also “antidote”.

Let’s imagine that our massive events and entertainment media
were to merge into an eventertainment industry,
hypnotised and hypnotising
to dote on negative events
in which we explore ourselves and others as victims in some dissonant way,
suffering anthro-doting creations not yet present when champion creator god
looked and saw that we smell good.

This way of empathizing with others
stepping into our co-awareness of humanity,
discovering both my and our identities as victims of abuse and neglect,
terror and malignant apathy,
also evolves reverent wonder and awe
uncovering champion creator antidotes,
new ecopolitical gods and goddesses
ways and means
for and of
images and dreams of crevices and cracks
filling with peaceful justice
fragrant with lemon-scented sustaining mercy,
lavender of love,
in four-dimensional organic color
following outlines of days when healthy therapeutic news was good
and bad,
but all agreed,
normatively good was green below with blue above
in yellow light
from which we came to champion through each night.

If we are victim doters
then antidoting champions too
to see full color stretching identities
of me through organic you,
both victim and larger self-potentiating champions,
heroic powers cooperating our more positive psychology,
evaporating our too negative dotage,


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