Politics of Satyagraha Economics

What is the difference between firmness and force
other than exterior as interior cooperation?

Difference between truth and love is,
perhaps the same,
or so I economically as politically feel nurturing right now.

Firmness of truth
as love’s cooperative force.

Why do we settle for ambiguously competing complexity
when the life we seek together
might be better faithed as regenerativity?

When did chaotic researchers
settle for complexity
as our primal road toward comprehension
of ourselves on
and in
and of and for
Earth’s healthy extending family environment?

We both want and need better internal cooperative views
of recombining regenesis,
transliterations for/of transmutations,
not with freedom to become any ecological landscape,
with requisite climate, at all,
but certainly freedom from dominating competitions,
monoculturing insurrections, cancers
of otherwise cooperatively designing organic functions
within this multiculturing polypathic story
of Earth’s metamorphic satyagraha;
firmly deep comprehending truths of forcefully regenerating love.

Not all that organically complex
as heard and seen and smelled and tasted from inside
life’s ecopolitical opportunities for health
and ecological risks of continuing climate pathologies.


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