Advent of Other Happy Endings

Throughout 2016 I have been reading Rob Brezsny’s Pronoia
Is The Antidote For Paranoia
now ending before I reach 2017.

This postmillennial bible of multiculturalism
ends with several questions or statements
with space to write in my responses.

I am about half through these end pages.
Here is a condensed version of this conversation,
to date:

“Imagine that you get three wishes on one condition:
They can’t benefit you directly;
they have to be wished on behalf of someone else.
What would they be?”

1. Peace and justice throughout Earth’s more cooperative Tribes.

2. And economic and political goodwill toward women,
matriarchs of all extending families.

3. And all their regeneratively (0)riginally Intended children.

“Comment on this thought:
Imagination is more important than knowledge
and play is more interesting than belief.”

And role-play is better deep learning
than competing beliefs
about how to become a more maturely communicating

“Pronoia is a gnostic art.
Everyone is potentially a visionary
capable of revealing more of its mysteries
Write your oracles and definitions of pronoia here.”

Pronoia recipes
rather than
paranoid conspiracies of egocentric hubris
are postmillennial Wisdom Literature.

“Talk about all the things you’d do with your extra time
if you lived for two weeks
without consuming any media at all.”

I would probably invest more in physical exercise,
using my body,
and in producing media,

“‘When I grow up,’ wrote Ramona McNabb, ‘I want to be a river.’
What impossible magnificence would YOU like to be
when you grow up?”

A two-bicameral-headed tornado
with double-bound tickling
appositionally equivalent tails,
feeding on and off each other’s co-diastatic energy.

“Tell what techniques you’ve discovered
about feeding honey to crocodiles.”

Waste of time.
Like pearls before swine.
They prefer to eat me.

“What would you have to do in order to keep getting smarter and smarter?”

Invite my egocentric, and anthrocentric, hubris
to become weaker and weaker,
until entirely absorbed by ecoconscious love.

“What’s the single most important question you’d like to resolve
before you die many years hence?”

Why didn’t I die sooner?

“‘Bodhisattva’ is a term used by Buddhists to describe a saint
who has developed spiritual equanimity
and a consistent ability to act with wisdom and kindness
but who nevertheless postpones his [sic] ascension into nirvana
in order to help free all other beings from their suffering.
In Beauty and Truth Lab parlance, a ‘dissident bodhisattva’ believes that existing political and cultural institutions must be overthrown
and replaced
in order to liberate all beings from their suffering
and achieve spiritual equanimity.
Write a story in which you are a dissident bodhisattva.”

Better to live this story.
Bring it to full incarnation.
before role playing your healthier and richest and deepest bodhisattva incarnation,
I suppose it’s always good to prepare your most intelligent PermaCulture Design.
So, perhaps my odds of becoming the most effective co-mentor of cooperative and dissident bodhisattva zero-zone polypaths
might best begin with writing down how I would like to proceed over the next 16 years,
or so,
that I could plan to have left before I die,
when I will hope to learn why I didn’t die now,
before I write my Bodhisattva Creation Story.

“You are Ruler Of The World.
What three decrees will you immediately issue
to begin the mass healing?”

1. All public and private investments,
both time and money,
currently supporting competitive WinLose evolutionary development
of monoculturing monopolistic wealth,
rather than multicultural health,
are now officially,
yet not officiously,
reinvested in cooperative WinWin ecopolitical EarthTribe Climate Health Games,
and other forms of recreatively nutritional, deep learning play
as ecopolitical partying.

2. All Patriotic and Paternalistically dominant anthrocultures
are now officially,
yet not officiously,
also Matriotic and Maternalistically
Earth as Other as Self Golden Rule nurturing.

3. All males and females,
heteros and homos,
are now officially,
yet not officiously,
on the EarthTribal full-transgenderal Octave Spectrum
of multiculturing polypaths toward deeply erotic ecology.


Conserving Healthy CoOperative Historic Climates

so less pathological cognitiveLeft/affectiveRight dissonance.

Genetic, so therefore regenetic, conservatism
of DNA and this fractal function’s Elder RNA-rooted ecosystemic
political psychologies,
ecologies of empowerment,
and not so much;
and notnot historic enculturation
of Business As Usual LeftBrain ReIterative Dominance
of deduction-reduction-redaction,
yet still dipolar-dialectal ecosystemic health
through (0)-sum-core-centric ecopolitical conservatism.

This ecopolitical conservatism
of DNA/RNA health-solidarity
is sometimes humorously intended
judgments, choices, cooperative exegesis
about how to sustain balanced-harmonic distinctions
between what has been exegetically proven
to produce helpful outcomes,
therefore ecologically as ecopolitically self-regenerative
fusing polypathic integrative possibilities
for value-laden allegorical analogies
speaking RightBrain nature-spirit ecoconscious integrative conservatism.

RightBrain YinYin
as LoseLose too-nurturing for evolutionary,
much less revolutionary self-regenerating survival,
what was pathologically,
yet also more eisegetically, suppressed,
Yin-Empty-implied more than Yang-Explicated-Interdependent Synergetic Paradigms of Time’s EcoPolitical Balancing Values, Norms,
NatureLeft-SpiritRight Ecological Revolutions,
Multiculturing Climaxing Health v Pathology
for EcoEarthCentric RNA Climates.

RightBrain omnipotent fertility
appositionally co-arises implied dualdark anger/fear futures
with increasingly deadly climatic outputs
of other-condemning and self-condemned LeftBrain Ego Identity
as anthrocentered repressor and suppressor
of RightBrain’s regeneratively multicultural
polypathic freedoms from/for languaged enculturing expression,
feelings and intuitions,
chemistries and clouds and cultures of Elder species’
inherited DNA/RNA functional regenerative conservatism;
multiculturally nurturant YinYin,
notnot WinWin
fractal-dialectical-developmental-fusing freedom
toward polypathic bicameral ecoconsciousness
of optimally divinely-humaned health means help,
and pathology speaks of self-condemning hoarding
of LeftBrain anthrocentric
egocentric self-conserving
ecopolitical cognitive-affective Negative Psychology Dissonance
about economic wealth of DNA
spelled differently than ecologic health of RNA.

We are of a long Boddhisatva-CoMessiah regenetic dipolar line,
called to and for cooperative vocations
of sound ecologically empowering judgment,
not to condemn ourselves
or become condemned by future failing regenerations,
but to regeneratively help
and thereby become,
more polypathically regenerative
of health v pathology bicameral deep learning intelligence
that ecology of self-preservative Left
prefers ecopolitics of Earth RNATribe Conservation-Nurturing Right
wu-wei balancing younger-anthrocentered DNA Left ecopolitical
positive psychology as
dipolar regenerative (0)-sum ego/eco-systemic bilateral-temporal ecopolitical climate co-operation,
prime Eulerian function E-squared
is prime relational temporal square-root function C-squared,
is Fullerian UniversalConvex-Empty (0)-soul LEFT
Integrative-Interdependent-Unitarian DiPolar Concave-BiCameral (0)-sum RIGHT,
WinWinning toward Left/Right Bicameral Ecoconsciousness
of Nature/Spirit as Yang/Yin as +1PolyNomial/(notnot) PolyPathic (0)
Primal Fractal-DoubleBinding TemporalSpaciated 4D-octave-frequency dimensional-seasonal-sensual-sensory-neural-psychological-ecological-economic-politically Interdependent DNA/RNA Solidarity Network
for Healthy v Pathologically Trending Climate Relationships.

Perhaps the only way to escape decomposing death
as notnot fear and angry total lose to lose fully healthy living
physical interdependence
may become our mutual embrace of dying together v dying apart,
and why are we so sure this makes no difference
to our multiculturally shared ecological Golden Rule.

Perhaps fear and anger about competing egoistic
total death of internal climate,
ongoing organic chemistry
between subclimates of mutual nurturance more than disturbance,
is our remaining collective ecological-political empowerment issue,
nondually continuing to co-arise
from DNA’s threatened future loss of healthy Earth-Home Climate,
with ecopolitical subclimates
doing our best to balance
healthy-life v pathologically trending
notnot future-fractal-dialectal decomposition,
irrationally not polynomial
only when forgetting that not always double-binds time’s flow,
notnot polynomial most optimally regeneratively
healthywealth equivocates health/pathological ecological humors,
where good-kind climates always lead toward Paradise.

In other Gaming words for Creation Reiterating Stories,
dipolar appositionals of WinWin regenerativity
are LoseLose decompositionality,
within either of these two extreme hypotheticals of sustainable healthy balance
v pathology,
from Earth’s centric DNA/RNA ecopolitical Solidarity perspective
we are all in life together for our mutually health-promoting judgment.
Life invites helpful ecopolitical cooperation,
while death’s LoseLose face
betrays self-and-other condemning terror of nihilism,
fly apart self-condemnation
when we also judge ourselves more rationally to help,
together capable of flying regeneratively
choosing healthy Left/Right ecopolitical lifetimes over
continuing LeftBrain Dominance.

Your Holy Spirit cannot fully enjoy Positive EgoPsychology opportunities
without a ProCreator
with fully cooperating Positive Political Empowermental Trust
and a RightBrain Messiah
co-redemptively (0) eco-normative to gift life forward,
ecologically Positive Redemption Economizing
life’s collective conservation
bringing multiculturing balance through ecotherapeutic co-investments.

It is because we see 8 color octave frequencies
within ultra-violet/dualdark cosmological 4D light
and hear these same octaves as resonant sound waves,
that RNA, and then DNA,
have become deeply fractal etched learners
through double-elliptical octave temporal rooted functions,
evolving spirals.


Cooperative Therapeutic Analysis

I’m sure it was Rob Brezsny, again,
who first pointed out to me
that Western psychoanalysts give priority to pathologies within family relationships,
while Eastern analysts, more embedded in philosophies of interdependence,
begin with what nurturing health dynamics we can find
within those same family relationships,
for it is these,
after all,
that we want to bring forward into our love development,
so we need not worry so much,
so we might in fact de-fuse the ballistics of repressive anger management,
suppression of fears about our inevitably mortal failures
with a healthier positive ecopolitical consciousness
of cooperative evolutionary natural norms and outcomes.

Family and more extended environmental paranoia pathologies
are the warp weaving through our mutually co-arising pronoia norms
of a healthy individual, family, and a functioning/dysfunctional society
enculturing future generations in how to deep learn from Earth’s goods
and deep learn what climate and landscape and relational pathologies
teach us about when and where healthy economics
negatively deviated from optimally wealthy,
multiculturally regenerative,
our enculturation of sacred ecopolitical
cooperatively interdependent
therapeutic interelationships,
evolving revolutionarily away from overly competitive LeftBrain dominant
Business As Usual as if this were always negative,
rather than, more helpfully, notnot yet positively balanced
toward a more multiculturally sustainable family, individual, and global eco/bio/geosystem.

Evolutionary acclimation of a species,
of a society,
of a family,
of an individual,
proclaims our interdependent historical enculturation.
Comprehensive pronoia analysis already recognizes
all living nature’s history witnesses and records internally metaphysical climates,
sensory feelings,
and physical exterior landscapes,
nondually co-arising reiterative revolutions together.

What feels like a profound pronoia revolution inside
our whirlwind of great paradigmatic enculturing climatic storms,
when analyzed from outside,
is also the new normal pro/para-normed day to day coop/(0)-sum compete acclimation balance,
karmic evolution of who we have become up to this day,
to be reviewed this time-empty dream-feeling ruminating night
of timeless from-within RightBrain decomposition
of LeftBrain from-without analysis of personal as environmental ethology,
purpose messages speaking from DNA’s recombinantly interdependent string of enculturing history,
separating out cognitive/affective dissonance
from cognitive/affective LeftRight confluence,
healthy primal relationship of ecopolitical thermodynamics.

Metaphysical thought,
like physical reality,
is measured with and against the cause/effect lattice network of time.
To know another is to sense another.
The essence of movement that we sense
we exegetically cognize as ecologically ethological ecopolitical
cause-effect-recause linear, but also cyclical,
regenerative up to some tipping point
analysis exploring risks of decompositional imbalance
of future healthy ecopolitical resource distribution and consumption
across our passage of health-devouring and pathology-absorbing time.

Abstractions of metaphysical analysis
work more symmetrically geometrically balanced and harmonic,
more rationally,
for group and game and evolutionary reiterative patterned-rhythmed models.
And with these
we forget our own, and other’s, and Elders’ compassionate hearts and mindbodies as health v pathology bicamerally enculturation biosystems,
each of us with a far too real-time passion for healthier,
more cooperative rules of legal and moral and ethical
and nutritional and healthy and fertile ecopolitical play.

Ego, in bilateral ecosystemic principle,
a self-regenerating (0)-sum economic and politically empowered nutritional flow potential Empty soul,
processor of time’s evolution toward health
and away from global pathologies
yet each ego also interdependent
within this WinWin healthywealthy organic purpose
within Earth’s healthy regenerate fertile deep learned meanings
of light with dualdark cosmology,
of uracil and thymine with double-binding cytosine
of positive ionic iconic c-squared light function with reverse double-binding dipolarity,
accessible to analytical decomposition of both reason and feeling,
empathic trust of pronoia,
understory to dyspeptic distrust of paranoia.

But, what is written across each natured mind
is also spoken midway across each hearted body,
that this fractured interdependent wholeness of Earth,
and our Ego-identity within these healthing/pathologizing subclimates of Earth,
is all together fully implicated within our (0)-sum organic ecopolitical analysis
of healthy ethological regenerativity,
actively hoping for fertile climates of and for positive solidarity outcomes,
predicated within our implicating (0) mindbody
inherited from Elders also doing their best
with interdependent-Left as empty/holonic-Right
bilateral-bicameral children of ecobalancing temporal climates,
pronoia normed landscapes and health-climates,
with paranoia cognitive-affective mistrusting dissonant understories.

White hats can only winwin
as full-harmonic octave light bright,
deep learning fertile recreations of Black hats.


Jung with Brezsny’s NotNot Paranoia

Our current situation,
in the evolution of our species,
is one in which the ego has forgotten its true role in the psyche
and has usurped the role of central
[eco-climate Left-animus External/Right-anima Internal/Left-Right erotic-in/ agape-out]
regulator.                   Carl Jung

Sometimes the best gift you can give your ego is to tell it you’re not going to be its slave anymore.
You say to it,

‘I’m tired of being whipped around by every one of your ever-shifting little needs,
and I’m sick of having to kowtow to your inexhaustible demands.
I want to be free of your insatiable craving to be appreciated,
and adored
[rather than to eco-appreciate,
Other-recognize and attend,
and Earth adore and wonder
wander and rediscover]
Go away and leave me [us] alone.
I’m just going to be who I am without worrying about you at all.’
Rob Brezsny
[Yet, who am if,
if not an insatiably worrying egocenter?]
G O Dillenbeck

If a cow is given a name by her owner, she generates more milk than a cow that’s treated as an anonymous member of the [under-valued] herd.

“Placing more importance on knowing the individual animals
and calling them by name,” said Dr. Catherine Douglas,
“can significantly increase milk production.”
Rob Brezsny

[As knowing Earth’s humane-divine hybrid climate name as “regeneratively healthy ecosystem”
and not-named “degeneratively pathological absence of organic pattern/relationship reiterative-resonant-redundant development”
might more therapeutically label
a subclimate enriching fertile exegetical potential
for ecopolitically cooperative health,
just as not even trying will only delay our multiculturally integrative polypathic healthywealth syncretic-consilient potential,
like mom’s milk feeding embryonically informing you,
as organically interdependent with DNA/RNA us,
despite my egocentric hunger strike
for becoming appreciated
as an intrinsic blend within our healthing wonder.]


Soul Food Recipes

Rob Brezsny reports
In 2004, San Rafael hosted a World Conference of Soul-Making
resulting in three schools for best practices,
to which I will add one more.

“The Ruminators
theorized that humans are born without souls
and can create them only through arduous,
disciplined rebellion against all belief systems.

The Resonators
agreed that soul isn’t innate,
but insisted that soul-making is by no means difficult
…gathering good stories is effective
and not at all hard.

The Revelators
said every person is born with a soul
in seed form,
and need only discover the ‘blueprint’ of that seed
in order to attract the experiences
necessary to draw out its potential.”

The Regenerators
agree with all of the above,
born with a potential integrating seed,
we struggle with dissonance of painful ruminations
and celebrate their great climatic Creation Story culminations
to uncover resonantly notnot
reiteratively positive soul-revelations.

Once again, adding a culminating four-fractal fold
to three interdependent spatial dimensions
closes a four-season structured development story
openly inviting our regeneratively expectant revisit
for yet more soul food
made of premillennial manna.


Pronoia Benedictions

“And now I drink a toast to your coffin.
May it be fashioned of lumber obtained from a hundred-year-old cypress tree
whose seed will germinate this year.”
Rob Brezsny

And now I drink a toast to your absence of coffin.
May you become refashioned of lumber
obtained from a thousand-year-old cypress forest
whose seed will germinate yet again this year,
and every year to follow
to lead our future
through all past time
of well-rooted trees
born of regenerate Earth.


Divine Doors Opening LeftFront and RightBack

From Pronia, by Rob Brezsny, p. 267

Neither God nor the gods are dead,
but they seem to be disappearing
because so few of us are capable of carrying on authentic relationships
[at least] with them anymore
[leaving us with just us idol
idealistic worshipers of some day our day will come].

The [reductive] materialist delusion rules:
Millions believe that nothing’s real
unless it can be perceived by the senses.
[Even so,
a rock is even more materially real
than a song written for ears to hear it.]

Churches and temples [and governing offices] are full of ethical people,
but many of them have no clue about how to know
or feel
or converse with the divine [liturgical nature-languaged] intelligences.

What can the deities do,
having been banished from our conscious knowing
[eisegetical discovery and exegetical recovery]?

Jung said they have no recourse but to worm their [our] way
into our lives as sickness and pathology.
they [we] come in the back [RightBrain] door.

Which of your maladies or pains might be gods
in [duressed] disguise?
How might you get them to take off their [our] masks
and begin knocking on the front [LeftBrain deductive-dipolar-co-arising-abstractive] door?