Politics of Nutritional Climate Health

This positive psychology of political empowerment,
both/and contrasted with economic and political disempowerment
through millennia of Left Brain dominant enculturation,
brings us into each mindful conscious moment
of empathic political trust,
faith in healthy Left/Right bicameral co-empathic powers
potentiating within Ego’s psyche
to find relational and transactional (economic) powers
within the public and private domains,
landscapes networking positively toward climate health,
interior as exterior,
EgoYang within as Earth’s Yin-ReGenerative Abundance
empowering ecological nutrition without.

Powers to love,
to mentor what we all wish to become,
to give forward this co-redemptive health and nutrition,
and not ever-more privately condemning,
and publicly criminalizing, marginalizing, eviscerating powers
of ego-monocultural monotheistic monopolizing power-over intent.

Positive balanced psychology
produces healthy democratic public sector power-with discourse,
judgment intended for helpful and kind multicultural ecotherapy,
with the only Loser being pathological
cognitive-affective dissonance,
writ LeftBrain enculturation large
as ecopolitical competition deemed more evolutionarily efficacious
than cooperative Left/Right bicameral
power nature-Yang dipolar co-arising ecological nurturing Yin
balancing co-empathic faith in Original Intent
of time’s self-regenerative empowerment of ecopolitical consciousness.


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