RePlanting Times and Spaces

Moving into a new home
with anonymous neighbors,
whom you typically have not even met
before deciding where you will replant yourself,
and perhaps also your significant others,
sometimes including multiple generations,
and pets and plants,
all takes place before you have met
your new potentially significant neighbors.

In this respect,
moving within today’s urbanized BusinessAsUsual housing markets
is more like an arranged contractual marriage
than discovering that one great love of place and persons,
potential future homestead,
healthy and abundantly therapeutic for all your future generations,
if any of this should occur in your lifetime.

Arranged marriages were also primarily contractual relationships
between families or tribes.
The evidence is unclear that they were, or are, any more
or less
successful in the health and happiness ever after ecopolitical department
than those more complexly hormonal choices of erotic love
and mutual sensory pleasure;
over the full duration of a mutually therapeutic-intended lifetime.

This absence of therapeutically significant difference
is itself remarkable, perhaps significant to recreating healthier climates and landscapes.
Shared residence, shared household arrangements,
is largely about economic and political synergy, integrity,
maturing into mutual acclimation
within primal organic relationships,
families sometimes extending right out into cooperatively healthy neighborhoods
with environmentally therapeutic acclimations,
transformations into choices to cooperatively search for mutual WinWins;
to not allow ourselves to go to bed
unsettled by a WinLose event,
much less a LoseLose decision toward run-away competitive economic with political co-relational lives.

I am not sure how we move away from BusinessAsUsual real estate decisions,
toward more ecotherapeutically intentional neighborhoods
that are also about home and family and cooperative health opportunities,
minimizing risks of further climate pathology.
Especially younger adults seem more permaculturally inclined
toward nutritional challenges of/for healthier and happier,
more cooperatively prosperous global-through-local network acclimation.

But, it does occur to me that,
once having replanted ourselves and all our fellow householders,
we might begin with listening and learning about our new neighbors as ourselves.
Which nutritional dreams we share toward cooperative ownership
of our lives together,
and which pathological nightmares we could avoid,
stuck in playing and working suboptimally side by silo-side,
more age-appropriate for toddlers than adolescents and adults.

These pre-arranged property with people marriages
search for stronger, more resonant, cooperative ecopolitical intent
to create our most abundantly co-arranged home opportunities,
for this particular place on Earth’s cooperatively owned network
of nutritional opportunities,
by avoiding more egocentrically toxic risks
of mutual immunity and more competitive, even paranoid, assumptions
that our neighbors would choose sociopathology
over an open co-therapeutic invitation
to play in WinWin conversations over coffee,
or whatever substances we choose to feed our time together,
more cooperatively,
less self-isolating,
evaporating co-immune ego-supremacies,
competitions to build ever-higher,
more impermeable, fences,
rather than seek opportunities for cooperative multicultural gardens
come to think of it,
would probably increase economic and political values
of living in this pre-arranged neighborhood
within the near-nutritional future,
and enhance values for future new neighbors to replant
in these more fertile inviting soils.

So, why not send a copy of this
along with an invitation to discuss,
to your own family and friends and next door neighbors?
See if they appreciate it as you do,
or not,
and why and why not,
and what really is in our best cooperative political and economic interests
for co-investment in each day and night
in and on this cooperatively owned space
of anthrocentric Earth.


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