WinWins for Climate Health, both in and out

Post-EcoOperative Positive-Trending Health Climates


In Game Theory,

there are two primary and appositional strategies

from which political and economic players,

as are we all,

may choose,

but too often are not aware of having a WinWin choice

as well as the more nihilistic LoseLose option.


While Business as Usual ecopolitical gaming is past winners and losers

playing to win today

what we would then expect to achieve ever-more positive outcomes that much less likely

to continue winning tomorrow,

when we must inevitably join the ranks of everyone loses

until the last WonderWoman sings our her monoculturally supremacist anthem,

with no one left to listen for such epically mystic,

yet ultimately sardonic,


Business as CoOperatively-Evolving EcoLogically Usual WinWin

is inherently, nondually implicately,

both economically and politically cooperative,

to be played consistently as a game designed to produce most abundantly reiterative,

regenerative communication

toward all players still swimming together,

and not so much sinking through too much suffering isolation.


Which brings us back to the nihilist LoseLose,

mutual mistrust experienced within our ecopolitical landscape.

This is not gaming culture that would be predicted to survive

as it is indigenously pathological.

Survival of the Loser fittest

erupts a run-away feedback loop of two or more monoculturally defensive players,

all of us expecting to Lose eventually,

but the best Loser is the last monocultural survivalist,

playing the best defense-only game we can

by doing everything economically and politically possible

to facilitate comparative losing around us,

hypnotized by predator-prey models of evolution,

while blind to seeing

if there is a competitive WinLose predator,

then there had to have been a prior WinWin co-predator nurturing climate and landscape.


WinLose BusinessAsUsual evolutionary theory had become exegetical,

nearly scientifically orthodox in premillennial academic circles,

but it is a newer LeftBrain hybrid of the more positive Elder RightBrain

WinWin cooperative pronoiac positive-strategist

and also nihilist double-negative terrorist

envisioning LoseLose monocultural-supremacist paranoid un-ecological chaos.


Yet nihilistic-paranoid ecopolitical gamers

remain organically interdependent with Earth’s extended family,

remain multiculturally nutrition embedded

despite our short-term anthro-supremacist assumptions about Earth’s regenerative future health.

AnthroPlayers pretend our larger climate

and Earth-Landscape

are not ecological priorities for cooperative WinWin sustainability,

like breathing and having clean water and fertile soil,

the everyday cooperative continued play

of regenerative EarthLife systems.


Buckminster Fuller was fascinated with organically developing,

ecologically cooperative and integrative,

or synergetic,

geometric fractal-holonic (0) Core ecosystems.


He came to see these in a way that confluently predicts

Beck and Cowan’s spiral dynamics

and Ken Wilber’s Integral evolutionary cosmological Theory.


What healthy nutrition-seeking climate and landscape activists,

and economic and political

and parenting leadership,

all health researchers seem to collectively share and assume

is the down side for reductionist and dualist deductive-only reasoning:

no positively sustained climate a priori

if no history of/for ecologically healthy global-cooperative network Elder systems.


In other words,

glancing back at Game Theory,

concerned with logical strategic development of options,

how we go about political and economic choices,

if no players fundamentally invest in WinWin cooperative models,

the WinLose ecopolitical competitive over cooperative dominance could never have evolved

if no prior players and designers invested in WinWin cooperation.

Monocultural, mono-egotistical, competitive, selfish, WinLose network economies, rooting back toward evolutionary predator-prey extended models,

could never have evolved as a still-functional outcome-producing system.

The history of development itself

becomes explicit witness to the integrative understory of all systemic development,

including ecosystems and organic-regenerative biosystems

extending this assumption across multiple iterations

of integrally cooperative evolving history.


We have an Earth landscape

with Cosmological Climate  as CoOperative Gaming System,

producing implicit regenerating-organic faith in our WinWin understory

of Climate Health.


Yet, this word, ‘faith’

has become so loaded

I want to add ecopolitical-ecological synonym strings

of redundant Left-co-arising/Right-co-empathic

nutritional economic-ecology

for/of metaphysical-spiritual (0)-Soul ecosystemic trust

in our nondual Left/Right bicamerally balancing Climate Health Pathology,

yet still cooperative-integral 4D binomial as bilaterally PositiveLight

co-arising DoubleNegative Yin-Squared, fractal DNA/RNA

neuro-sensory prime wave-linear functional  4 spacetime dimensional dynamics

for (0)-Centric EarthClimate Health;


LeftEgoPowerHealth with RightEarthWealth

as +Yang PolyNomial = (-)YinSquared nutrional (0) Core Rooted TaoTime


MidWay WinWin

self/other regenerative = NatureEgo/SpiritEco

cooperative eco-political-ecological (0) TaoWay.


So, that was a rather timelessly long-timed

L/R (0)-sum historical-political regenerative enculturation

of ecosystemic health line

of bilateral ecotherapy v dissonant nutritional pathology,

with bionic assumption of balancing (0)

as EarthCentric EcoConsciousness.


Anyway, regardless of the P=N(NP) implications

of (0)-soul theory (Perelman, et. al.),

added to both Thurston’s 4-Prime Spacetime dimensional,



Positive = Health InFormation

of regenerative climate-health messages

from our past,

through this bilateral river of NOW

co-present LeftNature-Yang and RightSpirit-Yin

through our bicameral receptors

of 4D SpaceTime EquiValency

of moral



Earth-Regenerative (0)-sum ecopolitically cooperative values,

holding positive-health and disvalued distrusts together,

at their best notnot dia-positively (0) RNA/DNA ecosystemic dialectal

thermodynamic ergodic climate

Exterior-Ego Sight/Sound Natural with Interior-AnthroBiCameral Spiritual/Feeling/Taste/Smell EcoLandscape;

eternally positive as regenerative,

health ecologically rooted,

YinYin as WinWin spirit of interior climates, Active Hope,

within exterior Yang EcoPolitical Landscapes.


Post-millennial climate health advocates

cooperate with pre-millennial landscapes and folks

seldom preferring pathological toxic health-dissonance

over more orthodox nutritional historic records

of Time’s CoRevolutioning Autonomic/Empathic Trust Trends,

bilaterally balancing with

monochromatic positives are also double-negative (0)octave-byte 4D WinWin

in this gaming theory of TaoTime,

full double-fractal fusion (0)+/(-,-) Bosonic Universal potentiality

Right spirit of YinYin with Yang nature for Abundant Climate Cosmology,

notnot polypathic multiculturing YinYin

as ecopolitical Tipping Point Balance

with positive/health 1YangBit/notnot(0)-squared = c-squared

ecological 4D bilateral health-trend reiterative equivalence

(Bayes and Thurston).


In short,

please let these somewhat complexly reiterative regenerating

redundant mindbody = nature/spirit

balance messages help,

rather than condemning us to repeat.


A painful suffering repeat process of further WinWin optimization

through nutritional v toxic,

bicameral notnot LoseLose

sources of ecosystemic possibility

through dissonant underdeveloped neglect

of healthy design.


If you need me to repeat

what WinWin (0)-sum ecopolitical Gaming Theory

has to do with (0)-TaoTime BiCameral Ego/Eco Consciousness,

I will try to become more helpful

in response to your Nature/Spirit communication concerns

and/or questions.

Please try not to condemn me, or yourself,

for not getting us quite balancing right just now,

within our postmillennially (0)-EarthRights NOW,

revolutioning emergence

of/for (0)-sum ecopolitical Climate Health

Empty-Universal LeftYang/Interdependently MultiCultural Network RightYin,

with YinSquared =Yang polypathic WinWin Tipping Points

within nature-spirit revolving paradigms.


In PostMillennial WinWin = EcoPolitical Climate Positive Health

EcoTherapeutic Gaming Theory,

we are becoming more cooperatively bicameral

EarthConscious of both climate health,

as nutrition nurturing values,

and climate pathologies

as (0)-souled regeneratively humane revolving spiral

positive-daylight through dualdark nightspace spirits,

reflecting sacred RightBrain Light,

doing the best we can

to understand time’s perennial Golden YangYin co-arising regenerative balancing Rule.


In Game Theory

there are two dipolar co-arising appositionals,

between ++Space

equaling WinWin reiteratively revolutioning eco-balancing (0)TaoTime,

and Lose to Lose possibility of fractal-systemic Time’s revolutions,

our nature/spirit Left/Right Yang/Yin ecological 4-seasons

diastatically regenerative climaxing selves,

NOW-abundant identified

as Earth-family,

not so much just about EgoLeft Dominance.


WinWin Game Theory

is regeneratively reiteratively

reweavingly redundantly ecological

with 3DSpace = 1 Diolar YinCoArising Temporal Wave-Linear

(0)-soul sacred primal

+Yang-YinYin as notnot

double-binding temporal past=future thermodynamic balance,

(0)-Core 4D Earth natural ecological rule-centric,

an unfortunate binary-geometric spiral dynamic way

of saying Anthros rock together

when we’re not climatically falling apart.


Which do we usually choose?

WinWin ecopolitical cooperation

and probably lots of LoseLose ecological evaporation

of any systemic further emergence

from formerly nurturing positive-healthy climate regenerative choices.


Come on, this is our easiest ecopolitical vocational choice!

If we’re already playing a rather desperate version of Win to Lose eventually,

then what could we possibly lose

choosing to cooperatively play WinWin as possible,

other than futher Anger/Fear Loss,

our unlively negatively repressed Yin-RightBrained

Yang Too-Dominant LeftBrained small selves.


No one’s inviting you to a faith that requires suppressing your LeftBrain

cause-effect ecopolitically rational-cooperative mind,

much less your mind as metaphysical, spiritual, organic, sacred

part of naturally regenerative healthy body.


But, if such faith is not accessible

to your heart as mind as soul somehow,

then (0) sum political-economic health

as equivalent to RightBrain (0) Core Ecologically EcoConscious PolyPathic Wealth

may work more rationally (0)-centered 4D ReverseTemporal Ego within Eco,

Earth as GeoEcoMetric political balancing value history

of economic norms toward health trending ecotherapy.


There are richer, but perhaps not deeper, learning ecologies

for climate health ecopolitical issues and agendas,

back to ReGeneration Story

of Yang divine light

of SunCreator

with Queen Gaia’s fertile nurturing nutritional matriarchal empowerment,

history HerStory understory of feminist manna

nurturing hosts to embryonic transmutation of life

belonging together within DNA solid formation

from/of/for RNA’s rooted healthy ecosystemic EarthFamily

belonging within health over powers of pathology.


Economic abundance

still nondually co-arising political YangNature-YinSpirit



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