Geometrics of EcoPolitical Choice

I prefer to live on a multicultural planet
where one plus one is two,
and so is one times one,
except when we’re blending our positives and negatives,
when one moment in time notnot one
indeed does equal both nomial one
and yet also continues to imply binomial two,
or binary two,
for those who think more digital emerging Bayesian trends
than ecological analogical true
as symmetrically balancing beauty.

One plus one always equals two.
But, sometimes one thing multiplied one time
equals an exegetically consistent one-thing
while also eisegetically-heuristically implying
for however brief a timeless anticlimatic moment, two;
one before spatial variable
from one moment into next, co-arising,
another nondual spacetime emergent thing of binomial interdependent becoming
integratively implies within each polynomially and polypathically informing ecologic,
bicamerally health/pathology ecoconscious,
imaging and reimaging discontinuously,
this yet nondual co-arising event
within life’s interdependent empire-building time of collective memories
back to notnot Black fertile embryonic cosmological climate.

Temporally continuous evolutioning
of nutritious-fertile language and geometric anticipations,
emerges entrenched empirical, yet still undead stretching memory
etched in metric strings of fertile Earth’s deeply regenerate learning,
ecopolitically cooperative
consilient DNA/RNA;

multicultural iconic climatologist of 1 times 1 (0)-sum bicameral health
and less resonantly resolving disharmonious subclimates
within one revolving/evolving
naturally systemic
enspirited ecopolitical game
exchanging dissonant irrational pathologies.

When all is finally (0) sum souled,
how could one me with one you equal two,
yet one multiplied once not remember two
nondual co-arising 1 PositiveConvex = NotNot (0) Concave,
Eulerian Prime Relationship
within multiculturally unfolding/folding time as space
as speed of (0) fractal-squared fertile-root regenerating nature-spirit
of ecoconscious enlightenment?


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